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Apollonia ad Rhyndakon


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Kyzikos EL


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Mysia Uncertain


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Kings of Pergamon


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Random coins - Mysia
Pergamon (AD 161-180) AE - Marcus Aurelius593 viewsMarcus Aurelius, 161-180 AD. AE Medal (23.34g). ΑΥ ΚΑΙ Μ ΑΥΡΗΛΙ ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟΣ, laureate cuirassed bust right / ΕΠΙ ΣΤΡΑΤΟ ΚΛΑΥ ΑΡΙΣΤΕΟΥ ΠΕΡΓΑΜΗΝΩ/Ν / Β ΝΕΟΚΟΡΩΝ, Zeus stting on throne left, holding Nike in right hand, scepter in left. Good dark green patina, VF-EF. Rare.
Pergamon (AD 180-192) AE 45 - Commodus519 viewsCommodus, 180-192 AD, Homonoia with Ephesos. AE45 - Medal of Paepius (41.59g). Draped cuirassed bust right / ΕΠΙ CΤΡ ΠΑΙ - ΠΙΟΥ - ΚΟΙΝΟΝ ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ - ΠΕΡΓΑΜΗΝΩΝ / ΚΑΙ ΕΦΕCΙΩ, cult statue of Artemis Aphesia standing facing and Asklepios in Himation standing facing, head to left, holding snake-staff in right hand. Dark, olive-green patina, VF. Extremely rare, only 2 prior known exemplars. Ex Schweizerische Kreditanstalt, Lagerliste 48 (Zurich, 1986), lot 82.
Pitane (BC 350) AE 11221 viewsca 4th-3rd century BC. Æ11 (1.20g). Head of Zeus-Ammon right / Pentagram; ΠΙ in field. VF, black patina, areas of minor roughness.
Miletopolis (BC 3rd-2nd cent) AE 2089 views3rd-2nd century BC. AE20 (6.55g). Facing head of Athena / Owl standing left, head facing, ΜΙΛ-ΗΤΟ. VF.
Lampsakos (BC 470-450) Drachm374 viewsca 500-450 BC. AR Drachm (15mm, 5.15g, 12h). Janiform female head / Helmeted of Athena left, monogram on helmet. Very rare. Porosity and area of encrustation on obverse, otherwise VF.
Kyzikos (BC 450-400) Hemiobol362 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (0.42g). Forepart of boar left with K (retrograde) on shoulder; tunny behind / Head of roaring lion left, facing head of panther (or female lion) above, within incuse square.
Kyzikos (BC 530-500) Hemiobol119 viewsca 530-500 BC. AR Hemiobol (0.47g, 8mm). Head of tunny right; below, tunny right / Quadripartite incuse square. VF, toned, light porosity.
Pergamon (AD 198-217) AE 42 - Caracalla274 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE42 - Medallion (37.96g, 6h). Julius Anthimus, strategos. Struck circa 214 AD. AVT • KPAT • K • MA-PKOC • AVP • ANTΩNЄINOC, laureate and cuirassed bust right, slight drapery / ЄΠI CTP IOV-Λ ANΘIMOV ΠЄPΓAMHNΩN/ ΠPΩTΩN TRIC/ NЄΩKOPΩ/N, Caracalla, holding spear in left hand, advancing right on horseback; to left, Victory walking right, holding palm frond in left hand and crowning emperor with wreath held in right; to right, trophy and two bound captives, one seated and the other standing. EF, brown patina, minor adjustment marks. Rare and in exceptional condition for issue. Ex Numismatica Genevensis SA V (12/2008), lot 270.

This medallion is part of a highly interesting series that has long fascinated numismatists. Taken as a whole, the group chronicles the major events of Caracalla’s visit to Pergamum en route to an eastern military expedition in AD 214. While this was only one stop on a trip that included imperial visits to the major cities and religious sites of Asia Minor, Pergamum’s sanctuary of Asclepius (the Asclepion) was of particular appeal to Caracalla, whose health declined precipitously in the latter years of his reign.

Last additions - Mysia
Kyzikos (AD 177-192) AE 25 - Commodus25 viewsCommodus, 177-192 AD. AE25 (7.69g). ΑV Κ M AVP ΚΟΜΟΔΟС, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΚVΖΙΚΗΝΩΝ, Cybele seated right on throne, resting hand upon tympanum; lion to left and right. Extremely rare. gVF.Jul 20, 2017
Kyzikos (BC 398-395) Hemidrachm - Pharnabazos58 viewsca 398-396/5 BC. AR Hemidrachm (1.75g, 6mm). Head of Pharnabazos right, wearing Phrygian cap / Prow of galley left; two dolphins swimming around; below, tunny left. Extremely rare denomination. Good fine.May 18, 2017
Teuthrania (BC 400) Drachm - Prokles60 viewsca 400-399 BC. AR Drachm (3.25g, 13mm, 5h). Prokles, Satrap of Teuthrania and Halisarna. Head of Apollo left / Head of Prokles right, wearing Persian headdress; tamgha (of Prokles?) below chin. VF, toned, porous. Extremely rare, the third known.

According to Xenophon (Hell. 3.1.6), the cities of Teuthrania and Halisarna were ruled by the brothers Eurysthenes and Prokles as a hereditary territory that had been awarded to their ancestor, the exiled king of Sparta, Demaratos the Lakedaimon, by Xerxes for accompanying the Great King on his Greek expedition (see Hdt. Book 7 for the relationship between the two). The hereditary rule of Teuthrania and Halisarna by the direct descendants of Demaratos, among whom were Eurystenes and Prokles – namesakes of the twin ancestral establishers of the Spartan royal line, suggests that these rulers were not satraps, but local dynasts (for a bibliography of the discussion on the differentiation between satraps and dynasts, see O. Mørkholm, “Pergamene Coins in Copenhagen,” in Studies Mildenberg, p. 182, note 2). Thus, this is one of the earliest depictions of a Greek ruler on a coin.
May 18, 2017
Kyzikos (BC 600-550) EL 1/48 Stater 74 viewsca 600-550 BC. EL 1/48 Stater (0.32g, 7mm). Large tunny head right / Irregular quadripartite incuse square. gVF. Rare denomination with this specific emission being unknown. Carr coll.Mar 29, 2017
Kyzikos (BC 500-450) EL 1/12 Stater92 viewsca 500-450 BC. EL Hemihekte (1.29g, 8mm). Prow of galley left terminating in forepart of winged hound or wolf; below, tunny left / Quadripartite incuse square. VF. Rare denomination for this type with only one other known - Gemini IX (1/2012), lot 103. Unpublished in standard references. Carr coll.

William Greenwell, in his 1887 tome entitled "The electrum coinage of Cyzicus," notes only a stater of this type and offers the following speculation: "The expedition of the Argonauts plays an important part in the mythical history of Cyzicus, and the prow represented on the stater is probably that of the ship Argo" (pp. 124-125). See also Coin ID #13239 for a hekte.
Mar 29, 2017
Pergamon (AD 139-161) AE 18 - Marcus Aurelius90 viewsMarcus Aurelius, as Caesar, 139-161 AD. AE18 (4.19g). Bare headed bust right / Athena standing, facing, head, left, holding patera and spear; beside, shield. gVF.Feb 19, 2017
Apollonia ad Rhyndakon (AD 96-98) AE 19 - Nerva72 viewsNerva, 96-98 AD. AE19 (3.86g). Laureate head r. Rev. Apollo, nude, standing r., holding arrow and resting elbow on tall column before him. Rare. Attractive dark green patina. gVF.Feb 19, 2017
Germe (AD 238-244) AE 43 - Gordian III87 viewsGordian III, 238-244 AD. AE43 - Medallion (40.20g). Strategos Aelius Aristonicus. AYT K M ANT ΓOPΔIANOC AYΓ, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust to right / ЄΠI CTPA AIΛ APICTONЄIKOY / ΓЄPMHNΩN, Herakles seated left on rock draped with lion's skin, holding club set on ground with left hand and pointing to ground (?) with right hand; on his right knee, small figure of Artemis facing, head right, drawing arrow from quiver with right Hand; to left, Apollo standing right, holding plectrum in right hand and lyre in left; to right, city-goddess standing left, holding cornucopiae in left hand and crowning Herakles with a wreath with her right. Minor smoothing, otherwise, VF.Feb 15, 2017