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Random coins - Cyprus
Paphos (BC 27-AD 14) AE - Augustus265 viewsAugustus, with Caius Caesar, 27 BC-14 AD. AE - As (9.34g, 12h), struck 1 AD. Laureate head of Augustus right / Bare head of Caius Caesar right. VF, brown patina. Rare. Prideaux Coll.
Paphos (AD 19-23) AE 19 - Drusus364 viewsPaphos(?). Drusus, Caesar, 19-23 AD. AE19 (6.75g, 12h). Struck AD 22/3. Bare head right / Zeus Salaminios standing left before temple of Paphian Aphrodite. VF, black patina. Very rare.
Paphos (BC 450) Obol - Stasandros434 viewsStasandros, King of Paphos, ca 450 BC. AR Obol (0.62g). Bull standing left, winged solar disk (Ahura-Mazda) flying above / Eagle sitting left, ankh and Cypriot letters to left. VF.
Koinon of Cyprus (AD 198-217) AE 31 - Caracalla369 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE31 (17.62g, 6h). Radiate, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / KOINON KYΠPIΩN, temple of Aphrodite with three bays, each surmounted by dove; in central bay, conical stone surmounted by ornate top and flanked by stars; semi-circular forecourt. VF, green patina, minor roughness in places.
Kition (BC 479-449) 1/3 Stater - Baalmelek I633 viewsBaalmelek I, King of Kition, ca 479-449 BC. AR 1/3 Stater (3.16g, 3h). Herakles advancing right, wearing lion skin, holding club and bow / Lion standing right, thunderbolt above; all in dotted square within incuse square. Good VF, toned, minor porosity. Apparently unpublished, possibly unique.
Paphos (BC 325-309) Distater - Nikokles920 viewsNikokles, ca 325-309 BC. AR Distater (26mm, 21.29g, 12h). Persic standard, struck ca late 320s BC or ca 310 BC. Head of Aphrodite left, wearing elaborate tiara composed of mural crown with four towers enclosing a polos ornamented with palmettes and annulets, disc earring with a triple pendant and a pearl necklace; Π-ΒΑ behind / ΝΙΚΟΚΛΕΟΥΣ / ΠΑΦΙΟΝ, Apollo, wearing laurel wreath and nude but for cloak over shoulders, seated left on omphalos, holding arrow and bow; laurel branch to left. Extremely rare. EF.

Only 4 genuine examples are known, including this piece. That only 2 obverse and 2 reverse dies are known makes it clear that it was meant to be a special issue (or perhaps an originally large issue cut short). It must have been struck after the Alexander-type tetradrachms (Price 3118-3123), which were minted in the late 320s, and it is possible that these distaters were produced shortly after. However, a date in the years shortly before Nikokles’ suicide might fit the evidence better.
Paphos (BC 27-AD 14) AE 17 - Augustus387 viewsAugustus, 27 BC-14 AD. AE17 (4.60g). A. Plautius, Proconsul, 21 BC. Bare head right / Temple of Aphrodite at Paphos, within which is a conical xoanon, semicircular courtyard around. VF, dark grayish-green patina. Exceptional for this issue. Alexandre de Barros Coll.; ex CNG El. 115, lot 287.

The conical stone which stood at the center of this temple was found by archaeologists a short distance from the temple. It has been confirmed to be a meteorite.
Salamis (BC 361-351) AE 18 - Evagoras II423 viewsEvagoras II, King of Salamis, 361-351 BC. AE18 (5.23g). Draped bust of Apollo facing / ΕΥΑ, horse feeding young. Very rare. Joy coll.

Last additions - Cyprus
Cyprus Uncertain (AD 138-161) AE 33 - Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius52 viewsAntoninus Pius, with Marcus Aurelius as Caesar, 138-161 AD. AE33 (25.93g, 6h). Struck circa AD 147-161. Laureate head right / Bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust right. VF, brown surfaces, minor roughness. Ex Berk BBS 158 (3/2008), no. 467.Jan 26, 2016
Cyprus Uncertain (AD 138-161) AE 33 - Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius61 viewsAntoninus Pius, with Marcus Aurelius as Caesar, 138-161 AD. AE33 (25.77g, 5h). Struck circa 147-161 AD. AV K T AI AΔP AN-TΩNINOC CЄ Є, laureate head of Antoninus Pius right / M AVPHΛIOC KAICAP VIOC CЄ, bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust of Marcus Aurelius right. Good VF, brown patina. Jan 26, 2016
Salamis (BC 411-373) AV 1/4 Stater - Evagoras I255 viewsEvagoras I, King of Salamis, 411-374 BC. AV 1/4 Stater (2.01g). "U­va­ko­ro" in Cypriot characters, youthful head of Herakles wearing lion’s skin headdress, facing three­-quarters left/ "Pa­si­le­wo­se" in Cypriot characters, goat lying right. Apparently only the second specimen known. Good extremely fine.May 24, 2015
Koinon of Cyprus (AD 198-217) AE 32 - Caracalla164 viewsCaracalla, AD 198-217. AE32 (16.15g, 5h). Laureate heroic bust of Caracalla right / Temple of Paphian Aphrodite within which cone, crescent and star on top of temple, roofed wing on each side within which candelabrum stands, dove on roof of each wing, paved semicircular court before temple. aVF. Apparently Unique.

Palea Paphos was one of the most important pilgrimage centres in the Greek world due to its famous Sanctuary of Aphrodite; the goddess herself was born of the sea near Paphos, and floated in on a scallop shell. When she arose, she was hailed as 'Cyprian'. The Sanctuary of Aphrodite continued to flourish well into the Roman era. Several Roman emperors honoured the shrine, and it was visited by Titus in 69 AD when the future emperor was on his way to Egypt. He consulted the oracle of Aphrodite, and was told that he had a great future. The sanctuary was rebuilt by the Romans after the earthquake of 76/77 AD, in a design that preserved the layout of the original. The cult of Aphrodite survived at Palea Paphos until the 4th century AD, when Emperor Theodosius outlawed paganism. Today, virtually nothing remains of the Sanctuary save the holy ground itself.
Apr 04, 2015
Paphos (BC 500-480) Diobol84 viewsUncertain king, ca 500-480 BC. AR Diobol (11.5mm, 1.50g). Bull running right; winged solar disk above / Quadripartite incuse square. VF, toned, granular surfaces, area of fill. Extremely rare, unpublished in the standard references.Mar 14, 2015
Cyprus Uncertain (AD 69-79) Tetradrachm - Vespasian117 viewsVespasian, 69-79 AD. AR Tetradrachm (25mm, 12.88g, 12h), struck 75-76 AD. AVTOKPATΩP OVЄCΠACIANOC KAICAP, laureate head left / ЄTOVC NЄOV IЄPOV H, Zeus Salaminios standing facing, holding patera in right hand, left hand resting on a short scepter; eagle on left arm, VF. Tricarico coll.Nov 03, 2014
Koinon of Cyprus (AD 198-217) AE 32 - Caracalla164 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE32 (20.83g, 6h). Laureate head right / Conical cult xoanon of Aphrodite of Paphos within central distyle tower; distyle porticoes flanking, each containing candelabra and with dove above; the entire structure set on low basis; semicircular fencing below. VF, brown and green patina, light adjustment marks on reverse. Ex Seeger Coll.Jun 20, 2014
Koinon of Cyprus (AD 193-211) AE 31 - Septimius Severus140 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE31 (16.67g, 6h). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Temple of Aphrodite at Paphos containing conical xoanon; semicircular courtyard around. Good VF, attractive dark green patina, deposits.Jun 16, 2014