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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Marion (BC 330-312) AE - Stasoikos II619 viewsStasoikos II, King of Marion, 330-312 BC. AE (7.24g). Shield / Head of lion left. Fine. Extremely rare.
Marion (BC 330-312) AV Obol - Stasoikos II961 viewsStasoikos II, King of Marion, 330-312 BC. AV 1/12th Stater (0.85g). Head of Zeus left / head of Aphrodite right.
Marion (BC 330-312) AV Triobol - Stasoikos768 viewsStasoikos II, King of Marion, 330-312 BC. AV Triobol (2.02g). Head of Zeus left / Head of Aphrodite right, M[A] behind. VF. Very rare.
Marion (BC 350-250 BC) AE 13612 views4th-3rd century BC. AE13 (2.31g). Head of Aphrodite right / ΜΑΡΙΕΥΣ, winged thunderbolt. Dark green patina, gF/VF. Very rare. Joy coll.; ex Auc. I. Vecchi, Ltd., London 17 (1999), 342.
Marion (BC 4th cent) AE 10627 views4th century BC. AE10. Head of lion right / Spear head. Rare.
Marion (BC 4th cent) AE 12578 viewsTimocharis, King of Marion, 4th cent BC. AE12 (1.92g). Head of Aphrodite right / BA and Cypriot syllabics (Marieus) flanking thunderbolt. aVF. Scarce.
Marion? (BC 6th cent) Stater1222 viewslate 6th cent BC. AR Stater (10.49g). Forepart of lion right with open mouth and raised forepaw / Shallow incuse square with irregular markings, among which the letters 'Ba Ta' may be read. Old toning, from an old collection, VF. Very rare.

Provenance: Spink Numismatic Circular 1994 no. 2007, put to Caria with a hint at Cyprus. Asyut 810 ("Uncertain Cyprus Mint"), of similar style on spread fabric, has letters 'Ba Ta' on shoulder of lion. The attribution to Marion is uncertain; Amathus is another possibility.
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