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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Idalion (BC 470-460) Stater645 viewsUncertain king, ca 470-460 BC. AR Stater (10.51g, 4h). Sphinx seated left, raising forepaw; Cypriot letters around (most off flan) / Lotus flower; ivy leaf to left, astragalos to right. VF, toned, some corrosion. Very rare. Morcom Coll.
Idalion (BC 480-470) Stater244 viewsKi...(?), ca 480-470 BC. AR Stater – Didrachm (22mm, 10.29g, 12h). Sphinx seated right, raising left foreleg; basi in Cypriot to left, [unclear legend to right] / Lotus flower with two spiral tendrils below; all within peripheral incuse. VF, toned, rough surfaces. Very rare. Ex Triton XV (1/2012), lot 1260; Spink 46 (10/1985), lot 126.
Idalion (BC 500-490) Stater/Double Siglos611 viewsca 500-490 BC. AR Stater (Double siglos) (11.05g, 12h). Sphinx seated right, left leg raised / Irregular incuse square. Extrmely rare. Lightly toned, VF.
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