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Random coins - Pamphylia
Side (AD 254-268) AE 30 - Salonina85 viewsSalonina, Augusta, 254-268 AD. AE30 / 10 Assaria (21.71g, 6h). Diademed and draped bust right; I (mark of value) before / Gallienus standing left, holding phiale and scepter. VF, red and green patina, some roughness.
Aspendos (BC 480) Tetartemorion380 viewsca 480 BC. AR Tetartemorion (0.21g, 5mm). Triskeles, pellets in fields / Quadripartite incuse square. VF. Rare.
Perge (AD 193-211) AE 23 - Septimius Severus33 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE23 (8.72g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; countermarked, AK and eagle / Cult statue of Artemis Pergaia facing within distyle temple. GF.
Side (AD 254-268) AE 31 - Salonina15 viewsSalonina, 254-268 AD. AE31 (20.54g, 6h). KOPNHΛIA CAΛΩNINA CЄ, draped bust right; I to right / CIΔHTΩN NЄΩKORΩN, Tyche seated left on rock, holding poppy. Green patina, VF.
Perge (AD 198-217) AE 25 - Caracalla93 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE25 (10.82g, 12h). Laureate head right / Rive-god Cestrus reclining left, leaning on overturned amphora, holding reed and cornucopia. Good VF, dark green-brown patina, earthen highlights. Very rare. Group CEM.
Magydos (AD 161-169) AE - Lucius Verus182 viewsLucius Verus, 161-169 AD. AE (20.90g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / MAΓV-ΔЄΩN/ K (=date), Zeus enthroned to right holding scepter. Gray green patina. Very rare. Very fine.
Attaleia (AD 50-54) AE 18 - Nero66 viewsNero, as Caesar, 50-54 AD. AE18 (4.66g). Bare head right; Γ behind / Helmeted head of Athena right. Fine, grayish-green patina with some earthen highlights. Very rare.

RPC only records two specimens for this issue. As the portrait on the obverse is not identified, the authors of RPC leave open the possibility that this could represent a later emperor, perhaps Domitian or Trajan. This cataloguer thinks the portrait looks more like a young Nero than either of the other two.
Side (AD 253-268) AE 31 - Gallienus131 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE31 / 10 Assaria (18.11g, 7h). Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right; I (mark of value) before / Athena seated left on curule chair, holding prize crown containing two small palm fronds and a large palm frond. Good VF, brown surfaces, a bit porous.

Last additions - Pamphylia
Side (AD 198-217) AE 21 - Caracalla8 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE21 (8.67g). [...]CEOΥH ANTΩNЄINOC, laureate head right / CIΔH / TΩN, Kybele on lion riding right. Green patina, VF.Aug 04, 2015
Perge (AD 247-249) AE 23 - Philip II4 viewsPhilip II, 247-249 AD. AE23 (7,66g). AV K M IOV CЄOV ΦIΛIΠΠOC CЄ, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, below, small globe / ΠЄPΓ-AI-ΩN, Artemis Pergaia with bow and arrow standing facing, wearing crescent. Rare. VF.Aug 03, 2015
Perge (AD 98-117) AE 19 - Trajan4 viewsTrajan, 98-117 AD. AE19 (6.06g). Laureate head right / Artemis Pergaia with bow and torch right. Rare. gVF.Aug 03, 2015
Side (AD 225-227) AE 23 - Orbiana3 viewsOrbiana, Augusta, 225-227 AD. AE23 (7.18g, 5h). ΓN CЄ CAL BA - OPBIANH CE, Draped bust right / CIΔH - TΩN, Athena standing left holding patera and spear. VF.Aug 02, 2015
Magydos (AD 218-222) AE 32 - Julia Soaemias5 viewsJulia Soaemias, 218-222 AD. AE32 (22.22g). Dated CY 29. IOΥ CΥA... [MIA] CЄB, diademed and draped bust right / MAΓΥΔЄΩN, Rape of Persephone: Hades in galloping quadriga right, carrying Persephone, in field KΘ. Unpublished. Dark green patina, VF.Aug 01, 2015
Perge (AD 253-268) AE 32 - Gallienus2 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE32 (16.88g). KAI ΠO ΛI ΓAΛΛHNOC CЄB, laureate and draped bust right, I before / ΠЄPΓAIΩN A NЄΩKOPΩN, uncertain figure (Serapis?) holding hand to air and transverse scepter, flanked by two standards. Rare. VF.Jul 29, 2015
Perge (AD 177-192) AE 13 - Commodus5 viewsCommodus, 177-192 AD. AE13 (2.23g). AYP KOM, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΠΕΡΓΑΙΩΝ, distyle temple, within cult statue of Artemis Pergaia. VF.Jul 28, 2015
Side (AD 218-222) AE 30 - Julia Soaemias2 viewsJulia Soaemias, Augusta, 218-222 AD. AE30 (17.37g). IOVΛ COAIMIΔA CЄB, draped bust right / CIΔHTΩN, prize crown, containing two palm fronds, set upon bench; amphora below. VF.Jul 27, 2015