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Last comments - Ionia Uncertain
Ionia Uncertain (BC 550-500) Horse - EL 1/2428 views600-550 BC. EL 1/24 Stater (0.59g, 5mm). Bridled head of Pegasos left / Rough incuse square. EF. Carr coll.

On almost all other examples that have come to auction, or appear in standard references, the wing of the Pegasos is not on the flan, giving the appearance of simply the head of a horse.
1 comments02/22/18 at 11:39Adrian: Forum Ancient Coins have a coin of this type from the same obverse die and in their description make...
Ionia Uncertain (BC 625-600) Swastika - AR 1/1250 viewsca 625-600 BC. AR 1/12 Stater or Diobol (9mm, 1.05g). Raised swastika pattern surrounded by pellets / Quadripartite incuse square. gVF.1 comments02/07/18 at 12:31Dimitry: This may be a silver/billon core for a fourrée that was once coated with electrum foil. Early fourr...
Ionia Uncertain (BC 600-550) Griffin - EL 1/6342 viewsca 600-550 BC. EL Hekte - 1/6 Stater (10.5mm, 2.34g). Lydo-Milesian standard. Head of lion(?) left, pellet (sun?) on forehead / Two incuse squares with irregular lines within. Good VF. Very rare.1 comments09/24/16 at 03:55Dimitry: Similar to griffins of Karia - see coin ID #6419 and #9171
Ionia Uncertain (BC 600-550) Griffin - EL 1/6247 viewsca 600-550 BC. EL Hekte (2.31g, 11mm). Head of lion (or seal) left / Two incuse square punches. gVF.1 comments09/24/16 at 03:54Dimitry: Similar to griffins of Karia - see coin ID #6419 and #9171
Ionia Uncertain (BC 600-550) Lion 1 - EL 1/6504 viewsca 600-550 BC. EL Hekte – Sixth Stater (10mm, 2.34g). Lydo-Milesian standard. Figural type. Head of lion right, in linear form / Rough incuse square. Near EF. Very rare denomination. 1 comments08/11/14 at 02:07Gultekin: For more information, see the article; Hasan Beden, "Oroanna", Izmir Numismatic Society, B...
Ionia Uncertain (BC 650-600) thunderbolt - EL 1/12 Stater696 viewsca 600 BC. EL 1/12 Stater (1.13g). Milesian standard. Uncertain structure: Two broad parallel strings crossing four tresses / Incuse square with irregular surface. Missing in major references; possibly unpublished. EF.1 comments08/11/13 at 11:33jednum: Das Bild zeigt ein Blitzbündel. Siehe die zugehörige Hekte unten.
Ionia Uncertain (BC 600-550) Lion 3 - EL 1/24697 viewsca 600-550 BC. EL 1/24th Stater (6mm, 0.56g). Lion head facing / Incuse punch. Good VF.1 comments07/16/10 at 22:53Dimitry: CNG is attributing these to Miletos. Probably correct, as with most of these Ionia Uncertain on Mil...
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