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01/13/18 at 20:56Polydektes lured a young Perseus into agreeing to obtaining the head of Medusa, the only mortal Gorgon, whose look could turn any living creature into stone. The gods equipped Perseus with an unbreakable sickle, a winged hood of invisibility, winged sandals, a polished shield and a knapsack. By looking at Medusa's reflection in the polished shield, Perseus managed to avoid her direct and lethal stare; he cut off her head with the sickle, put it into the knapsack, and eluded the other Gorgons by putting on the hood of invisibility. Even after decapitating Medusa, he had to avoid looking at her head, which had retained its deadly power. Perseus rescued the Phoenician princess Andromeda by using Medusa's head as a weapon against the sea-monster that was threatening her. Perseus married the princess and in Greek myth became the ancestor of the Persians [see Buxton, R. (2016). The Complete World of Greek Mythology, Thames and Hudson, pp. 104-105]. The symbolism on this coin and the connection with the Persians are of historical significance.