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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Stektorion (AD 161-169) AE 30 - Lucius Verus186 viewsLucius Verus, 161-169 AD. AE30 (16.21g, 6h). Flavius Licinnianus, magistrate. Bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Cybele seated left, resting arm on tympanum; lion seated at side. VF, tan surfaces, lightly porous. Unpublished type for this rare city?
Stektorion (AD 161-180) AE 15330 viewsCivic issue, time of Marcus Aurelius (ca 161-180 AD). AE15 (2.36g). FL-LIK-INNIANOU, draped bust of Serapis right, wearing modius / CTEKTO-PHNWN, bucranium surmounted by crescent; two stars above. EF, dark green-brown patina. Very rare city.
Stektorion (AD 161-180) AE 2364 viewsTime of Marcus Aurelius, ca 161-180 AD. AE23 (8.31g). ΔΗΜΟC CΤЄΚΤΟΡΗ/ΝΩΝ, head of Demos right / ΑΙΤΗ ΦΛ CΗCΤ−ΥΛΙΑΝΟΥ, Dionysos with panther and thyrsos standing left. Dark patina, gVF.
Stektorion (AD 222-235) AE 24 - Julia Mamaea176 viewsJulia Mamaea, mother of Alexander Severus, 222-235 AD. AE24 (5.20g). Diademed and draped bust right / Tyche standing left, holding rudder on globe and cornucopiae. Near VF, green and brown patina, a little rough. Wagner Coll. No coins of Julia Mamaea are known from Stectorium, nor does the Tyche reverse seem to be noted elsewhere.
Stektorion (AD 222-235) AE 24 - Severus Alexander152 viewsSeverus Alexander, 222-235 AD. AE24 (8.16g). ΑΥ Κ Μ ΑΥΡ ΑΛЄΞΑΝΔΡΟC, laureate and cuirassed bust right / CΤЄΚΤΟΡЄΝΩΝ, Athena standing to left with phiale and shield. Unpublished (?). Dark green patina. Very fine.
Stektorion (AD 244-249) AE 22243 viewsTime of Philip, 244-249 AD. AE22 (4.09g). IЄPA BOVΛH, veiled bust of Boule right / CTEKTO PHNΩN; Hygieia standing right, feeding serpent from phiale. Nice VF.
Stektorion (AD 244-249) AE 22 - Otacilia Severa15 viewsOtacilia Severa, Augusta, 244-249 AD. AE22 (4.48g). M ΩΤ CЄBHPAC, draped bust right / CTЄKTOPHNΩN, Hygieia standing right, feeding serpent from phiale. VF.
Stektorion (AD 244-249) AE 26 - Philip I and Philip II15 viewsPhilip I, with Philip II, 244-249 AD. AE26 (8.78g, 6h). Aurelius Demetrius, asiarch. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed busts of Philip I and Philip II facing one another / Soldier (Mygdon/Hector?) standing left, holding spear and resting hand upon shield. Near VF, green patina, some smoothing. Very rare.
Stektorion (AD 244-249) AE 29 - Philip I and Philip II276 viewsPhilip I, with Philip II, 244-249 AD. AE29 (10.30g). Au. Demetrius, asiarch. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Philip I on left vis à vis laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Philip II on right / Tyche standing left, holding phiale and cornucopia. Near VF, dark green patina under some earthen encrustation. Wagner Coll.
Stektorion (AD 250) AE 22235 viewsca 250 AD. AE22 (4.09g). IЄPA BOVΛH, veiled bust of Boule right / CTЄKTO PHNΩN; athlete (or god) standing to right holding right with fillet over vessel and left over an uncertain object. Rare. nice VF.
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