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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Eukarpeia (AD 100-200) AE 15175 viewsImperial Times, 2nd century AD. AE15 (2.13g, 11)h. Pedias Secundis magistrate. Bust of Hermes right / Bucranium surmounted by crescent, above which are two stars connected by vertical line. Very rare. Dark brown patina, gVF.
Eukarpeia (AD 100-200) AE 25295 viewsImperial Times, 2nd century AD. AE25 (6.74g). Bust of Boulè right, wearing stephane / EVKAPΠEΩN, Artemis holding bow and drawing arrow out of her quiver; at her feet, cult statue of Cybele and to the left, stag. VF.
Eukarpeia (AD 117-138) AE 1965 viewsTime of Hadrian, 117-138 AD. AE19 (4.42g, 6h). Pedia Secunda, epimeletheisa. Turreted and draped bust of Fortuna right / Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia. VF, attractive dusty green patina.
Eukarpeia (AD 117-138) AE 2430 viewsTime of Hadrian, 117-138 AD. AE24 (10.00g). Pedia Secunda, epimeletheisa. ΔΗΜΟС ЄVΚΑΡΠЄΩΝ, laureate and draped bust of Demos right / ЄΠΙΜЄΛΗΘЄΙСΗС ΠЄΔΙΑС СЄΚΟVΝΔΗС, Artemis standing facing, head right, raising hand to head; to left, stag standing facing, head right; to right, facing statue of Cybele. Rare. VF.
Eukarpeia (AD 117-138) AE 30 - Hadrian325 viewsHadrianus, 117-138 AD. AE30 (14.41g). Max. Markellianos. ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟC-ΟΛΥΜΠΙΟC, draped, cuirassed bust left / ΑΙΤΗC ΑΝE Π ΚΛ ΜΑΞ-ΜΑΡΚEΛΛΙΑ/ΝΟΥ / EVΚΑΡΠEΙΑ, city goddess in long dress with turreted crown enthroned left holding scepter in left and corn ears in extended right. Good style, interesting obverse legend. Very fine/ almost very fine.
Eukarpeia (AD 128-137) AE 24 - Sabina68 viewsSabina, Augusta, 128-136/7 AD. AE24 (8.26g). Pedia Secunda, epimeletheisa. СΑΒЄΙΝΑ СЄΒΑСΤΗ, draped bust left / ЄΠΙ ΠЄΔΙΑС СЄΚΟVΝΔΗС ЄVΚΑΡΠЄΩΝ, Cybele standing facing, resting hand upon lion to left and right. VF.
Eukarpeia (AD 138-161) AE 157 viewsTime of Antoninus Pius, 138-161 AD. AE15 (3.27g, 6h). C. Claudius Flaccus, magistrate. Bareheaded and draped bust of Hermes right; kerykeion (caduceus) over shoulder / Star within upturned crescent; additional star above; bucranium below. gVF, green patina.
Eukarpeia (AD 161-180) AE 16 259 viewsTime of Marcus Aurelius, ca 161-180 AD. AE16 (2.72g, 5h). Phlakos, magistrate. Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin / Telesphoros standing facing. VF, black patina with some earthen highlights, flan cracks. Wagner Coll.
Eukarpeia (AD 193-211) AE 29 - Septimius Severus14 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE29 (13.46g). AVT K Λ CЄΠT CЄOVHPOC Π, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ЄVKAPΠЄIA, Tyche seated left on throne, holding grain ears and sceptre. Extremely rare. aVF.
Eukarpeia (AD 198-209) AE 26 - Geta126 viewsGeta, as Caesar, 198-209 AD. AE26 (10.22g, 6h). Bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Artemis standing facing, head right, drawing arrow from quiver; to left, stag standing right, looking upwards; statue of Kybele to right. Good VF, grayish-green patina, minor roughness.
Eukarpeia (AD 198-217) AE 26 - Caracalla244 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE26 (7.82g). Laureate and cuirassed bust right / EVΚΑΡΠEΙΑ, Artemis in chiton and peplos standing facing, head right, holding bow in extended left and taking arrow out of quiver; to her right, stag; to her left, small cult statue in long dress and with polos. Rare. Good style. Fine dark green patina. About extremely fine. Righetti coll.
Eukarpeia (AD 235-238) AE - Maximinus I Thrax231 viewsMaximinus I Thrax, 235-238 AD. AE (6.01g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / EVΚΑΡΠEΙΑ, Artemis inbetween stag and cult statue. Black-brown patina. Very fine. From the Marcel Burstein, Nevada collection.
Eukarpeia (AD 235-238) AE 21 - Maximus Caesar238 viewsMaximus Caesar, 235-238 AD. AE21 (4.62g). Draped and cuirassed bust right / EVΚΑΡΠEΙΑ, Tyche in long dress standing facing holding rudder and cornucopiae. Rare. Dark brown patina. Good very fine.
Eukarpeia (AD 235-238) AE 22 - Maximus75 viewsMaximus, Caesar, 235/6-238 AD. AE22 (4.16g). Γ I OVH MAZIMOC K, bare head right / ЄVKAPΠЄΩN, Cybele standing facing; to left, lion left. Very rare. gVF.
Eukarpeia (AD 235-238) AE 25 - Maximinus I Thrax231 viewsMaximinus I Thrax, 235-238 AD. AE25 (6.55g). Laureate and cuirassed bust right/ EVΚΑΡΠEΙΑ, naked Hermes standing facing, head left, holding purse in right and kerykeion in extended left; ram to the right. Rare. Dark green patina. Surfaces lightly smoothed. Very fine.
Eukarpeia (AD 235-238) AE 29 - Maximinus I & Maximus213 viewsMaximinus I, with Maximus Caesar, 235/6-238 AD. AE29 (10.76g, 6h). AVTK/ Γ∙IOV∙OVHP/ MAƵIMЄINOC above, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Maximinus I right, vis-à-vis bare-headed and draped bust of Maximus left, Γ∙IOV∙OVHP/ MAƵIMOC KAI / ЄVKAPΠ ЄΩN, Eukarpeia seated left, holding grain ears and scepter. Fine, dark green patina, surfaces a little pitted. Ex Wagner Coll.
Eukarpeia (AD 238-244) AE 28 - Gordian III69 viewsGordian III, 238-244 AD. AE28 (13.58g). AV K M AN ΓOPΔIANOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ЄVKAPΠЄΩN, Tyche seated left, holding grain ears and sceptre. VF.
Eukarpeia (AD 251-253) AE 23 - Trebonianus Gallus313 viewsTrebonianus Gallus, 251-253 AD. AE23 (5.97g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΕΥΚΑ−ΡΠΕΩΝ, Tyche seated left, holding grain-ears and sceptre. Fine, dark green surfaces, a little porous. From the Garth R. Drewry Collection. Ex Burstein Collection; Lindgren Collection.
Eukarpeia (AD 251-253) AE 23 - Volusian327 viewsVolusian, 251-253 AD. AE23 (5.00g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r./ Artemis stg. Facing, head right. Drawing arrow from quiver and holding bow; on l., stag; on right small cult-statue of Cybele (?). Good very fine.
Eukarpeia (AD 251-253) AE 24 - Trebonianus Gallus 125 viewsTrebonianus Gallus, 251-253 AD. AE24 / Diassarion (6.32g, 7h). AVT K Γ OV TPЄ AΛΛOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ЄVKAPΠЄΩN Tyche seated left, holding olive branch in her right hand and long scepter in her left. Very attractive, yellowish green sand patina. Good very fine. Privately purchased from Hauck & Aufhäuser in 2005.
Eukarpeia (AD 251-253) AE 25 - Trebonianus Gallus78 viewsTrebonianus Gallus, 251-253 AD. AE25 (6.14g). ΑVΤ Κ Γ ΟV ΤΡIΒ ΓΑΛΛΟС, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ЄVΚΑΡΠЄΩΝ, tetrastyle temple, with wreath in pediment and containing Tyche standing facing, holding rudder and cornucopia. VF. Ex Dr. P. Vogl collection; ex Jacquier (sold 1989).
Eukarpeia (BC 27-AD 14) AE 16 - Augustus314 viewsAugustus, 27 BC-14 AD. AE16 (3.48g, 1h). Lykias Euxenou, magistrate. Laureate head right / Goddess standing facing, raising right arm. VF, brown surfaces. It is uncertain whether the portrait is that of Augustus or Tiberius. Ex Wagner Coll.
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