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Random coins - Asia Minor General
Banker's marks on Persian Siglos273 viewsAchaemenid Empire, time of Darios I to Xerxes II. ca 485-420 BC. AR Siglos (15mm, 5.42g). Persian king or hero in kneeling-running right, holding spear and bow, quiver over shoulder / Incuse punch. Near VF, lightly toned, bankers’ marks.
Uncertain (BC 440-380) Hemiobol50 viewsca 450 BC. AR Tetartemorion (6mm, 0.13g, 4h). Corinthian helmet left / Two amphorae in linear square. Unpublished in the standard references, but cf. CNG 78, lot 304 for a similar coin with a kerykeion in place of one amphora. Good VF, find patina, slightly porous.
Uncertain (BC 27-AD 14) AE 18 - Augustus529 viewsAsia Minor, uncertain mint (Pisidia, Comama?). Augustus, 27 BC-14 AD. AE18 (6.16g). IMP CAESAR DIVI [F AVGVSTVS COS VIII], bare head of Caesar / T•VOMAN•M•MEMM•FLAM•QVINQ•ITER, twin goddesses with kalathos seated facing. Very fine.
Labrys and Annia Faustina on unknown bronze111 viewsLydia, Thyatira(?). ca 1st-early 3rd century AD. AE25 (4.61g). Indistinct types. Countermarks: labrys and bust of Annia Faustina between [A]-Φ. Host Fair, countermarks Fine, green patina, large flan crack. Roper Coll.
Bee on Lykia, Termessos Minor360 viewsLycia, Termessos Minor, 1st cent BC. AE20 (3.69g). Head of Apollo right; countermark: bee / [TER]MHS - SEWN, 5-string lyre. VF.
Uncertain (AD 117-138) Cistophoric Tetradrachm - Hadrian192 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm (10.96g, 5h). Mint D. Struck after 128 AD. Bare head right / Dionysus standing left, holding cantharus and thyrsus; at feet, panther standing left with raised paw. VF, minor trace of light porosity.
Gamerses (400-380) AE 13434 viewsGamerses, Satrap of Lydia, early 4th cent BC. AE13 (1.52g). Youthful head with short hair (with a braided strand in back) right (Eunuch Gamerses?), wearing earring and necklace / Zeus standing right, holding sceptre in right hand, eagle in left; star to left, ΓΑΜΕΡΣΟΥ to right. EF, dark green patina.
Uncertain (BC 450-400) Tetartemorion376 views5th century BC. AR 6mm (0.16g). Uncertain design / Head lion left, four pellets above. Inspired by Kyzikos-“Boar & tunny / lion” issues. Unpublished (?). Good very fine.

Last additions - Asia Minor General
Uncertain (BC 480-450) Hemidrachm15 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.5g, 13mm). Sphinx facing right / Head of goat facing left in incuse square. Dec 28, 2016
Uncertain (BC 480-450) Obol14 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Obol (0.81g, 8mm). Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin / Helmeted male head right within pelleted linear border; all within incuse square. Extremely rare, very fine.Dec 28, 2016
Uncertain (BC 460-400) eagle - Tetartemorion26 views4th century BC. AR Fraction (6.5mm, 0.20g, 12h). Head right, wearing bashlyk / Eagle standing left; uncertain inscription to left; all in dotted square in incuse square. Unpublished. VF, a couple trace deposits, faint cleaning marks on reverse.Sep 24, 2016
Autophradates (BC 380-355) AE 1155 viewsAutophradates, Satrap of Lydia (392-388 BC), and Ionia and Lydia (380-355 BC). AE11 (1.02g). Head right, wearing satrapal headdress / OΛ, grain ear and monoskelis. gVF.Sep 12, 2016
Uncertain (BC 460-400) eagle - Tetartemorion32 views4th century BC. AR Fraction (1/32 Siglos?) (0.14g, 7mm). Male head right, wearing bashlyk / Eagle standing left within pelleted linear border; all within incuse square. gVF. Extremely rare.Sep 12, 2016
Uncertain Satrap (BC 440-380) AE 913 viewsLate 5th-mid 4th centuries BC. Achaemenid Period, uncertain Satrap. AE9 (0.91g). Bearded head of satrap right, wearing bashlyk / BA, Persian king in kneeling-running stance right, holding spear and bow; all within incuase square. gVF. Extremely rare.Sep 12, 2016
Uncertain (BC 450-400) turtle - Hemiobol23 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (0.22g, 7mm). Bee flying right / Tortoise within incuse square. VF. Very rare.Sep 12, 2016
Uncertain (BC 330-250) AE 1032 viewsca 4th century BC. AE10 (1.05g). Head right / [...]M - YN, branch or tree. aVF. Very rare.Aug 28, 2016