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Random coins - Asia Minor General
Orontes (BC 357-352) AE 11168 viewsOrontes, Satrap of Mysia, ca 357-352 BC. AE11 (1.60g, 12h), struck at Adramytteion. Laureate head of Zeus right / Forepart of Pegasos right. VF, attractive dark green patina.
Uncertain (BC 470) Hemidrachm?325 viewsafter 470 BC. AR Hemidrachm? (2.56g). Archaic head of man (African?) right / Winged boar right, within deep incuse square. aVF.
Uncertain (BC 480-460) Hemiobol93 viewslate 6th-early 5th century BC. AR Hemiobol(?) (6mm, 0.28g, 1h). Head of lion right / Cock advancing right within incuse square. Good VF, lightly toned, porous. Rare.
Uncertain (AD 96-98) Cistophoric Tetradrachm - Nerva331 viewsNerva, 96-98 AD. AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm (10.07g, 7h). Uncertain Asia Minor (or Rome) mint. Struck 97 AD. Laureate head right / Distyle temple set on four-tiered base; within, cult statue of Augustus standing facing, holding spear, being crowned with wreath by female figure holding cornucopiae; ROMA ET AVG across entablature. VF. While no decisive evidence exists for the location of the mint of the cistophori during the reigns of Vespasian through Trajan, the style, legends, and, in particular, the consistent die axis point to Rome, suggesting that these coins were minted in the capital and then sent to Asia for local use.
Uncertain (AD 77-78) AE 19 - Domitian111 viewsDomitian, as Caesar, struck 77-78 AD. AE19 (3.18g 12h). CAESAR DOMITIANVS AVG F, Laureate head right / COS V PRINC IVVENT, S-C in field; cornucopiae. VF, green patina. Very rare. Tricarico coll.
Uncertain (BC 350-300) Drachm - Memnon173 viewsca 360-340 BC. AR Drachm (15mm, 3.48g, 6h). Pseudo-Rhodian type. Head of Helios left within solar disk / Rose with bud to each side; M-E flanking. VF, dark find patina. Rare.

While some of these “solar disk” drachms are attributable to Rhodes, most of the issues have long been recognized as being psudo-Rhodian issues from mints in Caria. The ME issues had originally been assigned to Megiste, but R. Ashton convincingly argues against this speculative attribution (cf. R. Ashton, “The Coinage of Nisyros” in Travaux Le Rider, p. 16, n. 4).
Uncertain (AD 117-138) Cistophoric Tetradrachm - Hadrian295 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm (10.59g, 7h), struck after 128 AD. Bare head right / Winged Nemesis standing left, wheel at feet, drawing out fold of drapery and holding bridle. Good VF, slight shift strike in reverse legend.
Uncertain (AD 117-138) Cistophoric Tetradrachm - Hadrian845 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm (11.09g, 5h). Mint E. Struck after 128 AD. Laureate head left / Pax-Tyche standing left, holding olive branch and cornucopiae; at feet, anchor above prow left. VF. Overstruck on a cistophorus of Augustus, Very rare.

Last additions - Asia Minor General
Uncertain (BC 200-100) AE 1129 viewsca 2nd century BC. AE11 (1.16g). Laureate and bearded male head (Zeus?) right / Large ?? (or monogram). gVF. Extremely rare, apparently unpublished.Jul 17, 2017
Uncertain (BC 330-250) AE 1415 viewsca 4th-3rd century BC. AE14 (2.60g). Facing head of Apollo / Three dolphins swimming left within incuse circle. F. Very rare, apparently unpublished.Jul 17, 2017
Uncertain Satrap (BC 400-350) AE 824 views4th century BC. AE8 (0.70g). Head of Apollo left, wearing tainia / Monoskeles. aVF. Extremely rare, unpublished.Jul 17, 2017
Uncertain (BC 400-300) Hemiobol22 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (0.36g, 7mm). Whirl or triskeles / Star of eight rays around central pellet. VF. Extremely rare, apparently unpublished.Jul 17, 2017
Uncertain (BC 440-380) Hemiobol18 views5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (or Tetartemorion?) (0.17g, 7mm). Crested Corinthian helmet left / Amphora and kerykeion; uncertain object (or letter) between; all within linear square border within incuse circle. VF. Very rare.Jul 17, 2017
Uncertain (BC 440-380) Hemiobol10 views5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (0.20g, 7mm). Corinthian helmet right / Amphora within wreath. F.Jul 17, 2017
Uncertain (BC 430-350) Hemiobol22 views5th century BC. AR Hemibol (0.32g, 7mm). Head of horse right, ΔHMH(?) to left / Diademed female head right within incuse square. VF. Extremely rare, unpublished.Jul 17, 2017
Uncertain (BC 500) Hemidrachm13 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Hemidrachm? (1.93g, 12mm). Lion advancing right / Incuse square with textured cross-hatching. aVF. Very rare.Jul 17, 2017