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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

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Ephesos (AD 81-96) Cistophoric Tetradrachm - Domitian101 viewsDomitian, as Caesar under Titus, struck 80-81 AD. AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm (26mm, 11.06g, 6h). CAES DIVI F DOMITIANVS COS VII, laureate head right / DIVO VESP, Altar. Very Fine. Rare. Tricarico coll.May 01, 2014
Uncertain (AD 77-78) AE 25 - Domitian64 viewsDomitian, as Caesar, struck 77-78 AD. AE25 (9.01g, 6h). CAESAR DOMITIANVS AVG F, laureate head right / COS V PRINCEPS IVVENTVT, S-C in field; Spes standing left, holding flower and raising her robe. Very Fine. Extremely rare. Tricarico coll.May 01, 2014
Saitta (AD 178-182) AE 41 - Crispina179 viewsCrispina, Augusta. 178-182 AD. AE41 - 8 Assaria (50.58g, 6h). Octavius Artemidorus magistrate, circa 175-180. ΚΡΙCΠΙΝΑ CΕΒΑCΤΗ, diademed and draped bust of Crispina to right, her hair bound into a bun at the back / ΕΠΙ ΟΚΤ ΑΡΤΕΜΙΔΟΡΟΥ ΑΡΧ Α / CΑΙΤΤΗΝΩΝ, on the left, Mên standing right, wearing a Phrygian cap and hunting dress, with a crescent moon on his shoulders, holding a long spear in his left hand and offering poppies with his right to the turreted figure of Kybele, seated facing him on the right, extending her right hand and resting her left on a cymbal. Apparently unique. Dark green and red patina. Extremely fine. Ex Numismatica Genevensis V (12/2008), 256.Apr 22, 2014
Pergamon (AD 166-177) AE 33 - Commodus204 viewsCommodus, as Caesar. 166-177 AD. AE33 (19.75g). Bare headed, draped and cuirassed bust right / Athena std. left, holding Nike, resting elbow on shield set on ground behind her; spear at side.Apr 22, 2014
Apameia (AD 200-300) AE 2063 viewsImperial Times, 3rd century AD. AE20 (4.6g). Bust of Serapis wearing modius right / AΠA M ЄΩN, Marsyas reclining right on overturned urn, holding reed. VF.Apr 22, 2014
Side (AD 254-268) AE 29 - Salonina39 viewsSalonina, 254-268 AD. AE29 - 10 Assaria (18.8g). KOPNHΛIA CAΛΩNINA CЄBA, diademed and draped bust right / CIΔHTΩN NЄΩKOPΩN, Athena standing left holding shield and spear. VF.Apr 22, 2014
Kyzikos (AD 98-180) AE 29123 viewsTime of Trajan to Marcus Aurelius, 98-180 AD. AE29 (10.9g). KY ZIKOC, Diademed head of Hero Kyzikos right / KYZIKHNΩN NЄOKOPΩN, two serpent-entwined torches; in between, altar. VF.Apr 22, 2014
Kyzikos (AD 247-249) AE 29 - Philip II100 viewsPhilipp II. 247-249 AD. AE29 (12.6g). Agathemeros magistrate. IOYΛ ΦIΛIΠΠOV KAICAP AVΓ, draped bust right / CTPA AVPH OY / H AΓAΘHM/ EPOV KY/ ZIKHNΩN NЄOKOPΩN within wreath. VF.Apr 22, 2014
Trajanopolis (AD 117-138) AE 15 - Hadrian59 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE15 (2.0g). Laureate and draped bust right / Athena standing left, holding spear and shield. VF.Apr 22, 2014
Smyrna (AD 147-175) AE 21 - Faustina II68 viewsFaustina II, Augusta, 147-175 AD. AE21 (4.3g). ΦAVCTЄINA CЄBAC, bust right / ΘЄVΔIANOC ANЄΘH KЄ, lion right, with fore-paw on tympanum. VF.Apr 22, 2014
Philadelphia (AD 138-161) AE 25 - Antoninus Pius 64 viewsAntoninus Pius, 138-161 AD. AE25 (9.9g). Af. Kornelianos magistrate. Laureate head right / Dionysos standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos. VF.Apr 22, 2014
Grimenothyrai (AD 98-117) AE 2256 viewsTime of Trajan and Hadrian, 98-138 AD. AE22 (8.7g). Asklepiados magistrate. IЄPA CYNKΛHTOC, draped bust of Senate right / ЄΠI∙ ACKΛHΠI AΔOY∙ AΠ∙ ΓPIM, Herakles standing left, holding apple, club and lion skin. VF.Apr 22, 2014
Dokimeion (AD 50-59) AE 18 - Agrippina II65 viewsAgrippina II, Augusta, 50-59 AD. AE18 (3.0g). AΓPIΠΠINA CЄBACTH, draped bust of Agrippina right / ΔOKI MЄΩN, head of Tyche with turreted headdress right. VF.Apr 22, 2014
Lampsakos (BC 470-450) Tetartemorion137 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Tetartemorion (0.2g, 6mm). Head left / Head of Athena left, wearing Corinthian helmet, Π to right. VF. Unpublished?Apr 22, 2014
Methymna (BC 330-280) Tetrobol - Koinon of Lesbos152 viewsKoinon of Lesbos, ca 330-280 BC. AR Tetrobol (2.6g, 15mm), minted in Methymna. Head of Athena right, wearing Corinthian helmet decorated with serpent / Thunderbolt, ΑΙΟΛΕ above, bunch of grapes below. VF.Apr 21, 2014
Phokaia (BC 387-326) B110 - EL 1/6 Stater383 viewsca 387-326 BC. EL Hekte (2.6g, 11mm). Head of Nymph left, hair bound / Quadripartite incuse square. VF. Apr 21, 2014
Phokaia (BC 387-326) B99 - EL 1/6 Stater281 viewsca 387-326 BC. EL Hekte (2.4g, 11mm). Head of Artemis left, seal below / Quadripartite incuse square. VF. Apr 21, 2014
Phokaia (BC 521-478) B42 - EL 1/6 Stater668 viewsca 521-478 BC. EL Hekte (2.7g, 10mm). Forepart of griffin left; to right, seal downward / Quadripartite incuse square. gVF. Rare type.Apr 21, 2014
Herakleia ad Latmon (BC 190) AE 9158 views2nd century BC. AE9 (0.8g). Owl standing right / HPAKΛEΩΤΩΝ, crest of helmet. Fine. Very rare.Apr 21, 2014
Uncertain (BC 450-400) turtle - Hemiobol57 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Tetartemorion (?) (5mm, 0.1g). Bee left / Turtle within incuse square. VF.Apr 21, 2014
Mytilene (BC 412-378) EL Hekte - B67314 viewsca 412-378 BC. EL Hekte (2.5g, 11mm). Head of Zeus Ammon right / Female head right, wearing stephane, within linear square. VF.Apr 21, 2014
Koinon of Cyprus (AD 193-217) AE 32 - Julia Domna122 viewsJulia Domna, Augusta, 193-217 AD. AE32 (18.44g). Paphos mint. ΙΟΥΛΑ ΔΟ - ΜΝΑ CЄB, draped bust right / KOINON - KYΠΡΙΩΝ, temple of Aphrodite at Paphos with paved semicircular court before; cone in central portion of temple and candelabra in side sections, each with dove on roof; star in crescent above central roof. Very rare. VF.Apr 20, 2014
Nikaia (AD 177-192) AE 17 - Commodus81 viewsCommodus, 177-192 AD. AE17 (3.71g). AV.Λ.KOMOΔOC - ANTΩNINOC, laureate head right / ΘHCЄ - A - NIKAIЄIC, unbearded head of Theseus right, clad in lion's skin knotted under chin. Rare, about VF, dark green patina. Hoeft coll.Apr 17, 2014
Mytilene (BC 450-400) Hemidrachm177 viewsca 4th-3rd century BC. AR Hemidrachm (1.9g, 12mm). Laureate head of Apollo right / MYTI, bull's head slightly right within incuse square. gVF.Apr 15, 2014
Prokonnesos (BC 400-350) Obol131 viewsca 400-280 BC. AR Obol (0.5g, 10mm). Forepart of horse left / Oinochoe within incuse square; Π to right. VF. Very rare.Apr 15, 2014
Tion (BC 350-300) AE 11141 views400-200 BC. AE11 (1.5g). Laureate and bearded head of Zeus left / TIANOΣ, eagle standing left on thunderbolt. VF.Apr 15, 2014
Pontos Uncertain (BC 120-100) AE 13315 viewsLate 2nd century BC. AE13 (1.9g). Pilos decorated with star / Star. EF.Apr 15, 2014
Kyzikos (BC 470-400) Hemiobol111 viewsca 525-475 BC. AR Hemiobol (0.3g, 12mm). Head of Attis right, wearing Phrygian cap / Quadripartite incuse square. Apparently the second known. Very fine.Apr 15, 2014
Aigai (AD 117-138) AE 20 - Hadrian82 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE20 (5.298g). AVTO KAI A∆PIANOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΕΠΙ ∆ΕΙΦΙΛΟΥ ΟΛΥΠΠΙΟΝΕΙΚΟΥ, Apollo standing right, wearing long drapery, taenia in right, laurel branch in left, ΑΙΓΙΕΩΝ downwards behind. 2nd known (?). VF, nice green patina.Apr 10, 2014
Korykos (AD 81–96) AE 27 – Domitian & Domitia113 viewsDomitian with Domitia, 81–96 AD. AE27 (10.66g, 12h). ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑ[?N...] above, [...]ΚΡΑ[...?] below; laureate head of Domitian right, face to face with head of Domitia / [Ο]ΡΟN[ΤΟ...?] / [...] on right of reverse, KΩΡΥΚ[Ι] / ΩΤΩΝ on left; Athena advancing right with head left, extending right arm and holding shield in left.

The partial restoration of the enigmatic legend on the right side of the reverse is based on the reading of another specimen, sold by the same seller (2/7/2014) to a determined collector. Compare the almost certainly incorrect interpretation given in CNG Elec. Auc. 321 (2/2014), lot 374.
Apr 06, 2014
Aizanis (AD 49–54?) AE 16 – Agrippina (II?)90 viewsAgrippina (II?), reign of Claudius, 41–54 AD (49–54 AD?) AE16 – Brass (2.93g, 12h). ΑΓΡΙΠΠΙΝΑΝ [CЄΒΑCΤΗΝ], draped bust right / ΑΙΖΑ - [ΝΙΤ]ΩΝ, draped bust of Persephone with ear of corn before.Apr 06, 2014
Uncertain (AD 76) Denarius - Domitian144 viewsDomitian, as Caesar, struck 76 AD. AR Denarius (19mm, 3.37g, 12h). CAESAR AVG F DOMITIANVS, laureate head right, small 'o' below neck truncation / FIDES PVBL, Hand clasped over caduceus, two poppies and two corn ears. VF. Very rare. Tricarico coll.Mar 03, 2014
Antiocheia (AD 81-96) AE 17 - Domitian96 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AE17 (3.94g, 12h). ΔOMITIANOC KAICAP, laureate head right / EΠIMEΛH KΛ AΓΛAOY ΦPOYΓI ANTIOXEΩN, Liknophoros standing right. VF, Scarce. Tricarico coll.Feb 28, 2014
Kaisareia (AD 69-79) Drachm - Titus178 viewsTitus as Caesar, 69-79 AD. AR Drachm (2.90g, 18mm, 12h). Dated RY 9 (76/7 AD). AYT KAICAP TIT YOC CEBACTOY OYECΠACI, laureate head of Titus right / NIKE CEBACTH / ET Θ, Nike standing right, holding wreath with right hand and palm with left hand. Tricarico Coll.Feb 28, 2014
Lebedos (BC 350-300) AE 10134 viewsca 350-300 BC. AE10 (1.53g). Cow and calf / Prow of galley left. aVF. Very rare.Feb 26, 2014
Abydos (BC 500-480) Hemiobol242 viewsca 500-480 BC. AR Hemiobol (0.5g, 7mm). Forepart of eagle left / Quadripartite incuse square (windmill type). gVF.Feb 26, 2014
Uncertain (BC 350-250) Obol?112 views4th-3rd century BC. AR Obol (9mm, 0.9g). Head of man right, wearing Pileus / Lion running left on ground line, A (?) below. VF.Feb 26, 2014
Balbura (BC 200-1) AE 16101 views2nd-1st century BC. AE16 (2.9g). Helmeted head of Athena right / BAΛΒΟΥΡΕΩΝ, owl standing right on helmet, head facing, within olive wreath. VF.Feb 26, 2014
Balbura (BC 200-81) AE133 viewsca 200-81 BC. AE (6.50g). Eagle standing left, head turned right; c/m: helmet / BAΛ-BOY/PE-ΩN, winged thunderbolt within wreath. Rare.Feb 25, 2014
Samos (BC 522-520) Diobol?113 views5th century BC. AR Diobol (1.1g, 11mm). Forepart of winged boar right / Head of roaring lion right within dotted square border. Apparently unpublished.2 commentsFeb 25, 2014
Uncertain (BC 480-420) Tetartemorion51 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Tetartemorion (5-6mm, 0.2g). Head of Herakles (?) left / Lion forepart right. VF.Feb 10, 2014
Karia Uncertain (BC 480-450) Diobol101 views5th century BC. Fourre' Diobol (12mm, 1.89g). Forepart of bull left / Forepart of bull left, X to left, within incuse square. VF.Feb 10, 2014
Anemurion (AD 81-96) AE 20 - Domitian68 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AE20 (4.54g, 6h). ΔOMETIANOC KAIC, Laureate head right / ANEMOYPEWN, Apollon standing, left, holding branch in right hand, left arm leaning on tripod. VF, green patina. Tricarico coll.Jan 31, 2014
Pompeiopolis (AD 81-96) AE 22 - Domitian152 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AE22 (11.42g, 12h). ΔOMETIANOΣ KAIΣAP ΣEBACTOΣ, laureate head right / ΠOMΠHIOΠOLEITWN / BNP ΠR ME / ΔIO / AC / CA, Athena standing left, holding Nike in right hand, left hand resting on shield. nVF, green patina. Tricarico coll.Jan 30, 2014
Kyzikos (BC 500-450) EL 1/6 Stater535 viewsca 500-450 BC. EL Hekte - 1/6 Stater (2.64g). Ram's head facing left; tunny below / Quadripartite incuse punch. Rare type. Unpublished?Jan 19, 2014
Kyzikos (BC 450-400) Hemidrachm178 viewsca 450-400 BC. AR Tetrobol (2.49g, 11mm, 11h). Head of Attis left, wearing Phrygian cap; tunny below / Head of lion left; K (retrograde) above; all within incuse square. VF, toned, a few marks. Very rare. Ex. Roger Liles Collection.Jan 19, 2014
Kebren (BC 480-440) Obol189 viewsca late 6th-early 5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (0.58g, 9mm). Ram’s head left; below, tunny fish right / Quadripartite incuse square. Good VF, toned, some granularity.

The obverse type of a ram’s head left is very similar, stylistically, to the early coinage of Kebren. Although the type is not published with a tunny fish beneath the ram’s head, which is usually indicative of Kyzikos, there are other symbols, such as a bird, that do appear on the Kebren coinage beneath the ram.
Jan 19, 2014
Kebren (BC 450) Obol178 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Obol (0.62g, 8mm, 1h). Ram's head left / Facing gorgoneion within incuse square. VF, toned, light porosity. Well struck and very rare. Apparently an unpublished denomination.Jan 19, 2014
Antissa (BC 300-200) AE 7232 viewsca 4th-3rd century BC. AE7 (1.1g). Head of Herakles in lion's skin to left / A-N, upright club. Very fine.Jan 03, 2014
Phokaia (BC 250-200) AE 10?131 viewsca 3rd century BC. AE10? (1.54g). Head Hermes wearing petasos left / E-Ρ kerykeion. Dark green patina. Good very fine.Jan 03, 2014
Uncertain (BC 480-420) Tetartemorion68 views5th century BC. AR Tetartemorion (0.2g, 6mm). Facing gorgoneion within incuse square / Head of rooster right within incuse square. Extremely fine.Jan 02, 2014
Kyzikos (BC 550-500) Obol76 viewsca 550-480 BC. AR Obol (Trihemiobol?) (1.2g, 10mm). Head of tunny fish left / Irregular incuse punch. Near extremely fine.Jan 02, 2014
Kyzikos (BC 398-395) Drachm - Pharnabazos148 viewsca 398-396/5 BC. AR Drachm (3.3g, 16mm). Head of Pharnabazos right, wearing Phrygian cap; ΦAPNABA around head / Prow of galley left; two dolphins swimming around; below, tunny left. Very fine.Jan 02, 2014
Lykia Uncertain (BC 440-390) Obol116 views5th-4th century BC. AR Obol (0.7g, 9mm). Helmeted head of Athena right / Dolphin leaping right, around uncertain symbol; all in incuse square. Very fine.Jan 02, 2014
Gargara (BC 350) Obol102 viewsca 4th century BC. AR Obol (0.4g, 8mm). Laureate head of Apollo left / ΓΑΡ, head of ram right. gVF.Dec 27, 2013
Abydos (BC 500-480) Trihemiobol192 viewsca 500-480 BC. AR Trihemiobol? (1.2g, 10mm). Eagle standing left / Quadripartite incuse square.Dec 27, 2013
Kindya (BC 510-480) Obol91 viewsca 510-480 BC. AR Obol (0.4g, 7mm). Head of ketos left; horizontal AΛ below “beard” / Eight-rayed star within incuse square.Dec 27, 2013
Mylasa (BC 520-490) 1/24 Stater66 viewsca 520-490 BC. AR 1/24 Stater (7mm, 0.3g). Head of lion right / Rough incuse punch.Dec 27, 2013
Erythrai (BC 501-480) Obol 137 viewsca 500-480 BC. AR Obol (0.8g, 7mm). Rosette / Irregular incuse square. VF.Dec 25, 2013
Uncertain (BC 460-400) eagle - Tetartemorion80 views5th century BC. AR Tetartemorion (0.2g, 6mm). Head of Athena right, wearing Attic helmet / Eagle standing right, wings closed, in dotted square border within incuse square. VF.Dec 25, 2013
Uncertain (BC 350-300) AE 875 views4th-3rd century BC. AE8 (0.5g). Head of lion right / Head of bull right, AΛ (?) to right. VF.Dec 25, 2013
Uncertain (BC 440-390) Star - Tetartemorion75 views5th century BC. AR Tetartemorion (0.1g, 6mm). Eagle standing left / Stellate pattern within incuse square. gVF. Dec 25, 2013
Kyme (BC 350-250) Hemidrachm203 viewsca 350-250 BC. AR Hemidrachm (1.8g, 13mm). KY, eagle standing right, head turned left / Forepart of horse right, HPAKΛEOΣ below. gVF.Dec 25, 2013
Myndos (BC 400-300) AE 12113 views4th century BC. AE12 (1.2g). Laureate head of Poseidon right / Dolphin right, MY above, trident below. gVF.Dec 25, 2013
Nisyros (BC 350-220) AE 11104 viewsmid 4th-late 3rd century BC. AE11 (1.0g). Head of Aphrodite right / Dolphin leaping right, grape cluster and NI above, trident below, within dotted circle. VF.Dec 25, 2013
(BC 520-480) Uncertain Dynast - 1/12 Stater205 viewsUncertain Dynast, ca 520-480 BC. AR Obol (7mm, 0.7g). Forepart of boar left / Incuse punch. VF.Dec 25, 2013
Euromos (BC 100-0) AE 17139 views1st century BC. AE17 (4.0g). Facing cult statue of Zeus Labraundos, holding double-axe and spear; stag behind / EYPΩMEΩN, eagle on thunderbolt. aEF. Rare.Dec 25, 2013
Euromos (BC 400) Hemiobol116 views5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (8mm, 0.4g). Forepart of boar right / YRΩ, laureate and bearded head right within incuse square. EF. Dec 25, 2013
Antandros (BC 440-400) Hemiobol100 views5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (6mm, 0.3g). Head of Artemis Astyrene right / Astragalos within incuse square. gVF. Dec 20, 2013
Skepsis (BC 440-400) Hemiobol136 viewsca 450 BC. AR Hemiobol (0.3g, 8mm). Head of horse right / E-N (retrograde), fir tree; all in linear square and dotted borders within incuse square. gVF. Extremely rare.Dec 20, 2013
Neandreia (BC 450-390) Hemiobol139 views5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (0.3g, 6mm). Laureate head of Apollo right / N-E, oinochoe within incuse square. VF.Dec 20, 2013
Gargara (BC 440-400) Hemiobol132 views4th century BC. AR Hemiobol (0.3g, 6mm). Female head left / ΓΑΡ, hydria. gVF. Apparently unpublished.Dec 20, 2013
Dardanos (BC 470-440) Hemiobol86 views6th-5th century BC. AR Hemiobol(?) (8mm, 0.4g). Cock standing left on back of hen standing left, preparing to mate / Incuse head of lion or panther left. Apparently second known. VF.Dec 20, 2013
Assos (BC 420-380) Obol101 views5th century BC. AR Obol (0.4g, 8mm). Female head right / Head of griffin right, ivy leaf (?) to right, within dotted square border in incuse square. VF.Dec 20, 2013
Antandros (BC 440-400) Obol180 viewsca 440-400 BC. AR Obol (0.5g, 8mm). Head of Artemis Astyrene right / ANTA-N, goat standing right within incuse square. gVF.Dec 20, 2013
Antandros (BC 440-400) Hemiobol101 views5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (0.4g, 7mm). Female head right / Facing head of lion or panther within incuse square. VF. Dec 20, 2013
Abydos (BC 500-480) Hemiobol128 viewsca 500-480 BC. AR Obol (0.6g, 7mm). Forepart of eagle left / Quadripartite incuse punch. VF, cleaning scratches. Apparently unpublished.Dec 20, 2013
Parion (BC 400-300) Hemidrachm316 views4th century BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.3g, 13mm). Facing gorgoneion / ΠΑ/ΡΙ, bull standing left, head right; pileus on tripod above. gVF. Apparently unpublished.Dec 20, 2013
Uncertain (BC 440-390) Star - Tetartemorion68 viewsUncertain (Abydos?). 5th century BC. AR Tetartemorion (0.1g, 5mm). Eagle standing left / Stellate pattern within incuse square. VF. Apparently unpublished.Dec 20, 2013
Abydos (BC 500-475) Tetartemorion108 viewsUncertain. 5th century BC. Hemiobol (0.2g, 8mm). Eagle standing left / Quadripartite incuse square. VF. Apparently unpublished.Dec 20, 2013
Lykian League (AD 81-96) Drachm - Domitian46 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AR Drachm (19mm, 3.15g, 6h). Probably Rome mint. Struck 95 AD. AYT KAIC ΔOMITIANOC CEBACTOC ΓEPM, laureate head right / ЄTOYC IΔ YΠATOC IZ, lyre. VF. Rare. Tricarico coll.Dec 17, 2013
Kalchedon (AD 81-96) AE 23 - Domitia109 viewsDomitia, wife of Domitan, Augusta, 81-96 AD. AE23 (4.41g, 6h). ΔOMITIA ΣEIBAΣTH, Draped bust right / KAΛXAΔONIΩN, B in left field; poppy between two corn ears. VF, light green patina. Unpublished. Tricarico coll.Dec 03, 2013
Kyzikos (BC 450-400) Tetartemorion114 viewsca 525-475 BC. AR Hemitetartemorion (5mm, 0.1g). Forepart of boar left / Head of lion left within incuse square. Nov 26, 2013
Gargara (BC 440-400) Hemiobol93 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Tetartemorion (0.22g, 5mm). Male head right/ Oinochoe within incuse circle. VF.Nov 26, 2013
Temnos (BC 350) Trihemiobol199 viewsca 4th century BC. AR Obol (0.97g, 10mm). Laureate head of Apollo left / T-A, kantharos. VF.Nov 26, 2013
Gargara (BC 400-350) AE 859 views4th century BC. AE8 (0.6g). Laureate head of Apollo right / Γ-Α, head of ram right. Fine.Nov 26, 2013
Prymnessos (AD 138-192) AE 2185 views2nd century AD. AE21 (4.3g). Head of Men right on crescent, wearing Phrygian cap with stars / ΠΡΥΜΝΗCΕΩΝ, Tyche standing left, wearing polos, holding rudder and cornucopiae. VF.Nov 26, 2013
Teos (BC 204-190) AE 1983 views3rd-2nd century BC. AE19 (3.5g). Female (?) head right / ΤΗIΩΝ, kantharos, grape bunch above. aVF.Nov 26, 2013
Hydisos (BC 200-0) AE 1776 views2nd-1st century BC. AE17 (4.4g). Helmeted head of Ares right / ΥΔΙΣΕΩΝ, Pegasos jumping right, kerykeion below. Fine.Nov 26, 2013
Masikytes (BC 32-27) AE 1471 viewsca 32-27 BC. AE14 (2.0g). Head of Artemis right, wearing stephane, bow and quiver behind / ΙΠΠΟ MA, bow and quiver inside incuse square. Fine.Nov 26, 2013
Kelenderis (BC 350-330) Obol 95 viewsca 3rd century BC. AR Obol (0.73g, 11mm). Horse prancing right / ΚΕ-Λ, forepart of goat right, head turned left; kerykeion to left. EF. Unpublished. Nov 23, 2013
Perge (BC 260-230) Tetradrachm 278 viewsca 260-230 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.1g, 29mm). Wreathed head of Artemis right; quiver over shoulder / ΑΡΤΕΜΙΔΟΣ - ΠΕΡΓΑΙΑΣ, Artemis standing left, wearing short dress, holding wreath and scepter; to left, forepart of stag standing left, looking up. VF.Nov 23, 2013
Kragos (BC 27-20) 1/4 Drachm109 viewsLycian League, ca 27-20 BC. Tlos-Kragos. Quarter Drachm (0.7g, 13mm). Λ - Y, draped bust of Artemis left, bow and quiver over shoulder / T - Λ / K - P, quiver within incuse square; to right, winged kerykeion. VF.Nov 23, 2013
(BC 700-500) EL 1/3 Stater396 viewsAsia Minor Uncertain, ca 7th-6th century BC. EL 1/3 Stater Ingot (4.9g, 18mm). Plain convex surface / Plain flat surface.
Nov 23, 2013
Lampsakos (BC 190-85) AE 2197 viewsca 190-85 BC. AE21 (4.7g). Bearded head of Priapus right, wreathed with ivy / ΛΑΜΨΑ - ΚΗΝΩΝ, forepart of Pegasos right. EF.Nov 23, 2013
Abydos (BC 385-335) Drachm142 views4th century BC. AR Drachm (2.4g, 15mm). Hyllippos, magistrate. Laureate head of Apollo right / ABY YΛΛIΠΠOΣ, eagle standing left with folded wings; bee to left. gVF.Nov 23, 2013
Abydos (BC 411-385) Drachm109 views4th century BC. AR Drachm (3.4g, 16mm). Xanthippos, magistrate. Laureate head of Apollo right / ABY ΞANΘIΠΠOΣ, eagle standing left with folded wings; crescent to left. VF.Nov 23, 2013
Abydos (BC 385-335) Drachm190 views4th century BC. AR Drachm (2.6g, 14mm). Hyllippos, magistrate. Laureate head of Apollo right / ABY YΛΛIΠΠOΣ, eagle standing right with folded wings; bee to right. gVF.Nov 23, 2013
Abydos (BC 411-387) Drachm114 views4th century BC. AR Drachm (3.5g, 15mm). Eukrines, magistrate. Laureate head of Apollo right / ABY EYKPINHΣ, eagle standing right; triskelis in field. aEF. Apparently the second example known.Nov 23, 2013
Philadelphia (AD 81-96) AE 18 - Domitian72 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AE18 (2.61g, 6h), Fl Praxeas, first archon, priest of five priesthoods for life, epimel archon. KAIΣAP ΔOMITIANOC, laureate head of Domitian right, bust cuirassed / EΠI ΦΛ ΠPAKΞOY ΦIΛAΔEΛΦEΩN, Asclepius standing left, resting right hand on serpent staff. Near VF, dark patina. Extremely rare. Tricarico coll.Nov 21, 2013
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