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Kyzikos (BC 550-500) EL 1/12191 viewsca 550-­500 BC. EL Hemihekte - Twelfth Stater (9mm, 1.30g). Head of lion left; tunny to right / Quadripartite incuse square.Good VF. Extremely rare as a hemihekte.May 22, 2015
Kyzikos (BC 600-550) EL 1/1289 viewsca 600­-550 BC. EL Hemihekte - Twelfth Stater (8mm, 1.34g). Eagle standing right on tunny right; to upper left, tunny right / Quadripartite incuse square. VF.May 22, 2015
Kyzikos (BC 600-550) EL 1/1295 viewsca 600­-550 BC. EL Hemihekte - Twelfth Stater (8mm, 1.30g). Fish left, tunny below / Quadripartite incuse square. VF. Extremely rare, only one example noted by Hurter & Liewald, who also cast doubt on the attribution of the issue to Kyzikos.May 22, 2015
Kyzikos (BC 600-550) EL 1/670 viewsca 600­-550 BC. EL Hekte - Sixth Stater (9mm, 2.67g). Tunny left; above, tunny head right; below, tunny tail left / Quadripartite incuse square. VF, well centered.May 22, 2015
Herakleia Pontika (BC 337-305) Drachm - Dionysios95 viewsDionysios, Tyrant, 337-­305 BC. AR Drachm (18mm, 4.47g, 12h). Wreathed head of Dionysos left, with thyrsos over shoulder / Herakles standing left, lion’s skin over left arm, adding spear held in right hand to trophy. Good VF, toned, some porosity.May 22, 2015
Amisos (BC 4th cent) Siglos/Drachm304 viewsca 435-370 BC. AR Siglos - Drachm (20mm, 5.55g, 3h). Persic standard. Aris-, magistrate. Head of Hera left, wearing stephane, earring, and necklace / Owl standing facing on shield, with wings spread; [grain ear to outer left,] sword in sheath to outer right, AP-IΣ and H-Γ across inner field, ΠEIPA in exergue. EF, toned, light die rust on obverse.May 22, 2015
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B52 198 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.52g, 10mm). Young male head facing right, wearing knotted taenia with lotus-like ornament above the forehead / Wreathed male head (in archaic style) facing right, wearing long beard, within incuse square. gVF, one of the best examples known, with reverse in much better condition than usual for this emission. Carr coll.

Bodenstedt notes 29 examples of this emission. A further 30 examples have appeared at auction, this being the 30th.
1 commentsMay 21, 2015
Xanthos (BC 450-420) Obol40 viewsca 450-420 BC. AR Obol (0.72g, 10mm, 8h). Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet / Laureate head of Apollo right. VF. Rare.May 18, 2015
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B47 212 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.48g, 10mm, 9h). Bearded head of Silenos right / Head of lion (or wolf?) facing within incuse square. gVF.

This is only the fourth known example of this emission, two of which are noted in Bodenstedt. The reverse is a die match with a reverse die used for an emission of B48 (CNG 85, 411).
May 13, 2015
Mytilene (BC 377-326) EL Hekte - B84187 viewsca 377-326 BC. EL Hekte (2.50g, 11mm). Head of nymph facing right, hair in sphendone / Amphora, two ivy leaves flanking; all within linear square border. VF. Rare.May 13, 2015
Abydos (BC 500-480) Triobol100 viewsBefore 480 BC. AR Triobol (20mm, 3.1g). Eagle standing left / Quadripartite incuse square. VF.May 13, 2015
Mallos (BC 400-385) Obol62 views385-333 BC. AR Obol (0.77g, 9mm). Astragalos / Swan standing left, wings open. VF.May 13, 2015
Kelenderis (BC 425-375) Obol33 viewsca 400-350 BC. AR Obol (0.83g, 8mm). Forepart of Pegasos left / Goat kneeling left, head reverted, ΚΕΛ above. gVF. May 13, 2015
Samos (BC 522-520) Obol69 views6th-5th century BC. AR Obol (0.44g, 7mm). Head of bull right / Head of roaring lion right within incuse square. VF.May 13, 2015
Atarneos (BC 350-300) Obol114 viewsca 350-300 BC. AR Obol (0.49g, 8mm). Laureate head of Apollo right / Coiled serpent right, ATAP below. VF. Rare.May 13, 2015
Akmoneia (AD 117-138) AE 20 - Hadrian48 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE20 (4.29g). AΔPIANOC KAICAP, laureate bust right, aegis tied at shoulder / AKMO NEΩN, Kybele wearing polos chitos and peplos, enthroned right, holding tympanum in left hand, and scepter in right; below, lion right. Rare.May 04, 2015
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B49 118 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.52g, 9mm, 12h). Head of Persephone right / Downward head of lion to right within incuse square. VF. Carr coll.1 commentsApr 30, 2015
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B35 216 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.47g, 9mm, 6h). Helmeted head of Athena right / Confronting calf’s heads and ΛΕ above, all within incuse square. Near VF. Carr coll. Ex Naville 9, lot 72 (9/2014).

Bodenstedt notes two varieties of the reverse - one with the letters ΛΕ above the confronting calf’s heads and one without. Of the 24 examples noted by Bodenstedt, only 4 are with ΛΕ. The letters ΛΕ denote the coin is from the island of Lesbos. There are 5 different electrum coin emissions of Mytilene that include the letters ΛΕ - B14, B20, B23, B28 and B35.
1 commentsApr 30, 2015
Aspendos (AD 249-251) AE 31 - Trajan Decius46 viewsTrajan Decius, 249-251 AD. AE31 (17.68g, 31mm, 1h). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ACΠЄN-ΔΙΩΝ, Personification of Agon standing left, droping his vote-plate with his right hand in an Amphora standing to his lower left; palm branch in his left arm set on ground. VF.

Agon was the personification of the contest.
Apr 30, 2015
Perge (AD 217-218) AE 36 - Macrinus67 viewsMacrinus, 217-218 AD. AE36 (31.96g, 11h). Laureate and cuirassed but right / Tyche seacted left, holding cult idol of Artemis Pergaia and cornucopiae; ΠЄP[Γ]HI around. VF. Very Rare.Apr 30, 2015
Tavion (BC 100-0) AE 1993 viewsTrokmer (Tavium). 1st century BC. AE19 (4.47g, 7h).. Head of Aesculap to right / ΣΕΒ-ΑΣΤ/ΗΝ-ΩΝ / ΤΡΟ-ΚΜΩΝ, carnyx. gVF, dark green patina. Extremely rare.Apr 20, 2015
Kyzikos (BC 500-450) 1/12 Stater 340 viewsca 500-450 BC. EL 1/12 Stater (1.34g, 9mm). Lion right, gnawing on leg of prey; below, tunny right / Quadripartite incuse square. gVF.
This is the second of three known that have been offered at auction.

This obverse has very close links to other coinage of similar period. Early drachmae of Velia have a similar type. Colin M. Kraay [Archaic and Classical Greek Coins (1976), p. 263] comments on the connection of the drachmae and this Kyzikos example, noting the rarity of deliberate reproductions of specific coin types across cities. An almost identical type is also found on a hecte emission of Mytilene (Bodenstedt 78 – Coin ID #11257).
Apr 16, 2015
Hieropolis-Kastabala (AD 177-192) AE 41 - Commodus68 viewsCommodus, 177-192 AD. AE41 (31.29g). ΑVΤ Κ Μ ΑV ΑΝ ΚΟΜΟΔΟС ЄVΤVΧΗС, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΙЄΡΟΠΟΛЄΙΤωΝ ΤωΝ ΠΡΟС Τω ΠVΡΑΜω, Nike standing right, presenting wreath to emperor in military attire, holding spear. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Sillyon (AD 247-249) AE 24 - Philip II44 viewsPhilip II, 247-249 AD. AE24 (7.57g). AY K M IOY CЄOY ΦΙΛΙΠΠOC C, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / CIΛΛΥЄΩΝ, laureate and draped bust of Men on crescent right, wearing phrygian cap. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Laodikeia (AD 198-217) AE 25 - Caracalla51 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE25 (10.72g). AV K M A ANTΩNЄI, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΛΑΟΔΙΚЄΩΝ, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Hadrianopolis (AD 200-270) AE 1730 views3rd century AD. AE17 (3.25g). ΒΟΥΛΗ, veiled and draped bust of Boule right / AΔΡΙΑΝΟΠΟ, eagle standing facing, head left, wings spread, holding wreath in beak. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Kotiaeion (AD 217-218) AE 2267 viewsTime of Macrinus, 217-218 AD. AE22 (6.18g). Demetrianos Keleros, archon. ΔΗΜΟC, bare head of Demos right / ЄΠΙ ΚЄΛЄΡΟC APX TO B / KOTIAЄΩN, Kybele seated left, holding phiale and resting on drum; lions flanking. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Kadoi (AD 41-54) AE 19 - Claudius52 viewsClaudius, 41-54 AD. AE19 (4.02g). Meliton, son of Asklepiados, magistrate. KΛAYΔIOΣ KAIΣAP, laureate head right / EΠI MEΛITΩNOΣ AΣKΛHΠIAΔOY / KAΔOHNΩN, Zeus standing left, holding eagle and sceptre. gVF.Apr 14, 2015
Appia (AD 98-117) AE 21 - Trajan148 viewsTrajan, 98-117 AD. AE21 (4.29g). Ai. T. Pollionos, strategos. AV KA NЄ TPAIANOC CЄ ΓЄ ΔΑΚΙΚΟC, laureate head right / AI T ΠΩΛΛΙΩΝΟC CT B AΠΠIANΩN, river god Tembris reclining left, holding reed and resting elbow on vase from which water flows. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Alia (AD 98-117) AE 1875 viewsTime of Trajan, 98-117 AD. AE18 (3.67g). ΦΡOYΓΙ ΑΙΤΗCAMЄNOY, laureate and draped bust of Men on crescent right, wearing phrygian cap / ΔΗΜOC AΛΙΗΝΟΝ, Demos of Alia standing left, holding grain ears and sceptre. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Philadelphia (AD 193-211) AE 20 - Septimius Severus37 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE20 (3.93g). AV KAI Λ CЄOVHPOC, laureate head right / ΦΙΛΑΔЄΛΦЄΩΝ, Hermes standing left, holding purse and caduceus. Extremely rare. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Hierokaisareia (AD 54-138) AE 2056 viewsImperial Times, 54-138 AD. AE20 (6.19g). Artemis standing left, holding bow and resting hand on stag standing left; all within wreath / IЄPOKAICAPЄΩN, stag standing right. gVF.Apr 14, 2015
Hierokaisareia (AD 54-138) AE 1753 viewsImperial Times, 54-138 AD. AE17 (3.00g). ЄΠI KAΠITΩNOC, draped bust of Artemis Persica right / IЄPOKAICAPЄWN, Artemis kneeling on back of stag right and grasping it on its antlers. gVF.Apr 14, 2015
Hierokaisareia (AD 54-68) AE 2256 viewsTime of Nero, 54-68 AD. AE22 (4.71g). IЄPOCAI, Artemis kneeling on back of stag right and grasping it on its antlers / IE, forepart of stag right. Rare. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Hermokapeleia (AD 193-211) AE 18 - Septimius Severus53 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE18 (3.23g). AV KAI CЄOVHPO, laureate head right / ЄPMOKAΠHΛЄITΩ, figure standing left, holding uncertain object and sceptre. VF.

Extremely rare, and apparently unpublished in the standard references. The only published type of Severus from this city features Asklepius with a serpent-entwined staff, which clearly doesn't match this type.
Apr 14, 2015
Gordos-Iulia (AD 98-117) AE 1441 viewsTime of Trajan, 98-117 AD. AE14 (1.83g). ΓΟΡΔΟC, draped bust of Tyche right, wearing mural crown / ЄΠΙ ΠΟΠΛΙΟΥ, Asklepios standing facing, head left, holding serpent-entwined staff. VF. Apr 14, 2015
Samos (AD 241-244) AE 22 - Tranquillina43 viewsTranquillina, Augusta, 241-244 AD. AE22 (3.64g). ΦOVPIA TRANKVIΛΛINA CЄB, diademed and draped bust right / CAMIΩN, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia. gVF.Apr 14, 2015
Ephesos (AD 161-180) AE 18 - Marcus Aurelius46 viewsMarcus Aurelius, 161-180 AD. AE18 (5.73g). AY M AY ANTΩNЄINOC, laureate head right / ЄΦЄCIΩN B N, stag standing right. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Aigai (AD 128-137) AE 20 - Sabina139 viewsSabina, Augusta, 128-136/7 AD. AE20 (5.10g). CABINA CЄBACTH, draped bust right / ЄΠΙ ΑΙΩ ΟΥΛ ΠΟΛЄ ΑΙΓΑ, Isis standing left, holding sistrum and raising hem of dress. Rare. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Miletopolis (AD 117-138) AE 19 - Hadrian58 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE19 (4.20g). AY K TRAIA AΔPIANOC, laureate and draped bust right / MЄIΛΗΤΟΠOΛITΩΝ, Athena standing facing, head left, holding Nike and spear and resting hand on shield set on ground; owl at feet to left. gVF.Apr 14, 2015
Adramytteion (AD 218-225) AE 19 - Julia Maesa104 viewsJulia Maesa, Augusta, 218-224/5 AD. AE19 (2.67g). IOVΛIA MAICA, draped bust right / AΔΡAMYTHNΩN, Dionysus standing left, holding cantharus and thyrsus. Rare. gVF.Apr 14, 2015
Amaseia (AD 222-235) AE 35 - Severus Alexander207 viewsSeverus Alexander, 222-235 AD. AE35 (24.73g). ΑΥΤ Κ CЄΟΥΗΡΟC ΑΛЄΞΑΝΔΡΟC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΑΔΡ CЄΥ ΑΛЄ ΑΜΑCΙΑC ΜΗ ΝЄ ΠΡ / ΠΟΝ ЄΤ CΚ/Η […], view of the city of Amaseia on the mountainside with temple and altar of Zeus Stratios. gVF.Apr 14, 2015
Amaseia (AD 198-217) AE 29 - Caracalla73 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE29 (15.70g). Dated CY 209 (231/2 AD). AV KAI M AVP ANTΩNINOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΑΔΡ CЄY ANT AMACIAC (MH)T NЄ(ΠP) ΠON ЄT CΘ, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia. VF.Apr 14, 2015
Akmoneia (AD 198-217) AE 30 - Caracalla90 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE 30 (11.09g). AYT K MA AVP - ANTΩNEINOC, laureate and cuirassed bust seen from behind, with aegis over left shoulder and sword belt over back, right / A - KMONEΩN, horseman with waving chlamys and wearing boots, galloping towards rock on which two female figures stand left, the posterior one pointing with right hand to horseman, the anterior with right hand on breast; beneath, river god (Sindros?) leaning left, right hand on right knee, left arm with long plant resting on rock and overturned vase from which water is flowing; above, eagle flying right. Very rare, about VF, green patina. Hoeft coll.Apr 12, 2015
Termessos (AD 200-270) AE 2962 views3rd century AD. AE29 (17.36g). TЄPMHCCЄΩΝ AVTONOMΩN Θ, laureate bust of Zeus right / TΩΝ MЄΙΖONΩN / Θ, Genius standing left, holding branch and cornucopia. EF.Apr 08, 2015
Aspendos (AD 253-268) AE 29 - Gallienus48 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE29 (19.70g). AYT KAI ΠO ΛI ΓAΛΛIHNOC CЄB, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; I in front / ACΠЄNΔIΩN. ΘЄMIΔOC TO Є in three lines within wreath. VF.Apr 08, 2015
Sebaste (AD 180-250) AE 2451 viewsLate 2nd-mid 3rd century AD. AE24 (7.99g). IЄPA CYNKΛHTOC, draped bust of the Senate right / CЄBACTHNΩN, Mên standing facing, head right, left foot on bucranium, holding scepter and pine cone; crescent at shoulders. VF.Apr 08, 2015
Sala (AD 161-180) AE 1962 viewsTime of Marcus Aurelius, 161-180 AD. AE19 (4.61g). Helmeted head of Athena right, wearing aegis / CAΛΗΝΩΝ, Kybele seated left, holding phiale and resting on drum. VF.Apr 08, 2015
Kotiaeion (AD 202-205) AE 20 - Plautilla63 viewsPlautilla, Augusta, 202-205 AD. AE20 (3.50g). ΠΛΑΥΤΙΛΛΑ CEBACTH, draped bust right / KOTIAEΩΝ, Zeus seated left, holding sceptre and phiale. VF.Apr 08, 2015
Thyateira (AD 100-200) AE 1656 views2nd century AD. AE16 (2.38g). Wreathed head of Dionysos right / ΘYATЄIPHNΩN, Pan advancing left, holding grape bunch and lagobolon. gVF.Apr 08, 2015
Thyateira (AD 120-150) AE 2351 viewsImperial Times, 120-150 AD. AE23 (7.37g). BOPЄITHNH, draped bust of Artemis left, holding bow; quiver over shoulder / ΘYATЄIPHNΩN, eagle standing right on thunderbolt, head left. aEF.Apr 08, 2015
Maionia (AD 209-211) AE 26 - Geta26 viewsGeta, 209-211 AD. AE26 (9.39g). Λ CЄΠT ΓЄTAC KAI, bare head right / ЄΠI ΔAMA APX MAIONΩNTO B, Zeus standing left with extended right arm. VF.Apr 08, 2015
Dioshieron (AD 198-217) AE 2271 viewsTime of Caracalla, 198-217 AD. AE22 (3.62g). ЄΠΙ ΑΠΟΛΛΟΝΙΟΥ ΔΙΟCΙЄΡΙΤΩΝ, head of Demos right / ΚΑΥCΤΡΟC, river god Kaystros reclining left and holding reed; elbow resting on urn from which water flows. gVF.Apr 08, 2015
Ephesos (AD 41-48) AE 20 - Messalina123 viewsMessalina, Augusta, 41-48 AD. AE20 (6.41g). MECCALINAN [...], draped bust right / AIXMOKΛHC EΠ ABIOLA / EΦE / POMH, Roma standing right, holding sceptre and cult statue of Artemis Ephesia. gVF.Apr 08, 2015
Ephesos (BC 27-14 AD) AE 21 - Augustus & Livia174 viewsAugustus, with Livia, 27 BC-14 AD. AE21 (7.33g). Archiereus Asklas, magistrate. Jugate heads of Augustus and Livia right / EΦE / APXIEPEYΣ AΣKLAΣ NIKOΣTPATOΣ, stag standing right; quiver above. gVF.Apr 08, 2015
Ephesos (BC 42-19) AE 18 - Octavian, Mark Antony & Lepidus144 viewsAntony, Octavian and Lepidus, 43-19 BC. AE18 (4.47g). Glaucus and Eythykrates, magistrates. Jugate heads of the three Triumvirs Octavianus, Marcus Antonius and Lepidus right / APXIEPEYΣ ΓΡΑΜ ΓΛΑΥΚΩΝ EΦE EYΘYKPATHΣ, Artemis Ephesia standing facing. VF.Apr 08, 2015
Kyzikos (AD 235-238) AE 20 - Maximus39 viewsMaximus, as Caesar, 235-238 AD. AE20 (3.59g). Γ ΙΟΥ ΟΥΗΡ ΜΑΞΙΜΟC K, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΚΥΖΙΚΗΝΩΝ, eagle standing right, head left, holding wreath in beak. VF.Apr 08, 2015
Nikaia (AD 196-198) AE 27 - Caracalla47 viewsCaracalla, as Caesar, 196-198 AD. AE27 (12.02g). M AVP ANTONINOC KAI, draped and cuirassed bust right / NIKAIEΩN, diademed and draped bust of city goddess, wearing mural crown. VF.Apr 08, 2015
Iuliopolis (AD 69-79) AE 27 - Vespasian65 viewsVespasian, 69-79 AD. AE27 (12.87g). ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙΣΑΡΙ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΩ ΟΥΕΣΠΑΣΙΑΝΟ ΙΟΥΛΙΟ, laureate head right / ΕΠΙ ΜΑΡΚΟΥ ΠΛΑΝΚΙΟΥ ΟΥΑΡΟΥ ΑΝΘΥΠΑΤΟΥ, kantharos. VF.Apr 08, 2015
Baris (AD 196-198) AE 25 - Caracalla25 viewsCaracalla, as Caesar, 196-198 AD. AE25 (10.32g). M AYP ANTΩNINOC KAIC, draped bust right / BAPHNΩN, Zeus seated left, holding phiale and sceptre. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Dionysopolis (AD 193-211) AE 1928 viewsTime of Septimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE19 (4.00g). Diademed and draped bust of Serapis right, wearing modius / ΔΙΟΝΥCOΠΟΛЄΙΤΩΝ, Hermes standing left, holding purse and caduceus. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Tripolis (AD 235-238) AE 33 - Maximus26 viewsMaximus, as Caesar, 235-238 AD. AE33 (13.65g). K Γ YOVH MAΞΙΜΟC, draped and cuirassed bust right / TPIΠOΛЄIT / MAIANΔPOC, river-god Maiandros reclining left, holding branch and cornucopia; resting on inverted vase from which water flows. F.Apr 07, 2015
Tralleis (AD 253-260) AE 2233 viewsTime of Valerian, 253-260 AD. AE22 (4.32g). IEPOC ΔHMOC, diademed head of Demos right / TPAΛΛIANΩN, prize urn inscribed ΠYΘIA. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Tralleis (AD 202-205) AE 18 - Plautilla30 viewsPlautilla, Augusta, 202-205 AD. AE18 (2.58g). ΦΟΥ ΠΛΑΥΤΙΛΛΑ, diademed and draped bust right / TPAΛΛIANΩN, Artemis advancing right, holding bow and drawing arrow from quiver, dog at feet right. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Sardeis (AD 100-200) AE 2845 views2nd century AD. AE28 (10.26g). ZЄVC ΛVΔΙΟC, diademed head of Zeus left / ΘЄΑ ΡΩΜΗ, Roma seated left on arms, holding Victory and parazonium. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Hierokaisareia (AD 54-68) AE 1570 viewsTime of Nero, 54-68 AD. AE15 (3.24g). IЄPOKAICAPЄωN, draped bust of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder / ЄΠΙ ΚΑΠΙΤωΝOC ΑΡΞΙΕΡЄωC, forepart of stag right. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Hermokapeleia (AD 193-217) AE 1465 viewsTime of Septimius Severus to Caracalla, 193-217 AD. AE14 (1.32g). Head of Herakles right, lion skin around neck / ЄPMOKAΠΗ, grape bunch. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Samos (AD 177-192) AE 18 - Commodus45 viewsCommodus, 177-192 AD. AE18 (4.00g). M AYP KOMOΔΟC, laureate head right / CAMIΩΝ, cult statue of Hera Samion standing facing, wearing modius or Isis crown. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Chios (AD 100-200) AE 2874 views2nd century AD. AE28 (10.17g). OBOΛΟC, sphinx seated right; prow below raised forepaw / X - I / Ω – N, nude and laureate male youth standing right, holding cloak and staff; helmet at feet to left, star to right. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Kyme (AD 253-268) AE 20 - Gallienus92 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE20 (4.80g). A K ΠΟ ΛΙΚ ΓΑΛΛΙHNOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / KYMAIΩN, naked Hero standing facing, holding Phiale and resting hand on back of horse standing right. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Alexandreia (AD 166-177) AE 17 - Commodus70 viewsCommodus, as Caesar, 166-177 AD. AE17 (2.59g). COMMODO CAESA, draped and cuirassed bust right / COL AVG TRIA (sic!), tripod. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Germe (AD 238-244) AE 25 - Gordian III34 viewsGordian III, 238-244 AD. AE25 (8.48g). AVT K M AN ΓOPΔIANOC, laureate and cuirassed bust right / ΓЄΡΜΗΝΩΝ, Tyche standing left, wearing polos, holding cornucopia and rudder. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Pessinos (AD 198-217) AE 19 - Caracalla34 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE19 (4.09g). AVT K M AVP ANTΩN AVΓ, bare head right / ΠЄCCINOYNTIΩN, Zeus standing left with patera and sceptre; eagle to left. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Synnada (AD 249-251) AE 30 - Trajan Decius51 viewsTrajan Decius, 249-251 AD. AE30 (10.67g). AVT K Γ M KOY TPA ΔЄKIC C, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right / CYNNAΔЄΩN, Zeus seated left with Nike and sceptre within hexastyle temple. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Synnada (AD 100-200) AE 2342 views2nd century AD. AE23 (8.86g). IЄPAN CYNKΛHTON CYNNAΔЄIC, diademed head of the Senate right / ΔHMOC PΩMAIΩN, Demos standing left with phiale. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Hierapolis (Auton. AD 244-268) AE 2023 viewsMid 3rd century AD. AE20 (3.93g). Homonoia with Ephesos. IЄPAΠOΛЄITΩN K ЄΦЄCIΩN, veiled, laureate and draped female bust right / NЄΩKOPΩN OMONOIA, Men standing left on bucranium with Phrygian cap, patera and crescent. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Apameia (AD 249-251) AE 31 - Trajan Decius52 viewsTrajan Decius, 249-251 AD. AE31 (14.55g). AVT Γ M K TPAIANOC ΔЄKIOC CЄB, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΠAP CTPATONIKIANOY ΠANHΓYP[...] AΠAMЄΩN, Hygieia standing right, feeding serpent from patera vis-a-vis Asklepios standing left with serpent-entwined staff. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Philadelphia (AD 138-161) AE 21 - Antoninus Pius54 viewsAntoninus Pius, 138-161 AD. AE21 (7.20g). Perikles(?), magistrate. AY KAI TI AI AΔPI ANTΩNЄINOC, laureate head right / ЄPI ΠЄPIKΛ[...] ΦIΛAΔЄΛΦЄΩN ANЄITIC, Artemis standing right with stag within tetrastyle temple. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Maionia (AD 147-176) AE 20 - Faustina II18 viewsFaustina II, Augusta, 147-176 AD. AE20 (6.00g). ΦAYCTЄINA CЄBACTH, draped bust right / CTP TO Γ AΠΠA MAIONΩN, Demeter standing facing, head left, holding grain ears, poppy and long torch. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Aphrodisias (AD 253-268) AE 26 - Gallienus37 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE26 (10.71g). AV KAI ΠO ΛI ΓAΛΛIHNOC, laureate head right / AΦPOΔICIЄωN, Aphrodite, veiled, wearing polos, standing right within tetrastyle temple. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Smyrna (AD 200-270) AE 1869 views3rd century AD. AE18 (3.36g). CMVPNA, draped bust of the amazon Smyrna, wearing mural crown, bipennis over shoulder / CMVPNAIΩΝ, prow right. gVF.Apr 07, 2015
Dardanos (BC 27-AD 14) AE 16 - Augustus69 viewsAugustus, 27 BC-14 AD. AE16 (2.84g). Bare head right / ΔAPΔA, helmeted head of Athena right. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Apollonia ad Rhyndakon (AD 81-96) AE 18 - Domitian54 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AE18 (4.33g). AYTOK ΔOMITIANOΣ, laureate head right / ΑΠΟΛΛΩNIA PYNΔA, female(?) figure standing facing, holding patera and raising hand. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Tavion (AD 193-217) AE 27 - Julia Domna54 viewsJulia Domna, Augusta, 193-211 AD. AE27 (11.09g). IOVΛIA ΔOMNA CЄBACT, draped bust right / CЄ TPO TAOVIANΩΝ / ЄΤ CHI, Nike on small globe advancing right, holding palm and wreath. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Mopsos (AD 193-211) AE 34 - Septimius Severus46 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE34 (23.59g). Dated CY 262 (194/5 AD). AVT KAI Λ CЄΠ CЄOVHPOC ΠЄP CЄB, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / AΔPIANWN MOΨЄATWN / ЄT BXC, Zeus seated left, holding Nike and sceptre; eagle at feet to left. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Tiberiopolis (AD 128-137) AE 19 - Sabina38 viewsSabina, 128-137 AD. AE19 (4.35g). CABЄINA CЄBAC, draped bust right / TIBЄPIOΠOΛITΩN, Artemis advancing right, holding bow and drawing arrow from quiver, stag at feet right. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Tralleis (AD 81-96) AE 19 - Domitia23 viewsDomitia, Augusta, 81-96 AD. AE19 (4.63g). ΔOMITIA CEBACTH, draped bust right / TPAΛΛIANΩN, Demeter standing left, holding corn ears, poppy and torch. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Nakrasa (AD 81-96) AE 16 - Domitia61 viewsDomitia, Augusta, 81-96 AD. AE16 (2.54g). ΔOMITIA CEBACTH, draped bust right / NAKPACEITΩN, serpent coiled around omphalos. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Samos (AD 0-100) AE 14148 viewsca 1st century AD. AE14 (2.87g, 12h). Prow of Samian galley right / Bearded herm facing. Dark patina, VF.Apr 07, 2015
Ilion (AD 198-217) AE 39 - Caracalla106 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE39 - Medallion (28.86g). AY KAI MAP AYP ANTΩNINOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / IΛΙΩΝ ΑΙΝЄΙΑC PΩΜΗ, Tyche and Aeneas standing right, presenting statue of Athena Ilias to Roma, standing left; altar between them. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Antandros (AD 147-176) AE 15 - Faustina II53 viewsFaustina II, Augusta, 147-176 AD. AE15 (2.48g). ΦAVCTЄINA CЄBACTH, draped bust right / ANTANΔPIΩN, stag standing right. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Lampsakos (AD 235-238) AE 24 - Maximinus I61 viewsMaximinus Thrax, 235-238 AD. AE24 (8.69g). Γ IO BH MAΞIMЄINOC, laureate bust right / ΛAMΨAKHNΩN, Priapus standing left, holding thyrsos and kantharos. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Antiocheia (AD 222-235) AE 32 - Severus Alexander53 viewsSeverus Alexander, 222-235 AD. AE32 (23.11g). IMP CAES SEVER ALEXANDER, laureate head right / ANTIOCH COL CAES / S R, founder plowing right with pair of oxen. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Perge (AD 252-253) AE 23 - Trebonianus Gallus25 viewsTrebonianus Gallus, 252-253 AD. AE23 (6.93g). AY K Γ OYЄI TPЄ ΓAΛΛON, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΠЄPΓAIΩN, Artemis, radiate, advancing right with arrow, quiver and bow. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Kolossai (AD 128-137) AE 19 - Sabina33 viewsSabina, Augusta, 128-137 AD. AE19 (4.35g). CABINA CЄBACTH, draped bust right / IЄPΩNYMOC ANЄΘHKEN KOΛOCCHNΩN, Artemis advancing right, holding bow and drawing arrow from quiver. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Hypaipa (AD 202-205) AE 30 - Plautilla36 viewsPlautilla, Augusta, 202-205 AD. AE30 (15.34g). ΦOYΛB ΠΛAYTIΛΛA CЄB. draped bust right; countermarks: Artemis Anaitis and CAP Δ / ЄΠI MЄNANΔPOY BAC CTPA YΠAIΠHNΩN, female figure seated left within tetrastyle temple. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Hierokaisareia (AD 177-192) AE 30 - Commodus64 viewsCommodus, 177-192 AD. AE30 (13.28g). AYT KAI M AYP KOMMOΔOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ЄΠI [...] APTЄMIΔΩPOY APX IЄPOKAICAPЄΩN, Artemis standing right within tetrastyle temple, holding bow and drawing arrow. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Antiocheia (AD 200-270) AE 2455 views3rd century AD. AE24 (5.51g). IЄPA CYNKΛHTOC, draped bust of the Senate right / ANTIOXЄΩΝ, Tyche standing left with rudder and cornucopia within tetrastyle temple. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Teos (AD 253-268) AE 28 - Gallienus50 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE28 (8.43g). AV KAI ΛIK ΓAΛΛIHNOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / C [...] ЄPMOΓЄNOY THIΩN, The Dioscuri standing vis-à-vis, each holding spear, star between. VF.Apr 07, 2015
Teos (AD 200-270) AE 2256 views3rd century AD. AE22 (5.99g). TEΩC, turreted and draped bust of Dionysos right, thyrsos over shoulder / EΠI CTPA KΛ NEIKHΦOPOY THIΩN, Dionysos standing left with thyrsos and kantharos; panther at feet left. VF.Apr 07, 2015
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