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Hypaipa (AD 198-209) AE 21 - Geta298 viewsGeta, as Caesar, 198-209 AD. AE21 (7.72g). Cerinthus, magistrate. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / Tyche standing left, holding rudder and two grain ears in right hand, cornucopia in left. VF, dark brown patina. This magistrate is known during the reign of Elagabalus, but not earlier. Wagner Coll.1 comments02/25/18 at 05:28Helvetica: The comment by the seller is incorrect. Kerinthos is known from numerous coins of the Severans, some...
Ionia Uncertain (BC 550-500) Horse - EL 1/2428 views600-550 BC. EL 1/24 Stater (0.59g, 5mm). Bridled head of Pegasos left / Rough incuse square. EF. Carr coll.

On almost all other examples that have come to auction, or appear in standard references, the wing of the Pegasos is not on the flan, giving the appearance of simply the head of a horse.
1 comments02/22/18 at 11:39Adrian: Forum Ancient Coins have a coin of this type from the same obverse die and in their description make...
Ionia Uncertain (BC 625-600) Swastika - AR 1/1250 viewsca 625-600 BC. AR 1/12 Stater or Diobol (9mm, 1.05g). Raised swastika pattern surrounded by pellets / Quadripartite incuse square. gVF.1 comments02/07/18 at 12:31Dimitry: This may be a silver/billon core for a fourrée that was once coated with electrum foil. Early fourr...
Perge (AD 253-268) AE 23 - Gallienus269 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE23 (6.13g). AVT K Π ΛI ΓAΛΛIHNOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / (ΠΕ)ΡΓΑΙΩΝ Β(?) ΝΕΩΚΟΡΩΝ; Tyche standing holding rudder and cornucopiae. VF.1 comments02/05/18 at 08:37Helvetica: This is not a coin of Gordus-Julia. The rev. legend appears to be (PE)RGAIWN B(?) NEWKORWN. So Perga...
Gordos-Iulia (AD 253-268) AE 22 - Gallienus323 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE22 (4.90g). AV K Π Λ Γ AΛΛIHNOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ЄΠ ΦOIBOV ΓOPΔHNΩN, River-god Phrygios reclining left, holding reed and cornucopiae. Unpublished (?). Nice VF.1 comments02/05/18 at 08:12Helvetica: Gökyildirim Istanbul 208; John Aiello Coll. int. no. 5234 (this coin)
Gordos-Iulia (AD 147-175) AE 24 - Faustina II39 viewsFaustina II, Augusta, 147-175 AD. AE24 (7.55g). ΦΑVСΤЄΙΝΑ СЄΒΑСΤ, draped bust right / ΙΟVΛΙЄΩΝ ΓΟΡΔΗΝΩΝ, river god reclining left, holding reed and cornucopia, and resting elbow upon overturned urn from which liquid flows. gVF. Plankenhorn coll.1 comments02/05/18 at 04:41Helvetica: John Aiello Coll.
Gordos-Iulia (AD 139-161) AE 25 - Marcus Aurelius141 viewsMarcus Aurelius, as Caesar, 139-161 AD. AE25 (8.78g, 6h). T. Flavius Prokles, strategus. Bareheaded and draped bust right / Mên Kamareites standing facing, head left, holding phiale and long scepter; at feet on both sides, a lion. Good VF, attractive gray-blue green patina with traces of olive overtones, a few light cleaning marks on reverse. The second example known, the other in a public collection (Berlin).1 comments02/05/18 at 04:40Helvetica: John Aiello Coll.
Gordos-Iulia (AD 117-138) AE 26 - Hadrian24 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE26 (12.04g). C. Iulius Ludus, for the second time. ΑV ΚΑΙСΑΡ ΤΡΑΙ ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟС, laureate head right / [... ]ΛΙΟV ΙΟVΛΙЄΩΝ ΓΟΡΔΗΝΩΝ, Hades and Kore in quadriga right. Extremely rare. aVF. Plankenhorn coll.1 comments02/05/18 at 04:34Helvetica: John Aiello Coll.
Gordos-Iulia (AD 98-117) AE 19 - Trajan27 viewsTrajan, 98-117 AD. AE19 (4.34g). AV KA NЄ TPAIANOC CЄ ΓЄP ΔAKI, laureate bust right / ΓΟΡΔΗΝΩΝ ΙΟVΛΙЄΩΝ, Mên standing left, holding patera and sceptre; monogram to left. Very rare. aVF. Plankenhorn coll.1 comments02/05/18 at 04:14Helvetica: Slight var to Waddington 4974 which has TΔ above the ΠΡ of the monogram. This coin now in the John A...
Kyzikos (BC 450-330) EL Hekte68 viewsca 450-330 BC. EL Hekte (2.66g, 10mm). Perseus kneeling right, head reverted, wearing a winged hood, cloak over shoulders fastened with circular brooch on breast, head of Medusa in left hand, sickle (harpa) in right; below, tunny fish right / Quadripartite incuse square. Unusually well centered, gVF. Carr coll.

The ‘Perseus’ emissions are known for denominations of stater through 1/96th. Most examples do not capture the whole ‘scene’ - commonly either the head of Perseus or Medusa being off the flan. This coin is possibly the second best published example capturing the major features [For an example that is even sharper in its detail, see Gemini IX (1/2012) lot 105].
1 comments01/13/18 at 20:56Adrian: Polydektes lured a young Perseus into agreeing to obtaining the head of Medusa, the only mortal Gorg...
Kebren (BC 530-480) EL Hekte 285 viewsLate 6th-early 5th century BC. EL Hekte (2.47g, 10mm). Head of ram right / Incuse punch. VF. Carr coll.

Second known hekte of this type. The first example was sold by CNG and described as unique and unpublished: “Although there are a few electrum Phokaic standard hektai known with a ram’s head (particularly from Mytilene and Phokaia, and an uncertain mint [Weidauer 50]), all are distinctly different in style from this coin. At the same time, the style of the ram’s head here is a perfect match to the type found on the early silver issues at Kebren (cf. SNG Ashmolean 1076–7). See SNG Kayhan 1565 and CNG 90 (5/2012), lot 577 for myshemihektes of the same style and standard, but with head left.” CNG have since sold a hemihekte of the same style and standard [see CNG 105 (5/2017) lot 225]. The reverse of this example is very different from the CNG examples.
1 comments10/28/17 at 14:55Adrian: Feedback to the owner of this coin speculates that, for the reverse, if you rotate the coin counter ...
Antiocheia (AD 100-200) AE 14168 viewsCirca 2nd century AD. AE14 (3.10g). Dionysus, magistrate. ΔIONVΣIOΣ, helmeted and cuirassed bust of Athena right / ANTIO, owl standing right on maeander pattern or city wall, head facing. Extremely rare. gVF.1 comments08/04/17 at 07:37Helvetica: This is listed in ZfN 1885 in an article about some of the Loebbecke collection. During the auction ...
Hypaipa (AD 193-211) AE 35 - Septimius Severus49 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE35 (21.93g). Λ CЄΠ CЄOVHPOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; countermark, Artemis Aniatis / ЄΠI ΛЄV IЄPAKOC CTP T ΦΛ / VΠAIΠH/NΩN, emperor galloping right, spearing fallen eastern enemy. VF.1 comments08/04/17 at 04:20Tom: Lindgren/ Kovacs A742E (same dies)
Magnesia (BC 458-400) Hemiobol79 views5th century BC. AR Hemiobol(?) (7mm, 0.44g). Head of African left / Barley grain; letters(?) on one side; all within incuse circle. Unpublished in the standard refences. VF, light porosity, light scratch on obverse.1 comments07/20/17 at 16:44Dimitry: Tentatively placing these types in Magnesia
Kios (AD 81-96) AE 25 - Domitian207 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AE25 (9.24g, 6h). AYT ΔOMITIANΩΣ KAICAP ΣE ΓEP, laureate head right / ΠΡΟΥΣΙΕΩΝ, in three lines, in oak wreath. Rare (three specimens cited in RPC), VF, dark green patina. Tricarico coll.1 comments06/23/17 at 07:10Alberto: My mistake, the coin should be moved under Kios.
Attalea (AD 120-150) AE 22244 viewsImperial Times, 120-150 AD. AE22 (5.49g). BOPЄITHNH, draped bust of Artemis Boreitene left, bow in front, quiver on her back / ATTAΛЄATΩN, river god reclining left, holding reed and resting on inverted vase from which water flows. VF.1 comments04/10/17 at 05:02Gultekin: Reference: RPC Vol IV, nr:2907
Mytilene (BC 521-478) EL 1/12 Stater - B-263 viewsca 530-522 BC. EL Hemihekte (1.25g, 9.4mm). Forepart of winged boar, right / Incuse head of man-headed bull / river god, left. Obverse struck from rusty die, otherwise gVF. Carr coll.

The cataloguer at CNG described this coin as “Unpublished. Unique, and this issue is unknown in any other denomination.” A fascinating and important coin, as it confirms that a fraction, in addition to Hekte, was issued by Mytilene. Bodenstedt suggested a series of fractional emissions could be attributed to Mytilene - these have a calf head facing right on the obverse and incuse square on the reverse. This attribution is disputed by many scholars (see Coin ID #12959). In this context, this new fraction is of significant interest.
1 comments03/24/17 at 18:10Adrian: The river god, depicted on the reverse of this coin, appears very similar to a Phokaia Hekte emissio...
Kyzikos (AD 128-137) AE 18 - Sabina166 viewsSabina, Augusta, 128-136/7 AD. AE18 (4.42g). CABINA CЄBACTH, draped bust right/ K - Y / Z – I, male figure standing left, holding sceptre. Extremely rare. gVF.1 comments03/20/17 at 06:33Eric: RPC III, 1527A
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B44228 viewsca 454-428/7 BC. EL Hekte (2.51g, 10mm, 12h). Head of nymph three-quarter facing and turned slightly right, wearing taenia that is bound up at the back of her head / Bull's head left; M above; all within incuse square. Good VF. Carr coll.

A rare coin with Bodenstedt noting just 7 examples. There are only 7 additional examples appearing in auctions before this sale. This emission shares an obverse similar to B45 with some sharing the same die. There is a variation of the obverse in which at the top left of field (10:00) contains a letter “A” (see Coin ID 12993). On the reverse, the “M” above the bull’s head has been taken to indicate Mytilene.
1 comments02/13/17 at 11:34Adrian: Many suggest that the woman on the reverse of this emission, and B 45, is that of Europa. Of the 7 e...
Kyzikos (AD 161-169) AE 21 - Lucius Verus192 viewsLucius Verus, 161-169 AD. AE21 (5.2g). AY KAI Λ AYPH OVHPOC, bare head right / ΚΥZΙΚΗΝΩΝ, Herakles standing right, leaning on club, holding lion´s skin. GVF.1 comments01/31/17 at 04:28Tom: RPC IV online 2332; Waddington 742
Uncertain (BC 480-450) Tetrobol226 views5th century BC. AR Drachm (16mm, 3.57g). Forepart of Pegasos right / Bearded head right within dotted linear square; all within incuse square. VF.1 comments01/14/17 at 19:10Michael: The SNG France 1132 reference is within the Lampsakos section, not the Kyzikos section. The connect...
Kolossai (AD 198-209) AE 25 - Geta399 viewsGeta, 198-209 AD. AE25 (7.07g). •Λ• CЄΠ• Γ Є TAC KAI, draped and bare headed bust right, countermark, CAPK. / KOΛOC CHNΩN, Cult-statue of Ephesian Artemis flanked by two stags. Nice F.1 comments12/16/16 at 06:05Mark2: Very rare. The obverse countermark is CAPB for Sardis. See Alan Cadwallader's book Fragments ...
Kyzikos (BC 500-450) EL 1/6 Stater304 viewsca 500-450 BC. EL Hekte (2.66g, 10mm). Prow of galley left terminating in forepart of winged hound or wolf; below, tunny left / Quadripartite incuse square. VF. Very rare. Carr coll.1 comments10/13/16 at 01:35Adrian: William Greenwell, in his 1887 tome entitled: The electrum coinage of Cyzicus, notes only a stater o...
Ionia Uncertain (BC 600-550) Griffin - EL 1/6342 viewsca 600-550 BC. EL Hekte - 1/6 Stater (10.5mm, 2.34g). Lydo-Milesian standard. Head of lion(?) left, pellet (sun?) on forehead / Two incuse squares with irregular lines within. Good VF. Very rare.1 comments09/24/16 at 03:55Dimitry: Similar to griffins of Karia - see coin ID #6419 and #9171
Ionia Uncertain (BC 600-550) Griffin - EL 1/6247 viewsca 600-550 BC. EL Hekte (2.31g, 11mm). Head of lion (or seal) left / Two incuse square punches. gVF.1 comments09/24/16 at 03:54Dimitry: Similar to griffins of Karia - see coin ID #6419 and #9171
Uncertain (BC 460-400) shrimp - Hemiobol142 viewsca 5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (0.18g, 6mm). Head of calf right / Shrimp right within incuse square. aVF. Rare.1 comments08/30/16 at 02:44Dimitry: Konuk assigns these fractions to Karia, Iasos - Konuk, "The Payment of the ekklesiastikon at Ia...
Kolossai (AD 117-138) AE 24378 viewsTime of Hadrian, 117-138 AD. AE24 (8.30g, 6h). Demos / Tyche. 1 comments06/18/16 at 05:10Mark2: From Frank Kovacs auction XI lot 159 1993. Not in RPC III. Attributed to time of Hadrian with reve...
Sagalassos (AD 117-138) AE 28 - Hadrian155 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE28 (11.00g). Laureate and draped bust right / CAΓA-ΛACCEΩN, Zeus seated left, holding Nike and sceptre, eagle at feet before. VF, dark green, almost black, patina, some minor roughness and light adjustment marks. Drewry Coll.1 comments06/11/16 at 11:03Eric: SNG France 1766
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B45a359 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.54g, 10.5mm, 4h). Head of nymph three-quarter facing and turned slightly right, wearing taenia bound at back of head / Two boars' heads confronting each other, “A” between. nEF. Carr coll.

It has been suggested that the obverse portrait is that of Sappho (see Coin ID #153) or Europa. Three examples noted by Bodenstedt, this appears to be only the eighth additional example offered at electronic auction. Of the total, four examples have the letter “A” between the heads.
1 comments04/10/16 at 15:19Adrian: This emission and this coin are fascinating at a number of levels. On this coin, the obverse in top ...
Kyzikos (AD 177-184) AE 32183 viewsImperial Times, ca 177-184 AD. AE32 (19.26g). KOPH CΩTЄIPA, wreathed and draped bust of Kore Soteira right / KΥZIKHNΩN NЄΩKOΡΩN, Asklepios standing facing, head left, leaning on serpent-entwined staff. Pierced, otherwise aVF, dark green patina. Ex Kyz Art coll.1 comments02/19/16 at 13:10Periklis: Nomisma X, von Fritze, Gruppe VI, 44
Kyzikos (AD 180-192) AE 20476 viewsTime of Commodus, 180-192 AD. AE20 (2.33g). Draped bust of Kore-Soteira right / KVZIKHNΩN, octostyle temple. GVF.1 comments02/19/16 at 12:52Periklis: Nomisma X, von Fritze, Gruppe VI, 36
Kyzikos (AD 200-270) AE 18260 views3rd century AD. AE18 (4.25g). Anepigraphic, head of Kore right, wearing grain ear wreath / KVZI KHNΩN, ibis. Dark green patina, EF. Franke coll.1 comments02/19/16 at 12:38Periklis: Nomisma X, von Fritze, Gruppe VI, 36
Kyzikos (AD 100-200) AE 20259 viewsImperial Times, 2nd century AD. AE20 (4.20g, 6h). Wreathed and draped bust of Kore right / Panther standing right, placing paw on krater. Near VF, brown surfaces.1 comments02/19/16 at 12:23Periklis: Nomisma X, von Fritze, Gruppe VI, 11
Kyzikos (AD 177-184) AE 21227 viewsImperial Times, ca 177-184 AD. AE21 (4.90g, 6h). KO–PH CΩTЄIPA, draped bust of Kore Soteira right, wearing wreath of grain ears / KYZI–KHNΩN, Eros standing left, holding hare by its hind feet. Near EF, dark green patina, area of flat strike on reverse. Fine style. Unique, and an extremely rare depiction of Eros the Hunter. Ex Liles Coll.; ex Lanz 125 (11/2005), lot 336.

Although this issue is unpublished, it can be dated by the strong stylistic similarity to other issues of this period (cf. RPC Online 783)
1 comments02/19/16 at 12:17Periklis: The coin is published: Nomisma X, von Fritze, Gruppe VI, 17
Flaviopolis (AD 81-96) AE 26 - Domitian262 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AE26 (15.79g, 12h). Dated CY 17 (89/90 AD). ΔΟΜΕΤΙΑΝΟΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ, laureate head right; countermark: helmeted bust Athena right / ΦΛΑΥΙΟΠΟΛΕΙΤΩΝ ΕΤΟΥΣ ZΙ, Tyche enthroned to right, holding crops, at her feet swimming River-God. Fine. Very rare. Tricarico coll.1 comments12/31/15 at 02:51Alberto: Correct reference RPC II 1757A (S3 Supplement)
Epiphaneia (AD 81-96) AE 29 - Domitian176 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AE29 (14.98g). ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΣΑΡ, laureate head right / ΕΠΙΦΑΝΕΩ[Ν], Zeus holding Nike and scepter enthroned to left; in left field, ANP. Extremely rare, only one noted by RPC. Ex Hirsch 258 (2008), 2479. Green patina, VF.1 comments12/21/15 at 05:11Alberto: Now Tricarico coll. From Künker eLive Auction 38 (12/2015), lot 124 (EUR 260 + fees)
Tyana (AD 117-138) AE 15 - Hadrian300 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE15 (2.68g), dated 135/6 AD. …AΔPIANOC CEBACT, laureate head right / TVANEΩN T Ω ΠP T IEPAC, Perseus standing facing, holding harpa and head of Medusa; ET-K (date) across field. Apparently unpublished.1 comments12/02/15 at 14:32Eric: RPC 3, 2958
Timbriada (AD 117-138) AE 16 - Hadrian155 viewsHadrianus, 117-138 AD. AE16 (2.86g). Laureate and cuirassed bust right / Mên standing left holding scepter. Dark green glossy patina, gVF. Franke coll.1 comments12/02/15 at 14:24Eric: RPC 3; 2817
Stratonikeia (AD 117-138) AE 18 - Hadrian154 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE18 (4.20g). ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟC KTICΤΗC, laureate head right / AΔΡΙΑΝΟΠ CT YΠ, Nike advancing left with wreath and palm. VF.1 comments12/02/15 at 14:19Eric: RPC 3, 1781 Magistrate Candidus (strategos) 128-30 AD
Side (AD 253) AE 34 - Aemilian276 viewsAemilian, 253-254 AD. AE34 (15.97g). ΑΥΤΟ Κ ΜΑΡ ΑΙΜΙΛΙΑΝΟΝ ЄΥC, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / CΙΔΗΤΩΝ, Apollo standing holding phiale.1 comments11/10/15 at 17:48Helvetica: Reference: Imhoof, Kleinas. Münzen 33.
Myous (BC 300-200) AE 10399 views3rd-2nd century BC. AE10 (0.9g). Female head right, wearing stephane and necklace (Artemis?) / MY, bow and arrow. VF.2 comments10/22/15 at 08:00jednum: Es gibt ein solches Exemplar mit MY (O)N. Auch bei dem hier abgebildeten Exemplar ist unten vielleic...
Miletopolis (AD 117-138) AE 16 - Hadrian214 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE15.5 (1.98g). AY K TP AΔPIANOC, laureate head right / ΜЄΙΛΗΤΟ-ΠΟΛЄΙΤΩΝ, K-O across fields winged Kerykeion (Caduceus). GF.1 comments09/10/15 at 05:31Eric: Magistrate Iouliοs Quintοs Bassοs (epimeletes) (RPC 3, 1647)
Mytilene (BC 530-522) EL 1/48 Stater - BE2265 viewsca 522 BC. EL 1/48 Stater (0.30g, 5mm). Calf head facing right / Incuse square punch. VF. Carr coll.

One example noted by Bodenstedt, this appears to be only the fifth additional example offered at electronic auction. Obverse die match with Bod Tafel 50 E2 a/-.
1 comments08/18/15 at 04:00Adrian: After Bodenstedt (1981) was published, some scholars have suggested this series of emissions appears...
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B45290 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.44g). Head of nymph three-quarter facing and turned slightly right, wearing taenia that is bound up at the back of her head / Two boars' heads confronting each other. It has been suggested that the obverse portrait is that of Europa. VF. Carr coll.

Three examples noted by Bodenstedt, this appears to be only the fifth additional example offered at electronic auction.
1 comments07/04/15 at 15:54Adrian: There appear to be two distinct varieties of this emission. One variety, the reverse has the letter ...
Kaunos (BC 490-470) Obol224 viewsUncertain, ca 450 BC. AR Obol (0.74g). Two ram’s heads back-­to-back / Griffin sitting right, paw raised, within dotted frame, all within incuse square. Extremely rare and apparently unrecorded in all major reference works. Light tone and about extremely fine. Ex Hauck & Aufhäuser 15 (2000), 123.1 comments06/09/15 at 03:13Dimitry: Placing in Kaunos - any comments?
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B52 330 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.52g, 10mm). Young male head facing right, wearing knotted taenia with lotus-like ornament above the forehead / Wreathed male head (in archaic style) facing right, wearing long beard, within incuse square. gVF, one of the best examples known, with reverse in much better condition than usual for this emission. Carr coll.

Bodenstedt notes 29 examples of this emission. A further 30 examples have appeared at auction, this being the 30th.
1 comments05/22/15 at 12:42Adrian: The identity of the individuals featured on this coin has been open to speculation. Some suggest the...
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B49 223 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.52g, 9mm, 12h). Head of Persephone right / Downward head of lion to right within incuse square. VF. Carr coll.1 comments05/02/15 at 16:42Adrian: Bodenstedt records 11 examples of this emission. Including this coin, there appear to be only 9 exam...
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B35 353 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.47g, 9mm, 6h). Helmeted head of Athena right / Confronting calf’s heads and ΛΕ above, all within incuse square. Near VF. Carr coll. Ex Naville 9, lot 72 (9/2014).

Bodenstedt notes two varieties of the reverse - one with the letters ΛΕ above the confronting calf’s heads and one without. Of the 24 examples noted by Bodenstedt, only 4 are with ΛΕ. The letters ΛΕ denote the coin is from the island of Lesbos. There are 5 different electrum coin emissions of Mytilene that include the letters ΛΕ - B14, B20, B23, B28 and B35.
1 comments05/02/15 at 16:35Adrian: At the time of upload, only a further 12 coins of B35 have appeared at electronic sale or auction, a...
Ankyra (AD 79-81) AE 26 - Titus1914 viewsTitus, 79-81 AD. AE26 (10.10g). AY KAICAP TITOΣ ΣEBAΣTOΣ YIOΣ, laureate head right / ΣEBAΣHNΩN TEKTOΣAΓΩN, Mên standing left, holding patera. Nice very fine.1 comments04/15/15 at 05:02Alberto: Now Tricarico coll. (from CNG eAuction 347, lot 389 - sold for $200 + comm)
Midaion (AD 81-96) AE 33 - Domitian128 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AE33 - Tetrassaria (23.51g, 6h). AYT ΔOMITANOΣ KAIΣAP ΣЄB ΓЄP, laureate head right / ΔΗΜΗΤΗΡ ΣЄΒΑΣΤΗ, Demeter standing facing, head left, holding grain ears and scepter; ΜΙ-ΔΑ across field. Fine, brown patina, rough surfaces. Spradling Coll.; ex vAuction 215 (10/2008), lot 89.1 comments04/15/15 at 04:59Alberto: Now Tricarico coll.
Mytilene (BC 412-378) EL Hekte - B78354 viewsca 412 - 378 BC. EL Hekte (2.54g, 6h, 10mm). Head of Ariadne left, hair in sakkos decorated with three grape bunches / Lion crouching right, breaking spear in jaws, in linear square within incuse square. Good VF. Ex Ponterio. Carr coll.

Ten examples are recorded in Bodenstedt and a further six examples have appeared in auction.
1 comments04/02/15 at 16:17Adrian: The reverse has been variously described as: a lion breaking a spear in its jaws; a lion holding/bit...
Neoclaudiopolis Geta Aphr~0.jpg
Neoklaudiopolis (AD 211) AE 21 - Geta758 viewsGeta, 211 AD. AE21 (5.11g, 6h). Bust right / "Apocalyptic" Aphrodite loosening her garment provocatively and holding out an apple.

All the coins of this city are very rare, and this reverse type seems to be unrecorded for Neoklaudiopolis. Also interesting is the (unexplained?) legend-ending KOM KECAP, which can also be found on coins of Tavion in Galatia.
1 comments03/31/15 at 10:10Helvetica: This coin is cited as no. 37b in Julie Dalaison's work on the coinage of Neoclaudiopolis. Two f...
Pontos Uncertain (BC 130-100) AE 12459 viewsca 130-100 BC. AE12 (1.92g). Head of horse right, star on neck / Comet (?). VF.1 comments03/22/15 at 22:00Dimitry: According to Hubert Lanz, this coin could be from Kappadokia, the "land of horses," near Π...
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B46 398 viewsca 478-455 BC. EL Hekte (2.55g). Female head right, wearing sakkos / Two herms (?) facing, one male, one female, within linear border; all within shallow incuse square. The male herm with an exaggerated erect phallus. Good VF. Carr coll.

Six examples known to Bodenstedt. This appears to be only the second example offered at electronic auction or sale. The dies for this coin are unrecorded in Bodenstedt, but the same as the other example offered at electronic auction (Roma Numismatics 7 (3/2014), lot 611).
1 comments03/18/15 at 13:06Adrian: Bodenstedt suggests this emission was in 442 BC. The depiction of an exaggerated (oversized) erect p...
Mytilene (BC 450) EL Hekte - B-333 viewsca 450 BC. EL Hekte (2.52g). Helmeted head of Athena / Two rams' heads opposed forehead to forehead, between them a palmette, all within incuse square. About EF.

This coin is unknown to Bodenstedt and appears to be unique. The cataloguer of the Gemini sale suggests that the obverse appears to be from a die of trite size but is the same style as the Bodenstedt 55 variant on this website. The reverse appears to be a die match for Bodenstedt 57a. The trite size obverse die may provide evidence to the speculation that there were electrum coins of denominations between Hektes and Staters.
1 comments02/28/15 at 14:08Adrian: The head of Athena is far too large for the Hekte size coinage which may lend support to speculation...
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B55 var452 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.56g). Helmeted head of Athena right / Two confronting female faces overlapping; all within incuse square. Good VF.

This is an unrecorded variety of Bodenstedt 55 with the head of Athena similar to an unknown type - Coin ID #11287, which was a coin sold at the Gemini Auc. IX (1/2012), lot 111.
1 comments02/28/15 at 13:28Adrian: The head of Athena is too large for the Hekte size coinage which may lend support to speculation tha...
Mytilene (BC 377-326) EL Hekte - B100c554 viewsca 377-326 BC. EL Hekte (2.54g, 12h, 11mm). Laureate head of Apollo right / Head of Artemis right in linear square. EF. Carr coll.

There is no coiled snake/serpent behind the head of Apollo (see B100b) or Artemis (see B100a). Bodenstedt notes that there has been no example emerge that has a serpent/snake on both obverse and reverse. Of this type, fifteen known to Bodenstedt, twenty four others known including this example.
1 comments02/28/15 at 13:18Adrian: The head of Apollo is unusually large for the Hekte size coinage which may lend support to speculati...
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Stater - B60.2629 viewsca 428-427 BC. EL Stater (15.45g). Laureate head of Apollo right, hair short; MVTI above / Quadripartite incise square. aEF.

This is the only example known and is noted in Bodenstedt as being in the British Museum (BMC 28 Taf. 32,1). It has been speculated that this may have been issued at the time of the Lesbian revolt from Athens, 428/7 BC.
1 comments02/21/15 at 01:59Adrian: The stater is said to have been an emission during the revolt of 428/7. The stater has an unusually ...
Paphos (BC 27-AD 14) AE 17 - Augustus501 viewsAugustus, 27 BC-14 AD. AE17 (4.60g). A. Plautius, Proconsul, 21 BC. Bare head right / Temple of Aphrodite at Paphos, within which is a conical xoanon, semicircular courtyard around. VF, dark grayish-green patina. Exceptional for this issue. Alexandre de Barros Coll.; ex CNG El. 115, lot 287.

The conical stone which stood at the center of this temple was found by archaeologists a short distance from the temple. It has been confirmed to be a meteorite.
1 comments02/15/15 at 05:47Mark2: This sacred stone is actually an earthly stone, not a meteorite according to the International Meteo...
Uncertain (BC 440-380) Hemiobol232 views5th century BC. AR Hemiobol or Tetartemorion (6mm, 0.17g, 2h). Helmet left / Amphora within linear square. Unpublished in the standard references. VF, toned. Very rare.

Varieties of this type have appeared at auction recently, and have been tentatively attributed to Neandria in Troas, where an early fraction featured a helmet on the obverse. While an attribution to a mint in that region is reasonable, Neandria is probably not correct, as its early fractions consistently feature a ram or barley grain on the reverse, which were emblematic of the city. At the same time, the nearby city of Larissa consistently featured an amphora on the reverse of nearly all of its coinage, which would make it a more likely candidate.
1 comments01/13/15 at 14:47jednum: Von einem türkischen Sammler habe ich gehört, dass 2 seiner Münzen dieses Typs in Larisa/Troas (Lima...
Sardeis (AD 193-217) AE 28 - Julia Domna243 viewsJulia Domna, Augusta, 193-217 AD. AE28 (12.20g, 6h). Draped bust right / Pelops on horseback right, holding whip. Good Fine, brown patina.1 comments12/24/14 at 11:28: It interesting to note that the obverse die used on this coin was actually shared by (at least) thre...
Metropolis (AD 193-217) AE 30 - Julia Domna193 viewsJulia Domna, Augusta, 193-217 AD. AE30 (13.26g, 6h). Draped bust right / Cybele seated left on backless throne, holding patera and resting forearm on tympanum; at feet, lion seated left, with paw raised. Fine, dark green patina, minor roughness. Ex Frederick Coll.; ex Lindgren Coll.1 comments12/24/14 at 11:28: It interesting to note that the obverse die used on this coin was actually shared by (at least) thre...
Philadelphia (AD 37-41) AE 18 - Caligula514 viewsCaligula, 37-41 AD. AE18 (3.45g). Menekles Philopatris, magistrate. ΓAIOΣ KAIΣAP, bare head right / ΦIΛAΔEΛΦEΩN MENEKΛHΣ ΦIΛOΠATPIΣ, laureate busts of the Dioscouroi right.1 comments12/17/14 at 14:51Helvetica: This coin is listed in RPC Supp. III, no. 3024/6
Tomaris (AD 100-300) AE 22355 viewsAutonomous, 2nd-3rd cent AD. AE22 (6.57g). Laureate head of Demos right / TOMAP-HNΩN, eagle standing facing, head left. Near VF, dark brown patina. Unrecorded?1 comments08/27/14 at 17:58Helvetica: Righetti Collection 889; Kurth "Demos" 638.
Tomaris (AD 200-300) AE 22324 views3rd cent AD. AE22 (3.04g, 7h). Draped bust of the Senate right / TOMA-P[H]N[Ω]N, male figure advancing left (Perseus carrying head of Medusa and harpa?). Possibly an unrecorded type from a very rare city. Near VF, green patina, some deposits and roughness.1 comments08/27/14 at 17:56Helvetica: The figure on the reverse is Pan. This coin was published by Imhoof in "Lydische Stadtmünzen&qu...
Thyateira (AD 222-235) AE 48 - Severus Alexander667 viewsSeverus Alexander, 222-235 AD. AE48 - Medallion (48.55g, 6h). Mar. Pollianus, strategus. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Young Hercules standing facing, head right, holding club set on ground and deceased lion. Good VF, dark green patina, minor smoothing in fields. Extremely rare, only the second specimen known.1 comments08/21/14 at 17:32Helvetica: Paris acquired an example in 1990 and has it catalogued under no. 1990.278
Thyateira (AD 222-235) AE 26 - Alexander Severus375 viewsAlexander Severus, 222-235 AD. AE25.77 (6.57g, 12h). M AVP AΛΕΞΑΝΔPOC P, draped bust right / ΘYATEIPHNΩΝ, Artemis advancing right with bow, drawing arrow out of quiver. Very fine. Unpublished?1 comments08/21/14 at 17:29Helvetica: The last letter on the obverse is not a P but a K. Mionnet IV, 985; Paris 1541
Thyateira (AD 222) AE 26 - Severus Alexander186 viewsSeverus Alexander, as Caesar, 222 AD. AE26 (6.74g, 6h). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / ΘVA T[ЄI]P HNΩN, Athena standing left, holding phiale and spear; shield leaning against spear. Good VF, dark green patina with traces of earthen encrustation. Apparently unique reverse legend variety of an extremely rare provincial Caesar issue. From Group CEM.1 comments08/21/14 at 17:28Helvetica: SNG Cop 622
Thyateira (AD 198-217) AE 16 - Caracalla404 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE 16 (2.15g). Cuirassed, draped and laureate head right, ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΟC / Bull walking right, head turned up in "mooo"; ΘΥΑΤΕΡΗΝΩΝ. Rare, nice VF.1 comments08/21/14 at 17:25Helvetica: Waddington 5371; Paris 1517.
Thyateira (AD 193-235) AE 15319 viewsSeveran Period, 3rd cent AD. AE15 (1.55g). Head of bearded Herakles right / ΘYATEIPHNΩN, lion right. Near very fine.1 comments08/21/14 at 17:14Helvetica: This coin has a BULL walking right, not a lion. References: SNG Cop 594; Mionnet Supp. VII,577; Walc...
Thyateira (AD 193-211) AE 25 - Septimius Severus206 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE25 (9.24g). ΑΥΤ ΚΑ CЄ CЄΟΥΗΡΟC, laureate head right / ΘΥΑΤ−ЄΙΡΗΝΩΝ, tetrastyle temple, within statue of Tyche with cornucopiae and rudder. Dark green patina, gVF.1 comments08/21/14 at 16:24Helvetica: Unpublished, but another was sold by Ancient Caesar, item 30295 on vcoins. See that example on wildw...
Thyateira (AD 193-211) AE 17 - Septimius Severus176 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE17 (3.19g, 12h). Laureate head right / Figure standing left, holding simpulum. Earthy dark green patina, VF.1 comments08/21/14 at 16:19Helvetica: The figure is Pan, holding grapes and pedum. SNG Munich 641. There is another version for Sept. Sev....
Thyateira (AD 178-182) AE 17 - Crispina179 viewsCrispina, 178-182 AD. AE17 (4.05g). Draped bust right /. Apollo-Tyrimnaios with double axe on horseback left. Rare. VF.1 comments08/21/14 at 16:17Helvetica: Imhoof LS 22A; Mionnet Supp. VII, 613.
Thyateira (AD 100-270) AE 20258 viewsPseudo-autonomous issue, 2nd-3rd century AD. AE20 (5.80g). ΙЄΡΑ CΥΝΚΛΗΤΟC, draped bust of young Demos right / ΘΥATEIPHNΩN, Men standing left holding patera and scepter. gVF.1 comments08/21/14 at 16:04Helvetica: This is the head of the Senate (QEON CYNKL-HTON), not Demos. But apparently unlisted. Nothing like i...
Thyateira (AD 100-270) AE 15245 views2nd-3rd century AD. AE15 (2.57g, 6h). Head of Herakles right / Eagle standing right, head left, with wings spread. Good VF, dark grayish-green patina.1 comments08/21/14 at 15:55Helvetica: Paris 1394A. See the Paris example on
Thyateira (AD 100-200) AE 15281 viewsImperial Times, 2nd century AD. AE15 (2.53g). Head of bearded Herakles right / ΘΥΑΤЄΙΡ/ΗΝΩΝ, eagle. Nice brown patina, GVF.1 comments08/21/14 at 15:45Helvetica: SNG Munich 581. (Not to be confused with the type on which Herakles does not have a lionskin knotted...
Thyateira (AD 98-117) AE 29 - Trajan206 viewsTrajan, 98-117 AD. AE29 (8.46g, 12h). Laureate head right / Athena standing left, with spear and shield. Dark patina, VF.1 comments08/21/14 at 15:36Helvetica: Not BMC 74, the rev legend of which ends in GER DAKI. This coin ends with DAK GER and is listed only...
Thyateira (AD 81-96) AE 18421 viewsTime of Domitian, 81-96 AD. AE18. Head of Herakles right / ΘVA/ TIPH/ NΩN within wreath. gVF. 1 comments08/21/14 at 15:18Helvetica: SNG Cop 574; Mionnet Supp. VII, 584-585; Waddington 5343. Not to be confused with the similar type w...
Thyateira (AD 81-96) AE 16 - Domitia433 viewsDomitia, 81-96 AD. AE16 (2.97g). ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑ CЄΒΑCΤΗ, draped bust right / ΘΥΑ/ΤΙΡΗ/ΝΩΝ within wreath. Dark green patina, almost extremely fine.1 comments08/21/14 at 15:16Helvetica: Waddington 5357; Paris 1462.; Righetti Coll. Sale IV, 876; Mionnet IV, 903; SNG Munich 628. Not to b...
Thyateira (AD 80-100) AE 16303 viewsLate 1st century (?) AD. AE16 (2.82g, 12h). (ΘЄA)N PΩMHN, Turreted head of Roma right / ΘYAT(ЄI)PHNΩN, lyre. VF, Dark patina. Tricarico coll.1 comments08/21/14 at 15:13Helvetica: Leypold I, 1276
Thyateira (AD 0-200) AE 18436 views1st-2nd cent AD. AE18 (3.57g). Bust of Athena right / Ornate prize crown with two palms.1 comments08/21/14 at 15:13Helvetica: BMC 38; Leypold I, 1260; Waddington 5345; Paris 1411. The Paris example is on wildwinds under BMC 38
Thyateira (AD 0-100) AE 14939 viewsUnder Roman rule, 1st century AD. AE14 (3.12g) Head of beardless Herakles right, lion skin on shoulders / ΘΥΑΤ-ΕΙΡΗ/ΝΩΝ, double-axe (labrys). Dark green patina, VF. Gutknecht coll.1 comments08/21/14 at 15:09Helvetica: Note: the given references are incorrect, as they all have the older, bearded bust of Herakles. This...
Ionia Uncertain (BC 600-550) Lion 1 - EL 1/6504 viewsca 600-550 BC. EL Hekte – Sixth Stater (10mm, 2.34g). Lydo-Milesian standard. Figural type. Head of lion right, in linear form / Rough incuse square. Near EF. Very rare denomination. 1 comments08/11/14 at 02:07Gultekin: For more information, see the article; Hasan Beden, "Oroanna", Izmir Numismatic Society, B...
Tabala (AD 222-235) AE 22 - Severus Alexander323 viewsSeverus Alexander, 222-235 AD. AE22 (5.98g, 6h). Laureate head right / Leto running right, holding child in each arm. VF, dark green patina, light roughness.1 comments07/21/14 at 06:45Helvetica: Further refs: SNG von Aulock 3196; Leypold I, 1255
Tabala (AD 222-235) AE 17 - Julia Mamaea295 viewsJulia Mamaea, mother of Alexander Severus, 222-235 AD. AE17 (2.17g). Draped bust right / TABAΛEΩN, Statue of Artemis Ephesia. Good very fine.1 comments07/21/14 at 06:43Helvetica: Paris K3368 otherwise unpublished to date in my Lydian research.
Tabala (AD 217-218) AE 22 - Macrinus260 viewsMacrinus, 217-218 AD. AE22 (5.44g). Laureate head right / Nike advancing left, holding wreath. Rare. Nice very fine.1 comments07/21/14 at 06:42Helvetica: This is NOT from Tabala - it is from Hieropolis-Castabala. The legend is IEROP KASTABALEWN. Ref: SNG...
Tabala (AD 139-161) AE 23 - Marcus Aurelius377 viewsMarcus Aurelius, as Caesar, 139-161 AD. AE23 (9.01g, 6h). Bare head right / Kybele seated left, holding phiale, resting elbow on drum. Near VF, brown patina. Ex Righetti Coll., 9699.1 comments07/21/14 at 06:29Helvetica: This is actually a BMC 4 var. The rev. legend of BMC 4 does not begin with EPI as this one does (at ...
Mytilene (BC 377-326) EL Hekte - B-528 viewsca 377-326 BC. EL Hekte (2.5g, 10mm). Female head right, hair bound with ribbons / Panathenaic amphora, palm branch to left; all within linear square. gVF/EF. Carr coll.

The reverse depicts an amphora, described as “Panathenaic,” as amphoras of this shape, containing olive oil, were given to winners at the Panathenaic Games in Athens. The palm alongside the amphora is also suggestive of a victory. It has been suggested that in the circumstances of “victory,” the obverse might be a depiction of Nike – the goddess of victory. This coin type is unknown to Bodenstedt, but three examples have appeared in auction. The first and third examples are from the same dies. This current example is the second known and is from different dies.
1 comments07/19/14 at 07:18Adrian: Please note, that in this collection of electrum coins of Mytilene, when describing the number of ex...
Silandos (AD 198-209) AE 35 - Geta417 viewsGeta, as Caesar, 198-209 AD. AE35 (29.37g, 6h). Helenus Apollon, first archon for the second time. Λ CΕΠΤΙ ΓΕΤΑC ΚΑΙ−CΑP, bare-headed, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / ΕΠΙ ΕΛΕΝΟV ΑΠΟΛ ΑP Α ΤΟ Β , [CΙ]ΛΑΝΔΕ/ΩΝ in two lines in exergue, octastyle temple set on three-tiered podium, pellet in pediment. VF, olive patina, attractive strike. Apparently unique.1 comments06/24/14 at 17:34Helvetica: The magistrate is Helenus "son of Apollonides." I have not otherwise come across this reve...
Silandos (AD 193-217) AE 18174 viewsPseudo-autonomous issue, time of Septimius Severus and Caracalla, 193-217 AD. AE18 (4.21g). Laureate and draped bust of Apollo right, laurel branch to right / CΙΛΑΝΔΕΩΝ, Hermes standing left, holding purse and caduceus. aVF.1 comments06/24/14 at 17:28Helvetica: SNG von Aulock 3167; Imhoof LS 3
Silandos (AD 193-217) AE 16388 viewsLate 2nd-early 3rd century AD. AE16 (2.70g, 12h). Wreathed head of Silenos right; CI-ΛANΔ-EΩN around / Grape bunch; EΠI • A • AV-MAIOPOC around. Good VF, green patina. Extremely rare. Alighieri Coll.1 comments06/24/14 at 17:27Helvetica: The rev. legend begins EPI L AY, not EPI A AY. This variation of the reverse legend was published in...
Maionia (AD 193-211) AE 19309 viewsTime of Septimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE19 (4.35g, 6h). Damas, magistrate. Bearded head of Hercules left / Omphale advancing right, wearing Hercules’ lion skin and carrying his club. VF, earthen green patina. Group CEM.

In expiation for his murder of Iphitos at Tiryns, Hercules was compelled by the Delphic oracle to serve Omphale, Queen of Lydia, for one year. During this time, he performed a number of labors, similar to those which he undertook while serving Eurystheus, including the capture of the Kerkopes, the killing of the Syleus, and the conquest of the city of the Itones. At the same time, he was forced to wear women’s clothing and spin wool and, according to the poet Ovid (Fasti 2.305), Omphale even wore Hercules’ lion skin and carried his club while ordering him about. However, these actions seemed to have little ill-effect on the hero; after his year’s service was completed, Hercules married Omphale.
1 comments06/24/14 at 17:24Helvetica: This is not from Silandos but from Maeonia, Lydia. BMC 21; SNG Cop 225. The legend on the obverse re...
Silandos (AD 164-182) AE 23 – Lucilla538 viewsLucilla, wife of Lucius Verus. Augusta, AD 164-182. AE23 (6.31g). Aulus Attalianus, strategus. ΛOYKIΛΛA CEBACTH, draped bust right. / ΕΠΙ CATTAΛI CΙΛΑΝΔΕΩΝ, Zeus Lydios standing left, holding eagle (?) and sceptre. Very rare. Good very fine.1 comments06/24/14 at 17:10Helvetica: This is not Zeus but Mên. See the crescent on his shoulders. BMC 17; RPC 1354; Paris 1356; Mionnet I...
Silandos (AD 164-182) AE 23 – Lucilla310 viewsLucilla, wife of Lucius Verus, Augusta, 164-182 AD. AE23 (5.33g). [ΛOYKIΛΛA] CEBACTH, draped bust right. / [CΙΛΑΝ]ΔΕΩΝ, Cultus-effigy of Kore enthroned closely draped, head surmounted by polos; in field right, a stalk of corn growing. About very fine.1 comments06/24/14 at 17:08Helvetica: Correct attribution is BMC 20 with a poppy on the left and a corn-ear on the right. Also Imhoof LS 8...
Mytilene (BC 377-326) EL Hekte - B90471 viewsca 377-326 BC. EL Hekte (2.57g, 12h, 9mm). Wreathed head of young Dionysos right / Facing large bald head of satyr with small ‘ears’ and close cropped beard and moustache, all within linear square. Good VF. Carr coll.

There are seven general reverse varieties/types for Bodenstedt 90. This is the first known from an auction of what we can call "type 7."
1 comments06/14/14 at 13:39Adrian: Different reverse types:
Type 1: facing bald head of satyr (common type – 62 known*; #B30. Bodenst...
Sardeis (BC 2nd-1st cent) AE 15341 views2nd-1st century BC. AE15 (4.05g, 14-15mm). Laureate head of Apollo right within oval dotted border / ΣΑΡΔΙΑΝΩΝ around club within wreath; monogram above. gVF.1 comments06/09/14 at 09:01Helvetica: The monogram (when seen from the correct perspective, i.e. inwards when positioned on the bottom of ...
Sardeis (BC 133) AE 17630 viewsafter 133 BC. AE17 (4.72g). Wreathed head of young Dionysos right / Panther walking left, head facing, broken spear in mouth; ΣΑΡΔΙ/ΑΝΩΝ above, monograms below and to left. Fine green patina, gVF. Gutknecht coll.; ex M&M AG, Basel, List 336 (1972), lot 267.1 comments06/09/14 at 08:55Helvetica: Monograms: TMG in left field; IPM below = Welzl 6295.
Sardeis (AD 253-268) AE 23 - Gallienus282 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE23 (7.78g). [AVT] K Π•Λ• ΓAΛΛIHNOC•C•, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / CAPΔIANΩ N NЄΩKOP ΩN•, A above prize crown. Apparently unpublished. Nice VF.1 comments06/09/14 at 08:52Helvetica: Waddington 5280; Paris 1333
Sardeis (AD 244-249) AE 31 - Otacilia Severa218 viewsOtacilia Severa, 244-248 AD. AE31 (13.94g). Μ ΩΤΑ CЄΒΗΡΑ CЄΒ, draped and diademed bust on crescent / ЄΠ Π ΚΟΡ ΑΚΥΛ [...] ΑΡΞ Α CΑΡΔΙΑΝΩΝ [...] ΝЄΩ-ΚΟ-ΡΩΝ, cult statue of Kore facing, to the left ears of corn, to the right poppy. Rare. VF.1 comments06/09/14 at 08:51Helvetica: Waddington, Voyages.. Lydia, p. 32, 1; Waddington 5279.
Sardeis (AD 222-235) AE 25 - Severus Alexander361 viewsSeverus Alexander, 222-235 AD. AE25 (5.61g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / EΠI NEIKOMAX CAPΔIANΩN [...] PAΦIH, temple of Aphrodite of Paphos consisting of a central portico flanked by two tall towers with a semicircular enclosure paved with tiles; sacred stone between two towers with crescent and star above; two columns surmounted by doves on either side, two torches on outside. Near VF, rough green patina. Apparently unrecorded.1 comments06/09/14 at 08:49Helvetica: Mionnet IV 762; SNG Munich 532. Note: Many sellers (such as here) show the reverse upside down. The ...
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