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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Pontos Uncertain (BC 30-1) AE 19659 viewsLate 1st cent BC. AE19 (8.65g, 12h). Bare male head right / Two figures sacrificing a pig; EETI[A] below. VF, black patina.
Pontos Uncertain (BC 120-100) AE 13425 viewsLate 2nd century BC. AE13 (1.9g). Pilos decorated with star / Star. EF.
Pontos Uncertain (BC 130-100) AE 11454 viewsca 130-100 BC. AE11 (1.48g). Head of horse right, with star on neck / Comet. gVF.
Pontos Uncertain (BC 130-100) AE 12431 viewsca 130-100 BC. AE12 (1.92g). Head of horse right, star on neck / Comet (?). VF.1 comments
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