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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Pharnakeia (BC 85-65) AE859 viewsca 85-65 BC. AE (8.73g). Laureate head of Zeus right / Eagle on thunderbolt. Dark brown patina, EF.
Pharnakeia (BC 85-65) AE 19693 viewsca 85-65 BC. AE19 (8.10g). Laureate head of Zeus right / ΦΑΡΝΑΚΕΙΑΣE, eagle on thunderbolt; star; monogram in left field. Good very fine.
Pharnakeia (BC 85-65) AE 20974 viewsca 85-65 BC. AE20 (7.37g). Laureate head of Zeus right / ΦΑΡΝΑΚΕΙ[ΑΣE], eagle on thunderbolt; [star] and monogram in left field. Brown patina, EF. Ex Münzen und Medaillen AG 79 (Basel 1994), Nr. 300.
Pharnakeia (BC 300-200) AE 15261 viewsca 3rd century BC. AE15 (2.97g). Head of Mên with Phrygian hat on crescent / ΦAPNAKEΩN in between star with eight rays. Very rare. VF.
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