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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Hieropolis (AD 100-200) AE 25124 viewsCivic Issue. 2nd century AD. AE25 (11.03g, 12h). Diademed, draped, and veiled bust of Boule right / Apollo Kitharoidos standing facing, holding lyre and plektron. VF, dark green to black patina. Rare.
Hieropolis (AD 160-180) AE 16341 viewsAutonomous, 160-180 AD. AE16 (3.35g). ΙEΡΟΠΟΛEΙΤΩΝ; Head Heracles in lion skin right / EΠΙ Μ ΚΛ Π-ΩΛΛΙΟΝΟΧ; crescent; above two stars; below, bukranion. Rare. Good style. Dark green patina. Extremely fine.
Hieropolis (AD 193-217) AE 27 - Julia Domna251 viewsJulia Domna, 193-217 AD. AE27 (11.15g). IOVΛI ΔOMNA CЄB, draped bust right / IЄPOΠO ΛЄITΩN, Dionysos standing left, holding thyrsos and kantharos, panther at his feet. Unpublished (?). Very fine. Might also be Hieropolis Kastabala in Kilikia for which I could also not find a publication.
Hieropolis (AD 198-217) AE 25 - Caracalla278 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE25 (7.87g). Laureate and cuirassed bust right / ΙEΡΟΠΟΛEΙΤΩΝ, Cybele in long dress and kalathos, in between two lions seated left, holding patera in extended right, resting left arm on tympanon. Dark olive green patina. Minor corrosion. Good very fine.
Hieropolis (AD 198-217) AE 30 - Caracalla153 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE30 (12.36g, 6h). Struck 214-217 AD. AV K M AVP ANTΩΝЄINO/C, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / IЄ POΠ ΛЄITΩΝ, to left, Nemesis, wearing polos, standing facing, head right, holding rein or halter; to right, Serapis, with Cerberus at feet, enthroned left. Unpublished in the standard references. Good VF, earthen green and brown patina. Group CEM.
Hieropolis (AD 200-300) AE 23233 views3rd cent AD. AE23 (6.30g). ΔΗΜΟC, draped and bearded bust right / ΙEΡΟΠΟΛEΙΤΩΝ, naked Poseidon standing facing, head right, holding trident and patera. Very rare. Very fine.
Hieropolis (AD 218-222) AE 23 - Elagabalus216 viewsElagabalus, 218-222 AD. AE23 (7.16g, 6h). M AVP AN TΩNINOC/ AVΓ∙, laureate and cuirassed bust right, wearing aegis / IЄPOΠO ΛЄITΩN, Demeter standing in long chiton, veil and peplos, standing left, holding ears of corn and resting on torch. A bit rough, almost very fine.
Hieropolis (AD 218-222) AE 23 - Elagabalus208 viewsElagabalus, 218-222 AD. AE23 (7.13g). M AVP AN TΩNINOC AVΓ, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / IЄPOΠO ΛЄITΩN, Demeter standing left, holding grain ears and torch. VF, black patina.
Hieropolis (AD 218-222) AE 28 - Elagabalus279 viewsElagabalus, 218-222 AD. AE28 (9.44g, 6h). Laureate and cuirassed bust right, wearing aegis / Persephone standing left, holding grain-ears, poppy(?) and torch. Near VF, brown surfaces, a little rough. Ex Wagner Coll.
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