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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Daldis (AD 69-79) AE 1823 viewsTime of Vespasian, 69-79 AD. AE18 (2.81g). Ti. Fla. Hylas, magistrate. ΘЄON CVNKΛHTON, bareheaded and draped youthful bust of the Senate right / ЄΠI TI ΦΛA YΛA ΦΛAB KAICAP / ΔAΛΔΙ, Zeus standing left, holding eagle and sceptre. VF. Ex Hirsch 177 (2/1993), lot 376. Plankenhorn coll.
Daldis (AD 69-79) AE 27 - Vespasian125 viewsVespasian, 69-79 AD. AE27 (7.7g). Ti Fla Hylas. Laureate head right / Cybele seated left, holding patera, resting elbow on drum. GF.
Daldis (AD 69-96) AE 2175 viewsTime of the Flavians, 69-96 AD. AE21 (6.78g, 12h). Menekrates, strategos. Herm of Hercules right, with lion skin and club / Apollo seated left on rock, holding plectrum and lyre. Near VF, green patina. Thomas Bentley Cederlind.
Daldis (AD 98-117) AE 16 - Trajan360 viewsTrajan, 98-117 AD. AE16 (4.7g). TPAIANO KAICAPCE, Bust right / ΔΑΛΔΙΑΝΩΝ, Zeus Lydios standing left, holding eagle and scepter. gVF.
Daldis (AD 98-117) AE 18 - Trajan270 viewsTrajan, 98-117 AD. AE18 (4.50g). TPAIANO KAICAPCE, Bust right / ΔΑΛΔΙΑΝΩΝ, Zeus Lydios standing left.
Daldis (AD 117-138) AE 25 - Hadrian111 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE25 (9.15g). AY KAIC AΔPIANOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / EΠI HPAKΛEIΔOY CTR ΔAΛΔIANΩN, Zeus standing left with eagle and sceptre. VF.
Daldis (AD 138-192) AE 14205 viewsAntonine period, 138-192 AD. AE14 (2.26g). Laureate head of Silenus right / ΔΑΛΔΙΑΝΩΝ, bunch of grapes. Rare. Nice green patina, VF.
Daldis (AD 138-192) AE 14210 viewsTime of the Antonines, AD 138-192. AE13.5 (1.85g, 6h). Head of Silenus right, wearing ivy wreath / ΔΑΛΔΙΑΝΩΝ, bunch of grapes. EF, dark green patina. An impressive portrait of Silenus. Very rare.
Daldis (AD 177-192) AE 37 - Commodus274 viewsCommodus, 177-192 AD. AE37 - Medaillon (23.39g). •AVT KAI M •AVP KOMMOΔOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ЄΠI AVP MHTPOΔΩPOY APXA/ •ΔAΛΔIA/ NΩN•, Kybele seated left on cart being drawn by two lions. Smoothing in fields, minor tooling, very fine.
Daldis (AD 193-211) AE 33 - Septimius Severus151 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE33 (23.34g, 6h). Artemidorus, archon. AV KAIC CЄΠT CЄOYHPOC Π, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / ЄΠI APTЄM-IΔΩPOY-ΛAN APX A[...], Apollo Mystes seated right, playing lyre, and Magna Mater (Cybele) seated left on throne, holding patera over lion to left and resting elbow upon drum; ΔAΛΔIA/NΩN in two lines in exergue. VF, green-brown patina, minor roughness. Extremely rare, and by far the nicer of the two known. Ex Burstein Coll.; Münzen und Medaillen AG 41 (6/1970), lot 415.

This Artemidorus is likely the famous diviner of Daldis, or possibly a similarly-named offspring. Known from an extant five volume work on the interpretations of dreams (the Oneirocritica), he gathered the material for his work during visits with fellow diviners throughout the northern Mediterranean and Asia Minor.
Daldis (AD 193-217) AE 23 - Julia Domna209 viewsJulia Domna, Augusta, 193-217 AD. AE23 (6.19g, 6h). Laureate head right / Terminal statue of Herakles left, holding apple, lions’ skin over arm. VF, dark olive-green patina, some roughness and old scrapes. Ex Righetti Coll., 8265.
Daldis (AD 193-235) AE 25213 viewsSeveran Dynasty, 193-235 AD. AE25 (5.96g). [IЄPA CV] N[KΛH]TOC, draped bust of Senate right / [ΔA]ΛΔI ANΩN, Amazon standing to right with chlamys, spear and shield. VF.
Daldis (AD 193-235). AE 2418 viewsTime of the Severans, 193-235 AD. AE24 (7.63g). ΔHMOC, laureate youthful bust of Demos right, with slight drapery / ΔΑΛΔIANΩN, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia. Extremely rare. VF. Plankenhorn coll.
Daldis (AD 198-209) AE 21 - Geta483 viewsGeta, as Caesar, 198-209 AD. AE21 (5.95g). Λ CΕ ΓΕ-ΤΑC ΚΑ, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΔΑΛΔ-Ι-ΑΝΩΝ, terminal figure of Herakles to left wearing diadem and with drapery around waist, holding apple of the Hesperides in his right hand and left hand resting on his hip. Apparently unpublished, but see Kraft pl. 71, 62a and 62b (BMC Lydia p. 71, 13 (Daldis) and BMC Lydia p. 117, 50 (Hypaipa)) for the sharing of the same obverse die. Superb EF, adjustment marks, grey-green patina. Extremely rare. Simpson Coll.; Ex Leu Numismatics Auk. 72 (5/1998), lot 484.
Daldis (AD 198-217) AE 31 - Caracalla274 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE31 (14.62g). Archon Artemidoros. AV• K• M• AV• ANTΩNЄINOC, laureate bust right, in cuirass and paludamentum / ЄΠI APTЄMIΔΩ P OVΛAN• APX• /•A(Ankh)• B• , Serapis seated left, holding sceptre and extending hand to Kerberos seated left at feet. Minor smoothing, very fine.
Daldis (AD 200) AE 21240 viewsImperial Times, ca 200 AD. AE21 (3.30g). Laureate bust of the Senate right / Zeus standing left holding eagle. Very fine. A rare bronze with nice detail and patina but flatly struck. Ex Antioch and Assoc 2003.
Daldis (AD 200-270) AE 20251 views3rd century AD. AE20 (5.86g, 5h). Laureate bust of Demos right, slight drapery on far shoulder / Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia. Near EF, attractive grayish-green patina.
Daldis (AD 238-244) AE 48 - Gordian III91 viewsGordian III. 238-244 AD. AE48 - Medallion (60.65g, 6h). L. Aur. Hephaestionos, principal archon for the second time. AVT K • M ANT ΓOPΔIAN[OC], laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Є–Π • Λ • AVP H–ΦAICTIΩNOC APX A T B, ΔAΛΔIAN/ΩN, Perseus advancing left, approaching the three Gorgon sisters (Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa) sleeping below a tree; winged Hypnos stands behind them; to upper left, Apollo Citharoedus within tetrastyle temple; to lower left, horse standing left, head right. Near EF, brown and green patina, very minor doubling. A beautifully composed and highly enigmatic mythological scene. Extremely rare.
Daldis (AD 241-244) AE 22 - Tranquillina149 viewsTranquillina, Augusta, 241-244 AD. AE22 (4.50g, 6h). ΦOVP TPAN KVΛΛЄINA, laureate and draped bust right / Δ AΛ[Δ]IANΩN, Artemis kneeling on stag recumbent right, holding it by the horns. EF, green patina, some roughness. Group CEM.
Daldis (AD 244-249) AE 38 - Philip I351 viewsPhilip I, 244-249 AD. AE38 (26.01g, 6h). Flavius Aelius Priscus, magistrate. AVT • K • M • IOVΛ • Φ-IΛIΠΠOC • AVΓ, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / ЄΠI ΦΛ AIΛ ΠPЄI-CKO/V APX ΠP/ΩTO B •, ΔAΛΔIA/NΩN in exergue, the Abduction of Persphone: Hades, with billowing chlamys, in quadriga driven right by Eros, carrying away Persephone; fallen flower basket below horses. Good VF, dark brown patina with earthen highlights. Ex Triton IV (12/2000), lot 359.
Daldis (AD 253-260) AE 38 - Valerian I85 viewsValerian I. 253-260 AD. AE38 - Medallion (25.24g, 6h). Marcus Aurelius Cta-, archon. AV K Π Λ OVAΛЄPIANOC, bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust right / ЄΠI M AVP CTA ΠЄIOV OΛVMΠЄICA IOV A APX / ΔAΛΔIANΩN, tetrastyle temple, containing Apollo seated left on omphalus, head right, holding lyre. VF, green patina, pit on obverse. Extremely rare, and the only known coin of Valerian from Daldis.
Daldis (AD 253-268) AE 25 - Gallienus284 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE25 (4.85g). AVT K ΠΛI• ΓAΛΛIHNOC, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / ЄΠ•ΠЄIOV ΔAΛΔIANΩN•, Artemis huntress running right looking back carrying strung bow quiver over shoulder, beside her, hound running left. Crude VF.
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