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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Kabeira (BC 85-65) AE 30375 viewsca 85-65 BC. AE30 (18.64g). Head Athena Parthenos with Helmet decorated with Pegasos / KABH-PΩN, Perseus standing facing, holding harpa and Medusa's head; Medusa's body at his feet. About very fine. Ex Ilona Pfeiler coll.
Kabeira (BC 120-100) AE 221126 viewsca 120-100 BC. AE22 (8.60g). Gorgoneion facing, turned slightly right, Aegis around / ΚΑΒΗ-ΡΩΝ, Nike walking right, palm branch over shoulder, monogram to right. Varied toning, VF. Rare.
Kabeira (BC 120-100) AE 22738 viewsca 120-100 BC. AE22 (7.67g). Three-quarter facing head of gorgoneion, head turned slightly right, on an aegis / Nike walking right, holding palm. Near VF, glossy brown patina. Scarce. David Herman Coll.
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