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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Orthosia (AD 81-96) AE - Domitian229 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AE20 (4.90g). Laureate head right / OΡΘΩCIEΩN, Zeus standing left, holding thunderbolt and scepter. Near VF, brown surfaces. Very rare - only four listed in RPC. Drewry Coll.
Orthosia (AD 100-300) AE 16204 viewsImperial Times, 1st-2nd century AD. AE16 (3.44g, 6h). Head Dionysos wearing ivy-wreath right / OP-ΘΩ-CIЄΩN, Panther standing left, head turned, thyrsus transversely placed. Fine. Ex Karl coll.
Orthosia (AD 117-138) AE - Hadrian350 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE (21.78g). Head right / Dioskouroi with spears riding on horses right.
Orthosia (AD 161-180) AE 39 - Marcus Aurelius46 viewsMarcus Aurelius, 161-180 AD. AE39 - Medallion (35.33g). ΑΥΤοΚ ΚΑΙ Μ ΑΥ ΑΝΤΩΝЄΙΝ, laureate head to right, drapery on left shoulder / ΟΡΘΩСΙЄΩΝ, nude Dioscuri standing, facing, heads facing each other, each holding chlamys and spear; between two horses. Extremely rare, possibly only the third specimen known. gF. Righetti Coll.
Orthosia (BC 100-0) AE 15191 views1st century BC. AE15 (1.40g). ΟΡΘΩΣΙΕΩΝ, head of Dionysos right / ΑΡΙΣΤΕΑΣ ΟΠΛΕΙΤΟΥ (magistrate), filleted thyrsos.
Orthosia (BC 200-0) AE 11204 views2nd-1st cent BC. AE11 (0.81g, 12h). Laureate head of Poseidon right / ΟΡΘΟΣΙ[ΕI]ΩΝ, trident. Very rare. VF. Karl Coll.; ex Hauck und Aufhäuser 12 (10/1996), lot 235.
Orthosia (BC 200-0) AE 12259 views2nd century BC. AE12 (1.12g, 12h). Laureate head of Zeus right / ΟΡΘΟΣΙΕIΩΝ Α-Π, ivy leaf. Very rare. EF. Karl Coll.; ex Hauck und Aufhäuser 12 (10/1996), lot 234.
Orthosia (BC 200-0) AE 14258 views2nd-1st century BC. AE14 (2.47g). Laureate head of Zeus right / ΟΡΘΩΣΙΕΩΝ, filleted thyrsos. VF. Very rare. Unpublished?
Orthosia (BC 200-0) AE 15263 views2nd-1st century BC. AE15 (3.68g). ΟΡΘΟΣΙΕΩΝ, wreathed head of Dionysos right / Panther jumping right, head turned left, thyrsos behind. Rare.
Orthosia (BC 200-0) AE 16236 views2nd-1st century BC. AE16 (3.29g, 12h). ΟΡΘΟΣΙΕΩΝ, wreathed head of Dionysos right / Panther crouching right, head turned left, raising forepaw, thyrsos over shoulder. Rare. Alighieri Coll.
Orthosia (BC 200-0) AE 17247 views2nd century BC. AE17 (3.87g, 11h). Laureate head of Zeus right, countermark: Karian letters in incuse square / [ΟΡ]ΘΩΣΙΕΩΝ / ΑΜΥΝΤΩΡ ΘΕ[ ... ], Athena standing right, holding spear and shield. Karl Coll.
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