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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Alinda (AD 193 - 211) AE - Septimius Severus492 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193 - 211 AD. AE (21.82g). AUT KAIS SEUHROS PERTINAX, Laureate head R / EPI [ARKOR MEN]IPPOU ALINDEWN, Herakles fighting the nemean lion. Red-brown patina, VF.
Alinda (AD 193-211) AE 39 - Septimius Severus and Caracalla601 viewsSeptimius Severus and Caracalla, 193-211 AD. AE39 (17.03g). ΑVΤ Κ Λ CΕΠ CEVΗΡΟC ΚΑΙ Μ ΑVΡ ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΟC, laureate, cuirassed bust of Severus right vis-à-vis laureate bust of Caracalla / ΕΠΙ ΑΡ ΚΟΡ ΜΕ-ΝΙΠΠΟV ΑΛΙΝΔΕΩΝ/ΑCΥΛΟ/ΜΕΝ/ΟC ΗΡ/ΑΚΛ/ΝΔΟC/Ε-Ι, Herakles, naked, standing facing, head right, holding club and lionskin in right hand, with his left hand clasping the hand of Sept. Severus, standing facing in military dress, head left, holding spear. Lighted altar between them. Wide flan, brown patina. Apparently unpublished.
Alinda (AD 198-217) AE 36 – Caracalla & Plautilla367 viewsCaracalla, with Plautilla, 198-217 AD. AE36 (22.18g, 6h). Marcus Ulpius Uliades, magistrate. Struck circa AD 202/3. AV K M A-NTΩNINOC N(εα) Θ(εα) H(ρα) ΠΛAVTIΛ, confronted busts of Caracalla right, laureate, draped, and cuirassed, and Plautilla left, draped and wearing stephane / Apollo standing facing, head left, holding plectrum and lyre. Good VF, brown patina that is lightly rubbed on the highpoints. Fine style portraits of the young newlyweds. Better than the above referenced specimens and lacking the usual countermark. From Group CEM. Ex Numismatic Fine Arts XIV (11/1984), lot 493.

Three Carian cities - Alinda, Alabanda, and Stratonicea - commemorated the marriage between Caracalla and Plautilla by issuing coins with dual portraits proclaiming the young empress as “the new goddess Hera.” As Ken Harl notes (Civic Coins and Civic Politics in the Roman East: A.D. 180-275 [Berkeley, CA: University of California Press], p. 41): “By implication, Caracalla was envisioned as a youthful Zeus, so that the imperial marriage became a symbolic reenactment of the celestial one.”
Alinda (AD 198-217) AE 38 - Caracalla and Plautilla508 viewsCaracalla and Plautilla, 196-217 AD. AE38 (25.96g, 12h). ΑVΤ Κ Μ ΑVP ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟC ΝΘΗ ΠΛΑVΤΙΛΛ, Caracalla, laureate and draped bust right vis-à-vis diademed and draped bust of Plautilla, counterstamp (Howgego 77, laureate head right) / ΑΡC Μ ΟVL OVL[ΙΑΔΟY - ΛΕΟΝΤΟC] / Α / ΛΙΝ / ΔΕ - ΩΝ, Apollo standing facing, head left, holding kithara in left hand and plectrum in right. Ex CNG 22 (9/1992), 600.
Alinda (BC 145-130) AE 19346 viewsca 145-130 BC. AE19 (4.58g). Laureate bust of young male right / ΑΛ-ΙΝ/ΔΕ-ΩΝ, thunderbolt, within olive wreath. Dark green patina, gVF/VF. Very rare. The obverse portrait resembles Seleukid kings Demetrios II (1st reign, 146-139 BC) or Antiochos VII (139-129 BC).
Alinda (BC 200-100) AE 11376 viewsca 2nd cent BC. AE11 (1.68g). Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress / Quiver with arrows and bow, ΑΛΙ above, club below. VF, dark green patina. Apparently an unrecorded variety.
Alinda (BC 200-150) AE 17415 viewsearly 2nd cent BC. AE17 (4.64g, 12h). Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress / ΑΛΙΝ/ΔΕΩΝ, lion skin hanging on club, within oak wreath. Very rare, aVF. Karl coll.
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