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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Kibyra (AD 14-37) AE 16 - Tiberius133 viewsTiberius, 14-37 AD. AE16 (2.83g). ΣΕΒΑΣTOΣ, bare head right / ΚΙΒΥΡΑTΩΝ, togate male figure standing left, raising hand. VF.
Kibyra (AD 54-68) AE 19 - Marcellus776 viewsTime of Nero, 54-68 AD. AE19 (4.66g, 6h). Marcellus, legate(?). MAP KEΛΛOC, bare head of Marcellus right / KIBY PATΩN, eagle standing left on altar, head right. VF, black-green patina with traces of olive encrustation. Very rare. Ex Villemur Coll.; ex Malter XXXIV (12/1986), lot 371; ex Knobloch Coll. (Stack's, 6/1970), lot 376.

Other than that his name was Marceullus, the identity of and office held by the individual depicted on this issue is uncertain. Certainly he held office worthy of this coinage, but during this period, no Marcellus is known to have served as a proconsul in Asia, nor is there any other reference to such an individual having served in any other important capacity. The only possibility that seems plausible is that he was a legate dispatched to attend to some important duty in Asia in the mid-1st century AD.
Kibyra (AD 81-96) AE 17301 viewsQuasi-autonomous, time of Domitian (81-96 AD). AE17 (2.40g), struck under archiereus Klaud. Biantos. KIBVPA - TΩN, draped and veiled bust of Ino right / EΠI APXI - E KΛAV BI / ANTOC, humbled bull, butting right. Rare, about VF. Hoeft coll.

This coin shows the rare portrait of Ino. We know that because on some coins she is named in the legend. Ino was the daughter of Kadmos and Harmonia. She lent Odysseus her magic girdle (Hom.Od.V, 353).
Kibyra (AD 81-96) AE 21 - Domitian94 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD (Klau Bias priest). AE21 (4.96g, 6h). ΔOMITIANOC CEBACTOC KIBYPATΩN, laureate head of Domitian right / EПI APXIEPEΩC KΛAY BIANTOC, Athena standing left, holding Nike, spear and shield. VF, dark green patina. Scarce. Tricarico coll.
Kibyra (AD 81-96) AE 22 - Domitian93 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD (Klau Bias priest). AE22 (4.574g, 6h). ΔOMITIANOC KAI CEBAYOC, laureate head of Domitian right / EПI APXIEPEΩC KΛAY BIANTOC, - KI BY (across field), Dionysus standing, left, holding thyrsus and cantharus; panther at his feet. nVF, green patina with earthen incrustations. Scarce. Tricarico coll.
Kibyra (AD 81-96) AE 22 - Domitian & Domitia288 viewsDomitian, with Domitia, 81-96 AD. AE21 (6.18g, 6h). Laureate head of Domitian right, vis-à-vis draped bust of Domitia left / Zeus seated left, holding phiale and scepter. VF, dark green patina. Tricarico coll.
Kibyra (AD 81-96) AE 22 - Domitian and Domitia259 viewsDomitian and Domitia, 81-96 AD. AE22 (5.32g). Confronted busts of Domitian (erased) and Domitia; countermark: star / Zeus seated left, holding patera and scepter. VF, black patina.
Kibyra (AD 100-200) AE 22271 viewsImperial Times, 2nd cent AD. AE22 (5.23g). Head Roma right / KIBYPATΩN, Dionysos with kantharos and thyrsos; to the left, panther. Rare. Very fine.
Kibyra (AD 100-300) AE 18297 viewsImperial Times, 2nd-3rd cent AD. AE18 (4.70g). Bearded head of Hercules / River-god reclining left on upturned urn from which water flows, holding branch in right hand. Rare. Very fine.
Kibyra (AD 117-138) AE 17 - Hadrian147 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE17 (2.99g, 6h). KΛICAP ΛΔPIAN[OC], laureate head right, slight drapery on left shoulder / KIBVP[A] TΩ[N], Amazon standing right, holding spear and shield. Good VF, green patina, minor roughness. Apparently unique for this emperor. From Group CEM.
Kibyra (AD 117-138) AE 18 - Sabina279 viewsSabina, 117-138. AE 18 (3.79g). Draped bust of Sabina right / Athena standing left, shield in left hand, Nike in right. Apparently unpublished. Rare. VF.
Kibyra (AD 117-138) AE 18 – Sabina245 viewsSabina, wife of Hadrian, 117-138 AD. AE18 (3.68g). Diademed and draped bust right / KIBV-[PAT]ΩN, Asklepios standing facing, holding staff entwined by serpent. Rare. Very fine.
Kibyra (AD 117-138) AE 24 - Hadrian251 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE24 (7.87g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / KIBYPA-TΩN, Zeus seated left holding phiale and scepter. Scratches on both sides, very fine.
Kibyra (AD 117-138) AE 26 - Hadrian170 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AE26 (13.97g, 6h). Laureate bust right, wearing aegis / Zeus seated left, holding phiale and leaning on scepter. Good VF, dark brown patina. Rare and with an interesting bust type. From Group CEM.
Kibyra (AD 139-161) AE 28 - Marcus Aurelius225 viewsMarcus Aurelius, as Caesar, 139-161 AD. AE28 (11.88g). M AVPЄ VHPOC KAIC, draped and cuirassed bust right / KIBV PATΩN, Athena standing left with spear and shield. Apparently unpublished. Nice VF.
Kibyra (AD 147-175) AE 35 - Faustina Jr.623 viewsFaustina Jr., wife of Marcus Aurelius. Augusta, 147-175 AD. AE35 (22.56g, 6h). Homonoia with Hierapolis. Claudius Philocles, magistrate. FAVCTEI NA CEBACTH, draped bust R, hair tied back in chignon / KIBVPATWN K IERAPOLITWN EPI KL FILOKLEOC OMONOIA, female figure, draped and veiled, holding two children, standing R before Zeus, enthroned L, who holds Pegasus in outstretched R hand and sceptre in L. EF, dark brown patina, flan flaws on reverse and edge. From the Garth R. Drewry Collection. Ex CNG 63 (5/2003), lot 1015.

The identity of the female on rev is uncertain in references; Franke & Nolle describe her as Leto, mother of Apollo and Artemis; BMC simple calls her a goddess. Neither describe Pegasus being held by Zeus, and this may be the clue to her identity and the relevance of the scene. Pegasus, born of Medusa and tamed by Bellerophon, later throws off his mortal master and ascends to heaven, where he becomes the horse of Zeus and symbol of immortality, associated with the apotheosis of semi-divine mortals. The veiled female figure may be Faustina herself, presenting to Zeus her twin children, Aelius Aurelius and Aurelius Antoninus, who died shortly after their birth in 149.
Kibyra (AD 172) AE 33134 viewsTime of Marcus Aurelius, 161-180 AD. AE33 (17.27g). Δ H M OC∙ KIBYPATΩN, youthfull laureate bust of Demos right / ЄΠI∙ KΛ∙ Φ IΛOKΛЄOC, Hades Serapisenthroned to left, with scepter and phiale over Kerberos. Almost EF.
Kibyra (AD 175) AE 18 - Faustina II214 viewsFaustina II, died 175 AD. AE18 (5.49g). ΦAVCTINA NЄA, draped bust right / KIBYPA TΩN, wicker basket. Very fine.
Kibyra (AD 193-217) AE 32 - Julia Domna77 viewsJulia Domna, Augusta, 193-217 AD. AE32 (17.14g). P. Aelius Capitonus, magistrate. IOVΛ ΔOMNA CЄBACTH, draped bust right / ЄΠI ΠO AIΛ KAΠITΩNOC KAIC KIBVRATΩN, Cybele standing left. Extremely rare. aVF.
Kibyra (AD 198-209) AE 20 - Geta71 viewsGeta, as Caesar, 198-209 AD. AE20 (4.00g). Λ CЄΠ ΓЄTAC K, bareheaded, draped and cuirassed bust right / KIBYPA / TΩN, basket. VF.
Kibyra (AD 198-217) AE 35 - Caracalla97 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE35 (22.14g, 6h). Dated CY 176 (199/200 AD). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Fortuna standing right, holding scepter and clasping hands with Minerva seated left on throne, resting elbow upon cuirass and shield; ЄT COP (date) in exergue. Near VF, dark gray-green patina, a few marks on the obverse. Spradling Coll.
Kibyra (AD 217-218) AE 26 - Diadumenian224 viewsDiadumenian, as Caesar, 217-218 AD. AE26 (9.38g, 6h). Bare-headed, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Tyche standing left, holding rudder and corncuopia. Near VF, dark green patina, light roughness.
Kibyra (AD 217-218) AE 27 - Macrinus72 viewsMacrinus, 217-218 AD. AE27 (6.44g). AVT KAI M O CЄ MAKPЄINOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / KIBVPATΩN, Demeter standing left, holding grain ears and sceptre. Extremely rare. VF.
Kibyra (AD 217-218) AE 31 - Macrinus186 viewsMacrinus, 217-218 AD. AE31 (13.46g, 6h). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Asklepios standing facing, head left, leaning on serpent-staff. VF, tan surfaces. Rare.
Kibyra (AD 217-218) AE 32 - Diadumenian412 viewsDiadumenian, Caesar, 217-218 AD. AE32 (16.95g). M OΠЄΛ ANTΩ-NINOC ΔIA K Draped, cuirassed bust r., head bare / KIBV-PATΩN Zeus, nude to waist, seated l. on throne with high back-rest, holding sceptre in his l. hand, thunderbolt in his r. hand, at his feet, eagle with open wings standing l., head turned r. Nice dark brown patina. Light scratches.Good very fine. Ex Rhousopoulos, Th. Prowe and J.-P. Righetti collections; and ex J. Hirsch, Munich 13 (1905), 4111; Brüder Egger, Vienna 46 (1914), 1669 and Münzen und Medaillen GmbH, Weil am Rhein 16 (Stuttgart 2005), 531.
Kibyra (AD 217-218) AE 45 - Macrinus and Diadumenianus1000 views217-218 AD. AE45 (61.32g). AVTO KAI M OPeL. eB. MAKPeINOC K M OPEL ANTOWNINOC KAICAP, laureate and curassed bust of Macrinus right and Diadumenianus left / KAICAPEWN KIBVPATWN - GRO, Amazon standing facing, wearing turreted crown, holding double-axe and patera, bowl with sphynx on top at feet to left. Brown patina, EF. Very rare.
Kibyra (AD 217-218) AE 46 - Macrinus and Diadumenian314 viewsMacrinus and Diadumenian, 217-218 AD. AE46 (51.3g). Macrinus and Diadumenian facing/ Amazon holding double ax, low tripod with sphinx to L, basket above. An extreme rarity with contemporary flan damage, right edge flattened and matching scars across faces. 46mm flan and nearly seven mm thick.
Kibyra (AD 218-222) AE 20 - Julia Soaemias238 viewsJulia Soaemias, Augusta, 218-222 AD. AE20 (3.4g). IOYΛIA COAIMIAC, draped bust right / KAI KIBVPATΩN, Hermes seated on cippus left; holding purse and kerykeion. EF.
Kibyra (AD 218-222) AE 24 - Elagabalus381 viewsElagabalus, 218-222 AD. AE24 (7.87g). AV KM AV - ANTΩNINOC, draped, radiate bust right / KIBVPATΩN, river-god reclining left, resting with left arm on vase from which water is flowing left, holding reed in right hand; in upper left field, a chest; in left field KAICA/PE/ΩN. Rare, F. Hoeft coll.

The depicted chest is the symbol of Kibyra. Because KIBΩTON (Greek for wooden case or chest) was used in the NT for Noah's Ark, it was suggested that Kibyra was the place where Noah landed after the Flood. Therefore it became a famous site of pilgrimage.
Kibyra (AD 222) AE 22 - Severus Alexander188 viewsSeverus Alexander, as Caesar, 222 AD. AE22 (5.55g, 2h). M AVP AΛЄ ANΔPOC K, bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust right / KIBVPA above, TΩN below, recumbent bull right, head facing slightly left. Good VF, black-green patina.
Kibyra (AD 222-235) AE 35 - Severus Alexander365 viewsIn alliance with Ephesus. Severus Alexander, 222-235 AD. AE35 (29.01g). Draped and cuirassed bust right, viewed from behind / Hekate as civic goddess of Kibyra, at left standing right, holding basket of Kibyra upon her head and clasping the hand of Artemis Ephesia, at right standing facing, supported by two stags; OMONOIA in exergue. VF, tan patina with muted brown highlights, glossy on obverse and slightly granular on reverse. Quite attractive.
Kibyra (AD 222-235) AE 35 - Severus Alexander388 viewsSeverus Alexander, 222-235 AD. AE35 (26.55g) Homonoia between Cibyra and Ephesos. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / Tyche of Cibyra standing right, holding cult statue of Thea Pisidike and Tyche of Ephesos standing left, holding cult statue of Diana of Ephesus, clasping hands; lighted altar between; D above. Nice Fine, dark olive patina with earthen highlights. Obverse die match for BMC Phrygia p. 148, 94.
Kibyra (AD 235-238) AE 23 - Maximus254 viewsMaximus, Caesar, 235/6-238 AD. AE23 (5.89g, 6h). Bare-headed and draped bust right / Hermes standing left, holding purse and caduceus. Good VF, hard black-green patina with light green overtones. Very rare. Ex Wagner Coll.
Kibyra (AD 235-238) AE 31 - Maximinus I and Maximus Caesar250 viewsMaximinus I, with Maximus Caesar, 235-238 AD. AE31 (14.54g). Confronted busts of Maximinus and Maximus; bust of Maximinus laureate, draped and cuirassed, that of Maximus draped / ETOVC BIC KAICAPEΩN KIBVPATΩN, Hekate standing left, holding torch and basket on her head. Fine, green patina. Rare.
Kibyra (AD 238-244) AE 22- Gordian III284 viewsGordian III, 238-244 AD. AE22 (7.92g). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Eagle standing facing on caduceus, head left. VF, smooth brown patina.
Kibyra (AD 238-244) AE 29 - Tranquillina258 viewsTranquillina (wife of Gordian III), 238-244 AD. AE29 (13.58g). Bust of Tranquilina right, ΦΡ TPAN KYΛΛΛEINA CEB / KIBYPA TΩΝ, Nike standing left, holding wreath and palm; in left field wicker basket, badge of Cibyra and date ΘIC (219 = 243-244 AD). About very fine.
Kibyra (AD 238-244) AE 38 - Gordian III243 viewsGordian III, 238-244 AD. AE38 (19.83g, 6h). Dated CY 217 (240/1 AD). Radiate head right / Hercules standing right, leaning on club draped with lion’s skin and set on rock; ZIC (date) to left. VF, dark green patina, roughness and light adjustment marks on obverse, reverse slightly double struck. From Group CEM.
Kibyra (AD 244-249) AE 21 - Otacilia Severa150 viewsOtacilia Severa, Augusta, 244-249 AD. AE21 (3.92g, 6h). M • ΩΤAKIA • CЄBHPA • CЄ, draped bust right / KI[B]V PΛTΩΝ, eagle standing facing on winged caduceus, head left, with wings displayed. EF, black-green patina with some lighter green overtones, some adjustment marks on obverse. Apparently unique. Group CEM.
Kibyra (AD 249-251) AE 25 - Trajan Decius104 viewsTrajan Decius, 249-251 AD. AE25 (6.69g). AVT KAI TPAIANO C ΔЄKIOC, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / KIBYPATωN, temple front of two columns, containing the basket of Kibyra. VF.
Kibyra (AD 249-251) AE 31 - Herennia Etruscilla258 viewsHerennia Etruscilla, wife of Trajan Decius, 249-251 AD. AE31 (15.38g), struck CY 226 (250/1 AD). Diademed and draped bust right / Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae; date in right field. VF, dark green patina, earthen encrustation. Wagner Coll.
Kibyra (AD 249-251) AE 34 - Trajan Decius191 viewsTrajan Decius, 249-251 AD. AE34 (23.95g). Dated CY 226 (250/251 AD). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Demeter, holding torch and grain ears, and Tyche of Cibyra, holding basket on head, standing facing one another; cista mystica between. Good Fine, dark brown patina, minor roughness. Ex Wagner Coll.
Kibyra (AD 253-268) AE 33 - Gallienus80 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE33 (16.69g). AV KAI ΓAΛΛIHNOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / KIBVPATΩN, Hygieia standing right, holding serpent; to right, Asclepius standing facing, head left, leaning upon serpent-entwined staff. gVF.
Kibyra (BC 27-AD 14) AE 18 - Augustus242 viewsAugustus, 27 BC-14 AD. AE19 (4.98g). Bare head right / CЄBACTOC KIBYPA TΩN, Capricorn right, head reverted. VF, black patina under some light earthen encrustation.
Kibyra (BC 166-84) AE 10277 viewsca 166-84 BC. AE10 (1.00g). Helmeted male head right / Humped bull butting right on ground line, KIBYR below, AK? above.
Kibyra (BC 166-84) AE 12314 viewsLate 2nd-1st century BC. AE12mm (1.92g, 6h). Helmeted head of man (Kibyras?) right; monogram behind / Humped bull butting right; E M above; all within square incuse. Near VF, rough green patina. Alighieri Coll.
Kibyra (BC 166-84) AE 1380 views2nd-1st century BC. AE13 (1.86g). Helmeted head of Athena right / KI, eagle standing right on thunderbolt. aVF.
Kibyra (BC 166-84) AE 14242 viewsca 166-84 BC. AE14 (2.9g). Helmeted bust right / KIBYPTΩΝ, forepart of bull butting right, within shallow incuse circle. VF.
Kibyra (BC 166-84) AE 16559 viewsca 2nd-1st century BC. AE16 (2.56g). Facing head of Medusa / Forepart of bull right. Rare, very fine.
Kibyra (BC 166-84) AE 28234 viewsca 166-84 BC. AE28 (16.43g). Draped and helmeted bust of Hero Kibyros right, wearing Attic helmet, Λ below / Cuirassed horseman right, bee in left field, ΚIBYPATΩN below. Fine.
Kibyra (BC 166-84) Drachm403 viewsca 166-84 BC. AR Drachm (2.80g). Draped male bust right, wearing crested helmet / Horseman galloping right, holding couched spear and shield; grape cluster behind, O-PO and ΚΙΒΥΡΑΤΩΝ below. Good VF, toned, reverse slightly double struck.
Kibyra (BC 166-84) Drachm427 viewsca 166-84 BC. AR Drachm (2.93g). Draped male bust right, wearing crested helmet / Horseman galloping right, holding couched spear and shield; caps of the Dioskouroi behind, OC-AI and ΚΙΒΥΡΑΤΩΝ below. Good VF, toned, reverse strike a little soft.
Kibyra (BC 166-84) Drachm550 viewsca 166-84 BC. AR Drachm (2.48g). Male head right, wearing crested helmet / Horseman galloping right, holding couched spear and shield; symbol or monogram behind, IC and ΚΙΒΥΡΑΤΩΝ below. VF.
Kibyra (BC 166-84) Drachm180 viewsca 166-84 BC. AR Drachm (16mm, 2.62g, 12h). Male head right, wearing crested helmet / Horseman galloping right, holding couched spear and palm; monogram behind, T-AY, MOYCAIOC, and KIBYPATΩ[N] below. Near VF, cleaning scratches, some roughness. Rare variety with an unlisted magistrate’s name (Mousaios).
Kibyra (BC 166-84) Tetradrachm929 viewsafter 166 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.22g). Draped male bust right, wearing crested helmet / Horseman galloping right, holding couched spear and shield; ΚΙΒΥΡΑΤΩΝ below. EF.
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