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Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor

Tisna (BC 350-300) AE 11642 viewsca 350-300 BC. AE11 (1.34g). Young male head left, hair short / Sword in sheath; ΤΙΣΝΑ-ΙΟΝ. EF.
Tisna (BC 350-300) AE 11416 viewsca 350-300 BC. AE11 (1.50g). Head of young horned Tisnaios / ΤΙΣ-ΝΑΙΟΝ, one-handled vase. Rare. Very fine.
Tisna (BC 350-300) AE 11520 viewsca 350-300 BC. AE11 (1.35g). Youthful head of river-god Tisnaios right / Sword in sheath, ΤΙΣ-ΝΑΙΟΣ. Dark green patina, gVF. Very rare.
Tisna (BC 350-300) AE 16594 views4th century BC. AE16 (3.45g, 5h). Head of river god Tisnaios left / One-handled cup. Good VF, black patina with light earthen dusting, a few rough spots. Very rare, and exceptional for type.
Tisna (BC 350-300) AE 17572 viewsca 350-300 BC. AE17 (3.94g, 5h). Head of young horned Tisnaios / One-handled vase, ΤΙΣ−ΝΑΙΟΝ. Brown-green patina, VF.
Tisna (BC 350-300) AE 18?480 viewsca 350-300 BC. AE (3.64g). Head of young, horned Tisnaios left / Kotyle, ΤΙΣ−ΝΑΙΟΝ. Black patina, VF. Rare.
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