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Hieropolis / Komana


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Mazaka / Eusebeia


same as, renamed Kaisareia

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Kappadokia Uncertain

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Kings of Kappadokia


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Random coins - Kappadokia
Kaisareia (AD 193-217) Tridrachm - Julia Domna191 viewsJulia Domna, Augusta, 193-217 AD. AR Tridrachm (8.64g, 24mm, 11h). Dated RY 14 of Severus (206 AD). IOYAIA • ΔO-MNA AYΓOY, draped bust right / MHTP KAICA, Mt. Argaeus surmounted by statue; ЄTO IΔ (date) in exergue. Good VF.
Kaisareia (AD 69-79) Drachm - Titus218 viewsTitus as Caesar, 69-79 AD. AR Drachm (2.90g, 18mm, 12h). Dated RY 9 (76/7 AD). AYT KAICAP TIT YOC CEBACTOY OYECΠACI, laureate head of Titus right / NIKE CEBACTH / ET Θ, Nike standing right, holding wreath with right hand and palm with left hand. Tricarico Coll.
Kaisareia (AD 238-244) AE 24 - Gordian III157 viewsGordian III, 238-244 AD. AE24 (9.11g). Dated RY 4 (241/2 AD). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Legend and mount Argaeus in four lines within wreath; date in legend. Nice green patina, gVF. Franke coll.
Kaisareia (AD 238-244) Drachm - Gordian III108 viewsGordian III, 238-244 AD. AR Drachm (3.89g, 17mm, 6h). Dated RY 4 (240/1 AD). Laureate head right / Mt. Argaeus; ЄT Δ (date) in exergue. Good VF, toned, minor porosity.
Kaisareia (AD 41-54) AE 16273 viewsTime of Claudius, 41-54 AD. AE16 (3.60g). KAICAPЄNΩN, bust of Apollo with quiver right / ЄTOVC Γ, tripod. Nice VF.
(BC 36-AD 17) Archelaus - AE 231118 viewsArchelaus, 36 BC-17 AD. AE23 (8.51g). Head of Herakles right / ΕΥΣΕ-ΒΕΙΑΣ, tetrastyle temple with three figures on pediment; date KE (=Year 25 = 12/11 BC) in exergue. Very fine.

Archelaus was elevated to the Cappadocian throne by Marc Antony, where he reigned for over half a century.
(BC 116-101) Ariarathes VII - Tetradrachm887 viewsAriarathes VII Philometoros, 116-101 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.58g), struck ca 116 BC in Eusebeia Tyana. Diademed head right / Athena standing left, holding spear in left hand, which rests on round shield adorned with gorgoneion; on her right hand, Nike crowns the epithet Philometor with wreath; O - Λ; all within olive wreath. Extremely rare. Extremely fine.
Kaisareia (AD 161-180) AE 16 - Marcus Aurelius148 viewsMarcus Aurelius, 161-180 AD. AE16 (4.70g). Dated RY 5 (165 AD). Laureate head right / Modius. Very rare. Minimal cleaning scratches on obverse. VF.

Last additions - Kappadokia
Kaisareia (AD 222-235) AE 37 - Severus Alexander63 viewsSeverus Alexander, 222-235 AD. AE37 - Medallion (26.09g). Dated RY 6 (227/8 AD). Laureate, draped and cuirasse bust right / The Emperor standing left in military dress holding spear and sacrificing with a patera over a lighted altar; behind a Victory advancing left, crowing him. In left field, M. Argaeus. In exergue, ETς. Apparently unpublished. Attractive brown tone. gVF.Feb 19, 2017
Kaisareia (AD 117-138) Didrachm - Hadrian68 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AR Didrachm (7.44g, 11h). 128 AD. AΔΡIANOC CEBACTO, laureate head right / YΠATOC Γ ΠATHP ΠAT, Helios, holding globe and sceptre, standing atop Mt. Argaeus; star to left, crescent to right. Very Rare. aEF.Feb 08, 2017
Kaisareia (AD 117-138) Didrachm - Hadrian69 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AR Didrachm (6.96g, 6h). 119-121 AD. AYT KAIC TPAIAN AΔPIANOC CEB, laureate and draped bust right / ΔHMAPX ΕΞ YΠAT Γ, Helios, holding globe and sceptre, standing atop Mt. Argaeus. Very Rare. aEF.Feb 08, 2017
Kaisareia (AD 202-205) Drachm - Plautilla898 viewsPlautilla, Augusta, 202-205 AD. AR Drachm (3.12g, 20mm, 12h). Draped bust right / Artemis drawing arrow from quiver with right hand, holding bow in left hand. gVF.Feb 08, 2017
Hierapolis (AD 117-138) Drachm - Hadrian79 viewsHadrian, 117-138 AD. AR Drachm (3.09g, 18mm). ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟС СЄΒΑСΤΟС, laureate head right / ΥΠΑΤΟС Γ ΠΑΤΗΡ ΠΑΤΡΙ, Tyche seated left on throne, holding rudder and cornucopia. Very rare. VF.Feb 07, 2017
Kaisareia (AD 238-244) Drachm - Gordian III58 viewsGordian III, 238-244 AD. AR Drachm (2.67g, 18mm). Dated RY 4 (240/1 AD). AV K M ANT ΓOPΔIANOC CЄB, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right / MHTPOΠ KAICA BN / ЄT Δ, Mt. Argaeus. gVF.Feb 07, 2017
Kaisareia (AD 222-235) AE 27 - Severus Alexander56 viewsSeverus Alexander, 222-235 AD. AE27 (11.78g). Dated RY 6 (227/8 AD). AVP CЄOVHPOC AΛЄΞANΔP, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / MHTPOΠO KAICAPIA / ЄT ς, Hercules standing left, holding branch and club; vexillum to left and right; Mt. Argaeus above. VF.Feb 07, 2017
Kaisareia (AD 177-192) Drachm - Commodus63 viewsCommodus, 177-192 AD. AR Drachm (4.16g, 20mm). ΑVΤ Μ ΑVΡ ΚΟΜΟ ΑΝΤωΝΙ, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / VΠΑΤΟС Δ ΠΑΤ ΠΑΤΡΙ, Mt. Argaeus; star above. VF. Ex Dr. P. Vogl collection; ex Bankhaus Aufhäuser.Feb 07, 2017