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Random coins - Galatia
Ankyra (AD 198-217) AE 33 - Caracalla123 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE33 (13.74g, 7h). Laureate head right / Prize crown with palm set on table; five balls below table. Fine, dark green patina, light roughness. Ex R. D. Frederick Coll.
Koinon of Galatia (AD 98-117) AE 31 - Trajan141 viewsTrajan, 98-117 AD. AE31 (24.53g, 6h). Pomponius Bassus, magistrate. Laureate head right / Zeus seated left, holding thunderbolt and scepter; behind throne, eagle standing facing, head left. VF, mottled brown and tan patina, roughness.
(BC 37-25) Amyntas - AE537 viewsAmyntas, 36-25 BC. Kremna? AE (2.28g). Bust of Hermes R, wearing petasos, caduceus over shoulder / Winged cadueceus, ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ / ΑΜΥΝ-ΤΟΥ. Thick green patina, EF. Rare.
Ankyra (AD 253-268) AE 24 - Gallienus110 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE24 (7.18g). ΠO ΛI EΓ ΓAΛΛIHNOC CE, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right / METPO B N ANKVPAC, Hermes with purse and kerykeion. gVF.
(BC 37-25) Amyntas - Tetradrachm622 viewsAmyntas, 36-25 BC. AR Tetradrachm (15.62g, 12h). Helmeted head of Athena right / ΒΑΣΙ-ΛΕΩ[Σ] ΑΜΥΝ-ΤΟΥ, Nike advancing left, holding sceptre adorned with diadem. Good VF, toned, light cleaning marks in field on reverse. Rare.
Ankyra (AD 209-211) AE 28 - Geta230 viewsGeta, 209-211 AD. AE28 (14.88g). Laureate head right / Octastyle temple. Near VF, golden tan surfaces, several small flan cracks.
Tavion (AD 193-211) AE 27 - Septimius Severus213 viewsSeptimius Severus, 193-211 AD. AE27 (1.48g, 12h). Laureate head right / River-god Halys reclining left, leaning on overturned amphora from which water flows, placing hand on gallery and holding branch. Good VF, tan-brown patina, light scratches in fields. Group CEM; ex Sternberg XI (11/1981), lot 380.
Germa (AD 177-192) AE 29 - Commodus1629 viewsCommodus, 177-192 AD. AE29 (17.85g, 1h). Laureate and cuirassed bust right / Zeus seated right, holding grain-ears and scepter. VF, brown patina, rough surfaces. Ex Wagner Coll.

Last additions - Galatia
Germa (AD 177-192) AE 18 - Commodus87 viewsCommodus, 177-192 AD. AE18 (3.45g). IMP COM ANTONIN, laureate head to right / COL GERMENOR, lupa romana to right, suckling twins. VF.Feb 15, 2017
Ankyra (AD 161-180 AD) AE 27 - Marcus Aurelius79 viewsMarcus Aurelius, 161-180 AD. AE27 (15.88g). ΑVΤ Μ ΑVΡ ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝ, bareheaded and cuirassed bust right / ΑΝΚVΡΑС / ΜΗΤΡ, octastyle temple. Extremely rare, with RPC citing just one specimen. aVF.Jan 26, 2017
Pessinos (AD 147-175) AE 18 - Faustina II70 viewsFaustina II, Augusta, 147-175 AD. AE18 (3.79g). ΦAVCTЄINA NЄA CЄBACTH, draped bust right / ΠЄCCINOVNTIΩN, Harpocrates standing facing, head left, holding cornucopia and raising hand to mouth. aVF. Extremely rare, with RPC citing just one example.Jan 26, 2017
Tavion (AD 193-217) AE 28 - Julia Domna62 viewsJulia Domna. Augusta, 193-217 AD. AE28 (13.62g, 7h). Draped bust right / Fortuna seated left on rocks, holding grain; below, river god Halys swimming right. Good VF, pale earthen green patina. Very rare.Jan 25, 2017
Galatia Uncertain (BC 200-100) AE 2079 viewsca 2nd century BC. AE20 (7.28g). Bearded head right, wearing taenia / Bull standing left; monogram above. Very rare. VF.Aug 22, 2016
Pessinos (AD 161-180) AE 24 - Marcus Aurelius82 viewsMarcus Aurelius, 161-180 AD. AE24 (11.15g). Α Κ Μ Α ΑΝΤΩΝЄΙΝOС, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΠЄССΙΝΟVΝΤΙΩΝ, Asclepius standing facing, head left, holding serpent-entwined staff. Very rare. gVF.Jun 20, 2016
Ankyra (AD 198-217) AE 29 - Caracalla86 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. AE29 (18.48g). A K M A ANTΩNЄINOC AV, laureate head right / MH / TPOΠO / ΛЄΩC / ANKV / PAC, in five lines within wreath. VF.Jun 20, 2016
Koinon of Galatia (AD 54-68) AE 19 - Nero124 viewsNero, 54-68 AD. AE19 (4.79g, 12h). Struck 62-65 AD. Laureate head right / Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm frond. Good VF, dark brown patina. Extremely rare.Jan 28, 2016