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Random coins - Lesbos
Mytilene (BC 477-455) EL Hekte - B27221 viewsca 478­-455 BC. EL Hekte (10.5mm, 2.52g, 5h). Head of ram right; below, cock standing left / Incuse head of bull right. Good VF, lightly toned. Unusual centering, allowing full view of cock.
Mytilene (BC 412-378) EL Hekte - B68687 viewsca 430-400 BC. EL Hekte (2.56g). Female head facing right, wearing hair-net / Beardless head with grotesque features facing left, wearing a modius-like object at forehead, the hair covered by net; thin square frame, all in incuse square. About EF/VF.

Bodenstedt interpreted the male head on the reverse as a Daktylos or Telchine, both from mythical bands of miners and blacksmiths, sometimes described as having a sinister character. (A common feature of mythical blacksmiths - Hephaestus is the exception, but he was physically handicapped instead). The object at the forehead could be something like a miner's lamp, but this is by no means confirmed.
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B59156 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.48g, 7h, 11mm). Laureate head of Apollo right / Head of a goat right. VF. Carr coll.

Eight known to Bodenstedt, seven others known of which this is the seventh.
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B44210 viewsca 454-428/7 BC. EL Hekte (2.51g, 10mm, 12h). Head of nymph three-quarter facing and turned slightly right, wearing taenia that is bound up at the back of her head / Bull's head left; M above; all within incuse square. Good VF. Carr coll.

A rare coin with Bodenstedt noting just 7 examples. There are only 7 additional examples appearing in auctions before this sale. This emission shares an obverse similar to B45 with some sharing the same die. There is a variation of the obverse in which at the top left of field (10:00) contains a letter “A” (see Coin ID 12993). On the reverse, the “M” above the bull’s head has been taken to indicate Mytilene.
Mytilene (BC 477-455) EL Hekte - B24683 viewsca 478-455 BC. EL Hekte (2.52g, 9h). Head of roaring lion right / Incuse head of calf right. Good VF, toned. Very rare, only 8 examples listed by Bodenstedt.
Methymna (BC 500-450) Obol303 views5th century BC. AR Obol (0.52g). Helmeted head of Athena left, wearing Attic helmet / Turtle in incuse dotted square. VF. Very rare.
Methymna (BC 450-400) Silenos - Obol175 viewsca 400 BC. AR Obol (0.32g, 7mm). Head of bearded Silenos facing / Land turtle in dotted square border within incuse square. VF. Rare.
Mytilene (BC 521-478) EL Hekte - B10372 viewsca 521-478 BC. EL Hekte (10.5mm, 2.57g, 12h). Forepart of winged boar right / Incuse head of lion left; rectangular punch behind. EF, toned. Well centered. Very rare. Cooke coll.

Last additions - Lesbos
Nesos (BC 350-300) Hemidrachm16 viewsca 350-300 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.75g). Laureate head of Apollo right / NACI, panther walking right, head turned back, palm-tree before, stalk of barley in exergue. gVF. Extremely rare. Nov 23, 2017
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B-34 viewsca 521-478 BC. EL Hekte (2.51g, 10mm). Head of Persephone right / Lyre or kithara within incuse. VF. Carr coll.

This emission is not recorded in Bodenstedt. This is the 5th example to appear at auction. Reverse is die match to example auctioned by CNG Auc. 105 (5/2017), lot 285.
Oct 24, 2017
Mytilene (BC 521-478) EL 1/24 Stater - B- 70 viewsca 521-478 BC. EL 1/24 Stater (0.65g, 6mm, 11h). Head of calf to left / Incuse head of lion to left, rectangular punch behind. EF. Carr coll.

Unknown to Bodenstedt. One other recorded example known - Gorny & Mosch 195, 222 (12,000 EUR). This coin, coupled with 1/12 Stater on Asia Minor Coins (Coin ID #13297), confirms that Lesbos had fractions of a Stater in addition to the hekte.
Sep 30, 2017
Methymna (BC 27-14 AD) AE 18 - Augustus, Caius & Lucius32 viewsAugustus, 27 BC-14 AD. AE18 (5.00g). Alexander, magistrate. CЄBACTOC, bare head of Augustus right; lituus to right / AΛЄΞANΔPOC MAΘVMNAIΩN, jugate bare heads of Caius and Lucius right. Extremely rare. aVF.Aug 20, 2017
Mytilene (BC 412-378) EL Hekte - B6152 viewsca 412-378 BC. EL Hekte (2.52g, 10mm). Head of Io in three-quarter view right / Forepart of a cow facing right, all within incuse square. VF. Carr coll.

Bodenstedt notes 4 examples of this emission. A further 10 examples, including this one, have appeared at auction.
Jul 21, 2017
Mytilene (BC 521-478) EL Hekte - B21 var53 viewsca 521-478 BC. EL Hekte (2.50g, 10mm). Head of ram left, cock standing right, pecking at ground. Letter E (retrograde) below. / Incuse head of bearded Herakles wearing lion’s skin headdress facing right. VF. Carr coll.

This appears to be a ‘double variant’ emission. The coin is ‘clearly’ a hybrid of an obverse of Bodenstedt 21 (ram's head left with cock below) and the reverse of Bodenstedt 2, 15, 16, 20, or 26 (incuse lion's head right). There appear to be only 6 of this variant, this being the 6th. On the other hand, it is a variant in respect to the other 5 variant examples and the normal B21, as there is a letter “E” (retrograde) below the cock on the obverse. CNG Auc. 105, lot 238 (5/2017) is a similar coin, but it has an additional letter () below the cock. Hekte emissions of Mytilene that include the letters E are B14, B20, B23, B28, B35 and B-unknown CNG Triton XX (1/2017), lot 259 - these letters have been taken to denote the island of Lesbos. CNG suggest these B21 variants should be considered a new emission as, in addition to a different type combination, none have die matches with other dies.
Jul 21, 2017
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B5868 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.56g, 10.5mm, 4h). Laureate head of Apollo facing right / Rock partridge standing right in linear square, letter “F” in front, all within incuse square. gVF. Carr coll.

Bodenstedt notes 5 examples of this emission. A further 8 examples, including this one, have appeared at auction. A close examination of the examples that have appeared at auction reveals that 5 of the 8 are from the same reverse die, which shows deterioration and progression of a die crack. The sequence from no die crack is as follows: Roma Auc. X (4/2016), lot 370; CNG Auc. 102 (5/2016), lot 423 (this coin); CNG Auc, Triton XIX (1/2016), lot 198; CNG Auc. 69 (6/2005), lot 377 (Asia Minor Coins, Coin ID #1947); and CNG Auc. 384 (10/2016), lot 218. This group of 5 coins from the same reverse die also reveals what appears to be a letter “F” in front of the breast of the partridge. This letter is more distinct in in some coins than in others and has previously gone unrecorded in the descriptions of these coins.
Jul 02, 2017
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B42100 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.48g, 11mm, 12h). Forepart of a goat right, head reverted / Owl standing, wings spread, within incuse square. VF, lightly toned. Carr coll.

This emission is thought to have occurred at a time when Lesbos was a member of the Delian League – an alliance of around 330 Greek city-states formed in the first half of 477 BC and led by Athens for the purpose of defending themselves against the Persians. It is suggested that this emission may have been part of the Lesbos tribute (phoros) to the war chest of the League. The depiction of an owl on the reverse appears to have been copied from Athenian Dekadrachms and would seem to allude to the relationship with Athens. Bodenstedt notes 21 examples of this emission. A further 43 examples have appeared at auction, this being the 43rd.
Jun 30, 2017